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April laughed as she watched Tanner shower himself with sand again. He loved to do that. And having learned the lesson that sand in the eyes was not fun, he'd closed his eyes while he did so. Daphne laughed as well, briefly distracted from her bucket of sand. Tanner, looking mischievous, threw sand at April, stopping her laughter. Knowing he expected retribution, she reached out and tickled him. He squealed and tried to crawl away. Totally forgetting about the traumatic trip to the pediatrician. Something April, herself, couldn't forget.

Reporters had swarmed them. Like ants on sweet. She hadn't heeded Jason's concerns and thought they would respectfully keep their distance due to the twins. Boy, had she been wrong. She'd barely taken a step out with the twins in her arms and they were on her like mosquitoes in summer.

The twins, shocked, had clung tighter to her, burying their face into her neck. She'd tried to take a step back but somehow, some of the reporters had moved to the empty space behind her, blocking her escape. Trying to muscle her way forward didn't work either since they didn't wouldn't move and she was hampered with the twins. They had been screaming questions at her, scaring the twins and Daphne started crying.

Luckily, the bodyguards Jason'd told her about came and created a barrier that allowed her to get to the car. Unfortunately, the bodyguard riding with them loved to lecture. She hadn't strapped Daphne into her carseat since she was still hysterical. But apparently that had been a no-go for Professor Bodyguard. He'd refused to let the car move until she complied with car safety. Usually she'd be more reasonable and explain. However, he hadn't been helping the situation. His stern tone was inciting Daphne further, even extracting a whimper from Tanner. Seeing the situation's grim future and pumped with adrenaline, she'd snapped, told him to shut up and told the driver he'd better move or she'd call Jason. The threat of Jason was enough for him to step on the gas, despite Professor Bodyguard's demand to stop.

Alas, the checkup hadn't been any better. They had been fine when the height and weight was taken. However, they didn't like being away from her so one of them would be playing beside her chair while the other was being examined. Which raised questions from the pediatric. She had to then explain the situation leading to their arrival to the clinic. Apparently, not convincing. It hadn't been until they left that he'd seen the severity of it.

Also, the twins didn't like anyone touching t

to take her out on a romantic date, no holds barred. It wasn't an issue of guilt but he wanted, needed, to treat her better than he treated those women he did not care about. Much better. Because how else would she know of his affection for her?

When he saw the horde of reporters closing in, he knew their little escape was over. They were attracting the attention of other park users. They were swivelling their heads, wondering who the reporters were there for. Luckily, April brought the twins there often enough, without him, that they didn't think they were important enough to garner the attention. That's the only reason he'd allowed her to come to this park. That and there was a lesser known route to the parking lot right beside the playground.

'We have to leave, 'he told her, collecting Daphne and the bag she brought. Seeing what he was seeing, she nodded and picked Tanner up. The twins were surprisingly cooperative. Maybe they sensed a disquiet between the adults.

Jason led them to the car, relieved that the reporters hadn't found that route. Yet. He pressed a kiss on Daphne's head when she released a whine, probably uncomfortable with the speed they were moving and darkness under the tree-lined path. He kept his eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary. Feeling April's hand slide into his free hand, he turned to her with a smile. Only to feel it leave his face when he saw how pale she was, her eyes darting to every sound they heard.

Wanting to comfort her but knowing how limited their time was, he gave her a fast, soft kiss. Hoping to reassure her, telling her that he was there for her. The smile she sent him told him she was fine.

As long as he was with her.

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