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The next day, their world crashed on them.

Seated beside Jason by his desk, April looked up at him in shock and then shifted her eyes to his lawyers. Who were looking decidedly uncomfortable. Then back to Jason, whose jaw was clenched soo tight that it looked like it was carved from granite.

'Jase, tell me they're wrong. That-that she can't have them, 'she demanded softly. He refused to look at her. Fear grew and with it anger as well. 'Jason! Tell me they're wrong.'

'The court has ruled on it. Barring any further evidence, a parent is granted visitation rights if they're not the custodial parent. And they've decided alternate weekends for Ms Carter, 'one of the lawyers offered. She nodded but still looked at Jason. Demanding he tell her he failed.

'I'm sorry, 'he finally murmured. Which was the impetus for her explosion.

'We can't bring them with us when we go for the auction and now this? You told me she won't get her hands on them. You told me you'd protect them. That they won't ever have to relive their fears-'

'Look, I tried and I'll keep trying. But they blindsided me with the speed of the decision. There's no compelling reason why they should withhold her rights, I know that there is, 'he said, ignoring her snort. 'Even so, I'm still compiling evidence against her but she's working with someone. Her tracks are being wiped away so cleanly that my investigators can't get anything to hold on her.'

Biting her lips, April looked away, tears brimming her eyes. Knew she had to let the anger go. He's working soo hard. Both for the twins and his company. She tried to help but the only way she could was to keep out of his way while he worked. And it made her feel soo impotent. Useless. Helpless.

Suddenly, she was lifted up and placed onto Jason's lap. Startled, her eyes went to where the lawyers had been and only found empty space. Bewildered, she turned to her boyfriend.

'Alright. Tell me what's really going on, 'he demanded softly, green eyes boring into dark blue. Her teeth returned to worrying her lips. 'Baby, I know this isn't like you-'

'How do you know this isn't me? Maybe I've been hiding a part of me who is angry and nasty, 'she cut in belligerently, ignoring his raised brows. 'And why do you think this has anything to do with me? I'm angry because some psycho woman is going to talk our babies away from us.'

'You can never be nasty unless it's warranted. If you can ever bring yourself to do it. I know a portion of your anger is because of the custody battle. But your explosion is about something else. Something you've been keeping inside for quite some time, 'he stated confidently. His fingers moved to tickle her chin but she turned her face away. Not wanting to face him. The issue. 'Sweetheart, how am I supposed to help you if you don't tell me what you're working about?'

'You're doing everything for the twins, 'she blurted out. 'And I'm doing nothing. Ergo I'm useless.'

'W-what?'he sputtered, moving her to face him. His fingers didn't give in. Even so, her eyes were trained on his chin. 'Where did this come from?' She truly didn't want to expound but some part of her refused to let her keep it in.

'It's true, 'she cried, jumping off his lap. 'I'm staying at home and taking care of the twins. That's all. I don't clean nor cook since Mrs Salvador is there. I can't exactly let you pay me since we're together. My sense of self is being eroded just by my inactivity. And-and I really want to work.'

'Alright, 'Jason began, uncertain in the face of her tirade. 'I'm sure I can find you a position in the company-'

'No. I don't want to work for you. Sharon and Amelia have their own job and an identity away from their family. I want that.' Somehow, that made her feel like a child and she moved to explain herself further. 'It's not that I don't love you and want to spend most of my time away from you but our relationship is not balanced. You're giving me everything I've ever wanted but I'm not contributing anything. I don't even have any money to buy gifts for you. Can't exactly buy you a present using your own money.'

'You give plent

y dearest?'Carrie cooed loudly when she neared. The twins, merrily playing in the sand with each other, looked up, immediately crawled to April and practically climbed up her legs. April brought them into her arms and they clung fiercely to her. Unhappy with the twins' reaction, Carrie placed the blame on their appointed savior. 'You poisoned them against me, 'she spat.

'What? No, 'April denied as she tried to calm the children down. Bouncing them in her arms, singing softly to them. They wouldn't let up. Instead, the more Carrie talked, the tighter their hold on her was. 'Maybe they just don't like you.'

'Maybe, 'Carrie drawled, surprising them. He hadn't thought she'd accept anyone not liking her gracefully. 'But the court has ruled and you can't keep them. Not for the next 2 days. So give them over. Chantal will take care of them.'

With a snap of her fingers, the woman with her stepped forward and basically pried them away. Kicking and screaming. She placed Tanner into the arms of a man who they hadn't noticed, probably a bodyguard, while taking Daphne into her arms. April moved forward to try and take them back - they were screaming for her, arms outstretched in her direction- but Carrie got between them.

'Don't even think about it, bitch. And don't get too comfortable. I'll be in your place soon enough. First my babies and then Jason, 'she hissed.

'I don't think so, 'April shot back angrily, her hands fisted at her side.

'I believe I have a say. On both issues. And, trust me, your hold on the twins will be gone as soon as I find something on you, 'he growled, stepping slightly in front of April.

'And how well is that going for you?'she smirked before starting to head off, picture perfect smile ready for the cameras.

'Wait. At least let us accompany you to your car, 'April requested, her eyes fixed on her bawling children. Not caring that she was giving more ammunition to her opponent. He fell more in love with her then. Slipping his hand into hers, for both comfort and support, Jason waited Carrie's answer. But her fiery eyes were arrowed on their joined hands.

'No, 'was her reply before she smirked triumphantly at them. 'Let's face it. The chicks have to leave the nest soon enough. And I'll take such good care of them that they won't want you anymore.'

Wrapping his arms around a distraught April, he watched his children move away, screaming his name. And not able to do anything about it.

Even so, they trailed after Carrie. Neither of them spoke. Nor did they take any heed of the cameras and Carrie's unobserved glares. April hid her face into his chest after the SUV left the car park. The twins' cries and screams still ringing in his ears.

'What are we going to do?'she sobbed.

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