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'You have to click there to save it, 'Sharon told her mother. Joan brought the mouse carefully to said button and electronically saved Jason's appointment for the first time. Her brows furrowed as she went to the calendar. Once she saw the information was there, her brows cleared and, jumping up, she hugged her daughter.

'Oh, thank you, sweetie. I've had experience being a secretary in the old days and such but all these lights and buttons confuse me soo much. Being as poor as we were, I've had no training in this. Nor were there any companies willing to hire me once my skills went obsolete, 'Joan gushed. April just laughed and returned her hug. It was especially comforting after the day she had.

'Thanks, Mom. For just now, 'she answered in regards to the questioning look Joan sent her. Her face softened and she moved to place a kiss on April's forehead. But a force of nature erupted and swiped her daughter out of her arms.

'What happened? Why are you crying? Don't lie to me, April. I know those are tear tracks on your cheeks. Did Joan say anything mean to you? Because if she did, I'll have her out in a heartbeat-'

'Jason, stop. My mom didn't do what you implied. In fact, I'm glad she's here, 'April said, placing a finger on Jason's lips.

'Are you sure?'he asked suspiciously around her finger, turning skeptical eyes on Joan.

'Yes, 'his girlfriend said exasperatedly. She appreciated his care but sometimes, he just went overboard with it.

'Then why are there tear tracks? Don't tell me it's water. I know tears when I see it, 'he peered worriedly into her eyes.

'I was upset and overwhelmed. The articles first thing in the morning. We even made it on the first page! Then this female person approached us at the restaurant, spouting lies the media have fed her and trying to get Amelia and Sharon to go with her. The logic being they didn't want me with them in the first place but were too polite to say no when i joined. Of course, we set her in her place but, somehow, she offended Sharon so greatlt that the crazy pregnant woman actually lunged across that table and grabbed her hair. Then the manager kicked us out. It was soo unfair. The woman approached us first. And said soo many hurtful and offensive things. It's just not fair, 'she cried out.

During her rant, she'd broken out of Jason's hold and paced about the room. She felt soo out of sorts. Unlike her usual self. Normally,

I don't think my usual methods would work this time, 'he muttered.

'Usual method? You mean showering her with money?'Joan asked, her voice ringing with a note of derision. Jostling her slightly, he nodded nonetheless. 'You can do that but, let me tell you, that method rings of insincerity. And you're still not addressing the underlying issue. She doesn't think you're understanding her side. All she sees is you going to work and not doing anything to keep those reporters away.'

'That's not true. I am on her side. I'll always be on her side. Why would she ever think that-'

'Do not kill the messenger, 'Joan grumbled, making him stop.

'I just don't understand it. I assumed that, since she's being soo calm with it, she didn't mind those sharks shoving their cameras and microphones into her face.'

'She was. When she thought they were only interested in you. But when they turned their beady eyes on her, it all became too close for comfort. Anyway, you know what they say about assuming. It'll make an ass of you and me, 'she said hardly. Then she relaxed and continued, 'If you'd looked out for it, April had some signs that showed her anxiety.'

'I didn't know that. How am I supposed to know what to look for? This is the first time I've been in a relationship. A serious, committed relationship, 'he admitted reluctantly. Then looking at her, utterly clueless, he asked the most important question. 'How do I make this work, Joan? I'm as lost as April right now. I want to make this better but I don't know how.'

'Why don't you ask your friends in there? I'm sure you'll think of something.'

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