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April was enjoying spending time with Sharon at the event. Which was surprising since the last time they'd spent time together, April had barely been able to find the strength from strangling the woman. But, as she'd found out, without any plans or agenda, Sharon reverted to how she was when they'd first met. It was refreshing. Amelia wasn't able to join them then because she'd promised to help Harry with the clothes, makeup and hair of those being auctioned.

April was finding her first event more bearable than she'd expected. The food was delicious, despite being in bite-sized pieces. She had to refrain from chasing after every server she saw. It was that good. The music was also a mix of classic and indie. The eclectic mix was surprisingly enjoyable on the ears.

However, she could have done without everything else. Every time Sharon brought her around the room and introduced her to people, some who could possibly be beneficial contacts to Jason, April was met with cold stares and a flurry of whispered conversations once she left. It was infuriating and disgusting.

These were the people who were in charge of the Fortune 500 companies? People who were in charge of innovation and creativity that would power their country and future? Surely not. Who would've thought they'd give soo much credence to hearsay? And blatantly false ones at that.

Even so, there was a silver lining. She didn't care about their opinions. It gave her a sense of peace to realise that. She wasn't fretting over making a great impression. A good impression was all she could muster and, surprisingly, she was fine with that. She was still representing Jason but didn't allow it to get to her head. And she was having a good time. A fun time in fact.

Just as Jason had ordered in the car. That and 'Forget about all the cameras'. She believed they went past the cameras in record time. He'd barely paused to greet Cameron and Sharon. Just a Bro hug between him and Cameron while she scarcely had the opportunity to do get her arm around Sharon. It had felt good to give the press a proverbial middle finger. Barely acknowledging them.

Sighing contentedly, she took a sip of her wine, eyes scanning the room and almost spat it out when she spied an elegantly clad figure that looked like someone who shouldn't be there. Blinking rapidly, hoping it wasn't true, hoping her mind was just conjuring her, her heart almost escaped her chest when her eyes confirmed what her heart wanted to deny.

What was she doing in Los Angeles? And, most importantly, who was taking care of her babies? Surely not her poor excuse of a nanny. April had suspicions on that woman's credentials. And while she may not be the person to spit on inexperience, the way that girl handled her babies proved her lack of interest in her job.

Her eyes followed Carrie as she greeted people warmly and the greeting returned with the same degree of welcome, some of whom had been especially cold to April. Apparently, the viper wasn't just feeding the press falsities. Her spread of influence was wider than she'd expected.

Placing her glass down on the tray of one of the roving servers and moving to follow her, she stopped short when her target entered an alcove. Using a plant and pillar as cover, she waited for her next move.

'What are you doing?'

Jumping slightly, April turned to the man and scowled, shushing him at the same time. His brows furrowed over his dark eyes and he repeated his question. Softly.

Deciding he wouldn't be leaving her alone anytime soon, her eyes moved to Carrie and back. She did it three more times, fairly giving herself a headache, but he was still clueless. Only his brows moved. It furrowed deeper. Sighing, she moved his face to where Carrie was. Finally he got it.

'What the heck is she doing here?'he exclaimed, only quieting down when she smacked his arm. Even while doing so, she was faintly surprised at her comfort with being around Harry. Their first meeting had been horrible but the ice she had had with regards to him had thawed during their second interaction. Turning worried eyes on her, he moved to assure her he hadn't invited that vulture but she just shook her head, knowing he hadn't.

'That's what I want to know too, 'she said as the both of them watched her like a hawk. Their prey was conversing with an influential fashion mogul and having a great time. Resentment mixed with her worry. Why did she get to have a wonderful time with those people who had done their best to make April almost regret their trip to LA? Did she have an ulterior motive for being there? Like further blacken April's name? And, most importantly, who was taking care of her babies?

It was getting boring, watching her talk and flit around different group. And April's back was hurting from stooping over soo often. Finally, deciding not to waste any more of her time on that witch, she was about to tell Harry to let it go when their target received a phone call that mustn't have been favourable. She stomped out wi

r bidders? Ten thousand going once, going twice. Going thrice. And Mr Halloway gets Elena Hamilton for a full 24 hours. Now, Missy will join your table, Mr Halloway. We'll be starting on the men now. So, ladies, get ready your checkbooks.' The speed in which the emcee closed that bid, Jason surmised that she wanted her friend to be out of the limelight as soon as possible.

As Missy made her way to their table, Jason had a chance to glance over at his cousin. And knew he'd made the right choice.


After the auction, while everyone was in hurry to leave, probably going to another party or event, Jason and Harry was able to find a quiet spot. Just to take a breather. Enjoying the silence but ever watching over April, Jason was unprepared for Harry's question.

'So what's your plan for Elena?'Harry asked oh-so-casually.

'We talked about having a threesome when you were making your speech. Maybe include Cam and Sharon, once she's given birth. It'd be fun, 'Jason answered with a barely suppressed smile at Harry's thunderous look. He enjoyed pulling his leg.

'This isn't part of the deal, 'he fairly shouted, garnering some attention from the remaining people.

'Well, she consents to our plan. So I don't see how this can go wrong, 'Jason further egged him on. Seeing his face turning red, almost to the point of explosion, Jason burst into laughter, leaning onto the wall for support. Once Harry realised he was being teased, he grumbled and shoved Jason's shoulder, almost toppling him. 'You should've seen your face.'

'Haha, very funny.'

'To answer your question, April and I suggested that she could come and babysit for us one of these days. After everything has been settled, 'Jason revealed between laughter. 'Anyway, I made that bid for you.'

'Me? What are you talking about?' Harry looked guileless but his suddenly crossed arms told a different story.

'Oh yeah, her blush. Your tension. It's clear you guys are attracted to each other. This'll give you guys time to get to know each other. Maybe find out if she wants you for your money-'

'She doesn't know who I am. She's pretty much a homebody and doesn't read magazines. We met at the changing room and it just knocked me over. How much I want her, 'Harry revealed hesitantly. His hands were busy, moving from his blazer pockets to his trouser pockets, his belt loop, folding his arms again. Jason had known him for years and this was a clear sign of nerves. And uncertainty. Harry uncertain of a woman's response to him? That was a first.

Jason raised his brow. Such instantaneous attraction was rare. And Harry had never looked soo vulnerable before. Not for the past decade or so. If this woman was able to evoke such a reaction, then Jason didn't feel so bad for meddling.

'This will be an excellent time then. April and I have to go. Our plane is leaving tonight so we'd get enough rest to deal with our babies tomorrow.' With a man-hug, he moved to collect April and leave but Harry latched on to his arm.

'Where's Elena then? Is she going with you?'

'I sent her to your room. Have fun getting to know each other, 'he bade and tore his arms out of his grasp. With a jaunty wave and smile, he left his cousin staring after him, dumbfounded. And a new, disturbing realisation.

Having a hand in other people's lives was fun.

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