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'I just want you to be prepared for the malignant reports tomorrow.' Jason's words echoed in April's head as she read headline after headline of her. With the twins. With Jason. By herself. How she wished she wasn't bothered but his words didn't prepare her in the least.

Some of it were rather complimentary but most were horrendous. Malicious. There were baseless accusations about her care of the twins, snide comments about her weight, about her outfit and comparing her with Jason's previous lovers. It was all too much.

'Stop looking at those papers, 'Joan scolded her, taking away said papers. 'They're all lies anyway.'

'It's just soo real now. Before, it was just an abstract concept. Something that only happened to people who wanted it or those who have achieved something, good or bad. Now that they're hounding me, it's a nightmare. And I'm questioning my worthiness to be with Jason now. I'm not beautiful or well - dressed. Why is he even with me?'she asked herself softly.

'He's with you because you have something those other female dogs don't. And he is astute enough to see and grab it before some other man steals you away, 'Mrs Salvador said firmly, her eyes daring her to argue. Usually she wouldn't but she couldn't let the matter drop.

'But all these women, they look soo beautiful. Actresses. Models. I feel soo dowdy in comparison, 'she grumbled glumly, sending a facsimile of a smile to Tanner when he glanced at her. He returned her smile and went back to playing his game.

Before she was able to fall further into the abyss of insecurity, the bell rang. The doorman told them they had some visitors. Recognising who they were, April gave him the all clear.

Opening the door, she froze when arms suddenly reached for her, pulling her into a tight hug. Only the huge baby bump kept her lower body from being crushed. Hesitantly wrapping her arms around Sharon, all her tension faded away.

'I hope you don't mind us crashing, 'Amelia said as she maneuvered around Sharon's bulk. April just sent her a smile as Sharon had still not let her go. Her sons, along with Sharon's, followed her along with two women, one of who was carrying a sleeping Cynthia. 'Sharon, let the poor woman go.'

'No. She must be horrified by what those monkeys wrote. And obviously needs comfort, 'Sharon said tearfully, stubbornly clinging to April. Amelia just shook her head and mouthed, 'Hormones, ' behind her back.

'Sharon, I'm fine. Not happy but-'

'Don't say you're fine. We saw what was published. It's all full of lies and exaggerations, 'Sharon countered fiercely. It touched something in April to have such a strong support. Of course, she knew Jason would be there for her but she didn't want to take his focus away from fighting Carrie.

Also, she'd been alone for most of her life. Having to move often and Joan constantly being away for work, she'd not been able to maintain any friends, close or otherwise. Especially not female

be of much help.

Finally, hoping to calm down and not snap at his new assistant, he called April.

'Hey, Jase, 'April said cheerfully into the phone. He felt his mouth curve up. He didnt know why but her voice leached the stress out of him. Relaxing into his seat, he greeted her. 'Are you OK? You sound stressed out.' He didn't know why but everything that had happened, up till that point, poured out of him. His anger, frustration, helplessness. 'Oh, boy. That sounds bad. Why don't you just take the day off then? Nothing seems to be going your way.'

'I can't. I have to make sure your name is cleared. I won't let Carrie win, 'he finished savagely.

'Well, that would take a while. But I see that you need something to take your mind off the problem.'

'You are not a problem-'

'I know. I was referring to Carrie, 'she returned drily. He felt his cheeks suffused with red. Luckily, she wasn't there to see. 'Look. I'm currently out with Sharon and Amelia. I barely got away from Sharon to answer your call. Why don't you get Mom to come in? She'd be the perfect person for this. Even though she hadn't had any secretarial experience, she's firm and knows her way around the computer. I'm sure she can help- I have to go. Sharon's found- Sharon, let me go. I was just finishing the call, 'he heard her shout.

There were sounds of a struggle and Sharon's voice, saying, 'Let it go. You can have this once we reach your house-' More struggles and shouting.

He hoped April was treated well. She'd called earlier to inform him of the change in plans. Seeing as she'd not asked for time off for the two months she'd taken care of the twins, he couldn't begrudge her this opportunity. Plus he trusted Amelia to leash them if need be. Especially when Sharon's hormones got the best of her.

The line went dead after that. Leaving him smiling. April could definitely make him smile. He considered her input and decided to try it out. How bad could Joan be anyway?

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