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'Is she gone?'April hissed from the bathroom in Jason's room. She'd made a beeline for it once Sharon had deemed them 'prepared for the battle ahead.' Or something along that line. All April cared was getting out of that madwoman's grasps.

'Yes, she is, 'Jason said, amusement lacing his voice. Heaving a sigh of relief, she smacked his arm when she came out. How could he be enjoying her misery at a time like this? 'Hey!'

'This is not funny, 'she whined as she threw herself, arms akimbo, on his bed. Thinking of all the shops she'd been dragged into, she wished Amelia had taken charge. Instead, the betrayer had allowed Sharon to take charge, trying on gowns after dresses after outfits. She hadn't even been allowed to choose her own undergarments. The logic being to potray sexy, she had to feel sexy. And sexy undergarments were supposed to help.

But what she wanted to know was how feeling uncomfortable was going to help with "feeling sexy"?

After helping her get her shoes off, Jason went to check her shopping bags. Of course, being male, he immediately zeroed upon her Victoria Secret bags.

'Sweetheart, what is this?'he asked, dangling one of the bags on his fingertip. Rolling her eyes, she brought her knees up and laid on her side.

'What do you think it is?'she grumbled. He cast her a rakish grin and started taking out some pieces. Feeling too exhausted to care, she just relaxed into the bed.

'Mind modeling it for me?'

'If I wanted my boobs to touch my chin and ass to be unsupported, yeah sure, 'she replied sarcastically.

'Come on. It'll be fun, 'he cajoled, pouting slightly. She tried to escape his beguiling pout but he just turned her back. 'Also, seeing as Sharon would force you into them, with or without your consent, this'll be a great time to get used in it.'

'Ugh, logic, 'she cried angrily. And what did the imbecile do in the face of her anger? He smiled and cajoled some more. She might have resisted him if he'd only used logic. But once he tried to tickle her, she had to do something to stop him.'Alright. Alright. I'll do it tomorrow.'

'Great. I'll be back by the time you put the twins in bed, 'he said with the most excitement she'd ever heard in his voice. Her response was to roll her eyes again and turning back to her side. However, her agreement was not sufficient for him. He just had to share his excitement.

Yelping in surprise, she suddenly found herself on her back, her bewildered eyes locking with Jason's burning verdant eyes. Before she could recover her equilibrium, her lips were caught in a heated kiss that lasted for five seconds but was enough to disperse some of the fog in her mind.

'What was that about?'she asked, dazed. He just smiled and pecked her nose.

'I'm going to have so much fun reminding you about this tomorrow, 'he chuckled before getting off her and tucking a blanket over her. She didn't know what he was talking about but the warmth and softness of the bed almost lulled her into oblivion. The last she heard finally allowed her to slip into dreamland.

'I'll look into the twins later. Just get some rest.'

- ----------@@@@@-------------

'Do you know why Jason is soo excited today?'Joan asked as she helped April and Mrs Salvador prepare dinner. April sent her a puzzled look.

'Jason? Excited? I've never heard those words be used together, 'Mrs Salvador said with a smile. She did that a lot now. Especially when their relationship went public. It was nice to have someone, other than family, show a positive response.

'I don't know if it could be classified as excited but he alternated between telling the driver to hurry up and looking at his watch. H

he lewd thoughts running through his head. Of how he could easily bend her over, push aside her panties and enter her as she passed the dressing table he had never used. Of how he could tie her arms at the bedposts, rise over her in his soft mattress and tease her with the head of his shaft.

He must've made a sound because she paused and looked up. Into his eyes. He knew he should look away to hide the fire running through his veins but his head refused to move. Knowing she was going to run back to the bathroom soon, he didn't waste any time and feasted on her displayed body.

Just as he was preparing to look away, her legs started moving. In the wrong direction. She was placing one leg in front of the other, like she was coming to him. Shooting his eyes to her face, he became more inflamed when he saw how flushed she was, her moist lips slightly parted. And her eyes. Her eyes were pure desire.

And then, she was there. Right in front of him. He wanted to touch her but knew the first move must be hers. Fingers digging into the arms of the armchair, he tried to predict where she would place her hands first. His arms? Chest? Face?

But when a finger trailed along the erect length of his shaft, the last place he'd ever think of, his brain turned off and he reacted.

With her sweet moans forever etched into his mind.

- ---------@@@@------------

Pulling the comforter over both their bodies, Jason brought April right next to his. Despite spending the past few hours getting to know each other better, he still couldn't get enough of her. Never enough.

'There goes my plan to return that set, 'April yawned, laying her head on his chest.

'Never return them. In fact, I believe I'll increase the limit of your card just so you can buy more sets, 'he said into her hair. Feeling her body shake with a laugh, his lips curved into a contented smile.

'Well, if you insist, we do have to test every set the same way we did this, 'she teased, making him release a bark of laughter. 'Against the wall, in the armchair-'

'That table finally has a purpose, 'he added. Just thinking about the past hours was getting his juices running again.

'The shower, the closet- Wait, you just came ten minutes ago. You can't be ready again-'

Pushing her onto her back and rising over her, he pressed his lips over hers. When he finally felt her respond and arcing into his body, he let up.

'I'm always ready when I'm with you.'

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