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'You didn't have to pull my hair, 'April grumbled as she rubbed her scalp. Sharon just ignored her and kept choosing clothes for her. She didn't know why but she felt like pulling her strings. 'Please know that the only reason you won is because I abhor hurting people weaker than me. And, with you carrying, I consider you weaker.'

Sharon gasped, her emerald eyes sparkling with outrage, taking a step in her direction, before Amelia stopped her. 'Good god, you guys are like teenage boys. Always trying to get a rise out of each other. Can you stop?'she said, exasperated. Then she saw what Sharon had picked and her mouth went wide open. Probably with disbelief. April knew she wouldn't believe what she saw either. 'What are you doing? Why did you pick this?'

'It's nice, 'Sharon said defensively, snatching away the bright, almost neon, pink, polka dot, batwing blouse.

'On a clown. Seriously, after all these years and Elliot, I'd think you'd have picked up some styling tips, 'Amelia muttered, grabbing everything Sharon had picked and dropping then into some poor store assistant's arms. April laughed and glanced outside, seeing her bodyguards preventing anyone who looked like a reporter or paparazzi in. Sighing, she wished she was old news.

They were currently at the Michigan Mile, in one of the stores. Most people shopping didn't care who April was, seeing as they were newsworthy themselves, so she was able to walk uninterrupted. Amelia and Sharon were unfazed by the snapping cameras and questions when they'd left the condominium, allowing April to show a srrong front as well. In the car, Sharon had, surprisingly, threw her arms around her. Even so, April had drawn comfort from her embrace.

Once they'd arrived, Sharon had, then, dragged them into the closest store and proceeded to take everything off the shelves. Unfortunately, her choices were, in April's inexperienced eyes, less than spectacular. But who was she to say? She didn't know what to pick either.

Sharon and her followed Amelia, like ducklings, trying to absorb whatever nuggets of information she was willing to dispense. Well, April was. She didn't know what Sharon was doing, apart from sulking. It felt like following her older sister shopping while lugging around their reluctant younger sister as well. A pregnant, reluctant younger sister. Despite Sharon was older than her by 6 years. She couldn't help but dub her the younger sister. That was the vibe she was currently exuding. And seeing as she had never had a sister, the experience was heartwarming.

'Can we stop? My feet are killing me, 'Sharon complained for the fiftieth time, after their sixth shop. Amelia and April shared a look but acceeded to her request. They stopped at a cafe, requesting a table indoors. April wished they could dine al fresco, it was such a nice day out, but seeing the crowd growing, it seemed prudent to keep away from the public eyes as much as possible. Her bodyguards sat a few tables away, far enough to afford privacy but close enough to protect her if need be.

Her eyes widened when Sharon ordered. It was enough for her husband's entire team. Then she had turned to them, asking for their order. She looked at her in shock but Amelia took it in stride and ordered a club sandwich. Shaking off her shock, at both the sisters' appetite, April ordered a grilled chicken sandwich.

The cafe was nice. The decor very open and airy. It felt like sitting at the patio but with airconditioning. The patrons had glanced up from their meals but once they saw who it was, they returned to their meals. Well, all except for a group of young, well-dressed, beautiful, pretty and fancy women, in their mid - twenties, near the front. They had, and still were, glaring at her. Her companions didn't see them so April didn't want to make a fuss. Hopefully, ignoring them would work.

'That was a fruitful trip, 'Amelia said, satisfied. April nodded, forcing those women out of her thoughts. She dared not disagree. Amelia was a tough taskmaster when it came fashion. She couldn't believe the countless times she had to model outfit after outfit, shoes after shoes. Her calves contracted just thinking about it. And whenever she'd gathered the courage to argue, Amelia would just fix her army-sergeant eyes on her and

hat Sharon considered a major offense.

Of course, she hadn't settled on that instantly. At first, she'd done the usual and enforced a cuss jar. A dollar for every cuss word anyone uttered in the house. That hadn't worked soo well since Cameron had always been willing to shell out the cash. So she'd changed it, trying from increasing the fine to keeping the boys from him.

It wasn't until she'd found a book and wanted to share it with Cameron that she'd found his weakness. And the funny thing was, Cameron didn't try to negotiate with her. When she handed him a book, he'd find a quiet spot and read it.

After they'd stopped laughing and Cameron stopped grumbling, Jason asked what they were doing in his office. 'Scott wanted to talk business with you, 'Cameron told him as he made himself comfortable on the sofa. Or tried to. 'Can't you find a more uncomfortable couch?' Ignoring his grumbling, Jason and Scott continued their discussion.

However, less than half an hour later, his door burst open and Sharon rushed in. Or waddled at a fast pace. Amelia was not far behind, holding out a hand to hopefully catch her sister if, god forbids, she falls. Cameron went to his wife and barely caught himself when she threw herself at him, burying her face in his chest.

'Baby, what's going on? Why are you crying?'Cameron asked worriedly. Amelia, seeing as her sister was in good hands, went to sit in her husband's lap. She didn't look that happy either. 'What? I can't understand you. Mean? Who's mean? Did anyone offend you?'

'What's going on?'Jason asked Amelia, the only rational woman in the room. 'And where's April?'

'She's outside with Joan. And Sharon's just high strung, 'she answered wearily. At that, Sharon lifted her head off Cameron's chest and glared at her.

'I'm not highstrung. I'm never highstrung, 'she spat angrily.

'Well, I'm sorry if I'm mistaken, 'Amelia retorted, rolling her eyes.

'Alright, what's going on? Why are you crying?'Cameron cut in before the sisters could devolve further.

'April and Amelia are meanies. And I want you to destroy this cafe, 'Sharon finished bloodthirstily.

'Destroy is a bit too much. Maybe ruin them?'Amelia added. The men looked at them, lost.

'What did they do to you?'Scott asked warily.

'They kicked us out, 'Sharon cried, outraged. 'And to think that I was going to go back for their food. Such a waste of good food.' Scott and Cameron looked between the sisters, knowing there was more to the story. Finally, Amelia told them.

Jason didn't hear much of it. Seeing his friend and cousin with their partners made him yearn for his. Quietly making his way out, the rest too engrossed with the story, he went to fetch April. His arms felt surprisingly empty without her.

But when he saw her, anger coursed through his entire body. What the hell happened at that cafe?

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