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April felt horrible. She hadn't meant to tear into Jason like that. And she didn't know where all those sentiments and words came from. But it did. And it'd hurt the only man she'd ever truly trusted and cared about. She'd seen it when she'd exited, stage left. The shard of pain his eyes expressed in an otherwise impassive face. It had startled her but she hadn't expected his hurt would induce her own pain.

She sighed as she dropped into a seat by an open room. Having wandered around the offices, endured the curious, and often snide, gazes of the people working there, she finally found an empty hallway, just off the copy room. It gave off an eerie, creepy feel but she needed the space to think.

Growing up, she wasn't the most confrontational person. She just didn't like the spotlight. Reason being, her throat thickened, unable to get the words out, and tears filled her eyes when she gets angry. So, often, she wasn't able to express her anger. Instead she became a hot mess and got picked upon more.

As she went from elementary school to middle school and finally high school, she'd decided that being angry was a waste of energy and eventually became the woman she was today. Especially since she could never get the words out. Or so she'd though.

The way she tore into Jason surprised her. She had been angry, for whatever subconscious reason, but her eloquence shocked her. The words weren't stuck in her chest, unable to get through her suddenly thick throat. Her eyes hadn't watered. Her face weren't wet from angry tears. She marveled over this surprising change. Even as she wished, for once in her life, that she hadn't been able to put into words her anger.

Searching her mind, trying to figure out where the words had come from, she realised she wasn't actually angry with Jason. She understood and accepted that the reporters and cameras were a part of his life. Maybe she'd wished he'd explained the exact magnitude of it but it was like an on the job training. Once she went through this hellish few weeks, she could get through anything.

Instead she found a simmering pot of anger for Carrie. It'd started when she first met the twins and had steadily grown with every reminder of her. Be it from the twins' clinginess to this recent debacle. And April blamed her for her sudden restrains. Whether it was right or wrong

Because, with or without Carrie, she knew once their relationship was made public, it'd have the same result. Microphones shoved into her face and cameras flashing left and right. So, essentially, Carrie only sped up the timeline.

'Son of a bitch, 'a male voice suddenly rang out angrily, echoing slightly in the empty hallway. April sat up straight, her eyes searching the doorways, trying to find the source. But most of the doors were open, making it difficult to pinpoint. And she didn't want to poke her head into any room because the anger intimidated her.

Not wanting to wait for the angry person to get out of the room, she quietly got up and retraced her steps. After rounding the corner, the male continue. Decidin

We're going to Los Angeles?'a voice said from the door. Turning around, he threw his arms around April, bringing her close to him. He didn't know why she came back but her presence brought relief to a side of him that always worried when she was out of his sight. He was startled, though, when he felt her arms come around him and burying her face into his chest.

'I'm sorry for exploding on you, 'she murmured. He smiled.

'And I'm sorry for not being so demonstrative, 'he returned. That surprised her. She looked up at him. 'I believe that's why your subconscious is soo angry with me.'

'Is it? Hmm. I haven't thought of that-'

'Alright. Enough with the lovey-dovey stuff. We have an evening gown to buy, 'Sharon said as she pulled April out of his hold.

'Evening gown. What are you talking about? Is this about Los Angeles? Hey, isn't that where Harry is?'April asked, her hands desperately holding onto his arm. Not knowing why but wanting to show his support anyway, he managed to grab her away from Sharon. Who shot exasperated looks at them.

'Yes. And he's having an auction. He's selling off female employees for a night. Like a pimp. Normally, I won't put up with this but the both of you need the publicity. So we're going there, 'she explained and latched on to April again. 'Now we have to go. We only have soo much time to get a gown before Amelia and I leave in a few days.'

Stunned, Jason was only able to watch April being dragged against her will. Being too slow to respond to her 'Help me' before Sharon shut the door. What just happened?

'Alright. We'll be late returning so you guys would have to look after the kids at Jason's house. Knowing the boys, your house's been trashed by now. Send the invoice for any repairs and replacements to us alright, 'Amelia mumbled as she pressed a kiss on Scott's cheek and hugged the remaining men. 'Don't worry. I'll take care of her.'

'What just happened?'Jason said into the room at large.

'My wife and a cause, 'Cameron answered glumly. 'May the Lord have mercy on us.'

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