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The drive to the auction was silent. In fact the entire trip had been silent. In the jet, all the way from Chicago to LA, they hadn't spoken a word. Jason had been absorbed in his work while April had sat at one corner, moping. In between that, she'd been imagining all that could go wrong with Carrie. She just couldn't let go of the fact she'd just left her babies. With that woman.

However, it had been during hair and makeup that she'd realised how distant Jason was. Quiet too. Which wouldn't have been worrying any other time but, on top of the twins, it had concerned her even more.

April looked over at Jason. Sitting on the other end of the seat, the distance betwen them felt insurmountable. He still hadn't spoken a word. Not since they'd left the park. And handed their babies over to a monster. That was over a day ago.

His eyes were shuttered, his emotions kept close to his heart. She didn't know how to reach him. She hadn't even been able to get a smile out of him. And he said she was the light of his world. Worry for both the twins and Jason were clouding her mind. She couldn't do anything for the twins but Jason, she could work on.

Gathering courage, she slipped her hand into his, cuddling into his side, twining their arms together and laying her head on his shoulder. Nuzzling his shoulder, she started the ball rolling.

'Jason, what's wrong with you? You've been silent for soo long that it's worrying me.'

'Nothing, 'he said briskly. Trying hard not to let his detachment hurt her, she gave him a warm squeeze and carried on.

'Is this about work? The twins?'

'April, nothing's wrong, 'he snapped, intensifying her pain but also igniting her anger.

'Come on. You can tell me. I may not be able to help but they say a listening ear could ease the greatest of burdens, 'she chirped brightly. This was her final attempt to broach the distance. Not that she was giving up but the fury in her chest just wouldn't allow her to be slapped down like that again.

'Nothing's wrong, 'Jason barked, pulling his arm out of her grasp. And that did it.

'Well, sorry for caring. I was genuinely worried for you, with our babies gone. I thought, maybe you'd be more affected than I am. Seeing as you know the kind of damage that woman had inflicted on them. But, maybe I'm just misreading you. Maybe the bedrock of our relationship revolves around the twins. And with them absent, we don't have much of a bond anymore, 'she said, moving jerkily to the other end of the limo. She wasn't exactly aware of what she was spewing. All she knew was that she was angry. Soo angry

'Baby, no. That's not it, 'Jason beseeched, remorse thick in his voice. But she wouldn't relent. He'd always


'I don't know. You guys have gone through more than what Sharon and I went through in the same period. If push come to shove, I think you guys can survive through anything, 'Cameron said. Feeling bashful in the face of such confidence, Jason masked it by shoving his cousin's shoulder playfully.

'You're waxing poetics. And your grammar is the most proper I've heard in awhile. Maybe there is some benefit to your punishment, 'he teased, making his cousin shush him while looking around.

'Don't say that. That'll only encourage Sharon to give more difficult and lengthier books, 'he whined.

'Don't you want that?' Suddenly seeing a close friend signalling for his attention from across the room, he excused himself. Curiosity piqued when his friend entered a deserted hallway and then an alcove, he made sure no one was paying attention to him and unobstructedly entered behind his friend.

'Don't tell anyone I told you this, 'his friend began softly the moment they knew no one was following. Still clueless, he nonetheless nodded. 'I've been hearing some whispers that you're planning to buy over the tech company.'

Jason didn't have to clarify. There's only one company he was interested in at thus point of time and the plan was still in the preliminary stages, only the executives privy of the information. Said company didn't even know he was interested in them. How did anyone get a hand on it?

Nodding in the face of his stupefaction, his friend slipped out. Jason barely noticed his disappearance. This was an indication of a serious breach. He could barely wrap his head around it.

How was he going to do any work if he couldn't trust anyone in his company? He had to find the mole. And fast. Because if he trusted the wrong person, it would be a costly mistake. Very costly.

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