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April knew she was being childish. Her mother was vocal enough when they were putting the twins to sleep. Mrs Salvador's squinty eyes brought about that point well enough as well. But, she just couldn't help it. Jason's outburst had hurt.

She tried to tell herself that he didn't mean it, he was stressed about the twins' mother suddenly claiming mental instability, maybe even losing his children. But it didn't create a dent on the bubble of hurt surrounding her heart.

'Oh, don't be soo stupid, 'she groused to herself softly while checking on the twins. She smoothen her hand over Tanner's head, enioying the softness, concerned about the bump on his head. He'd been whimpering in his sleep and it wasn't a goo whimper. It's like he was having a nightmare.

She worried. About the implication if he or Daphne was ever in that woman's hands again. Their safety. Their future if Carrie was a permanent fixture in their lives. Something in her chest knotted painfully when she thought of the pain they'd have to endure.

This was the third time she'd been trying to convince herself not to take Jason's words to heart. It was still not working. 'His work is already stressful. With this new development, he's in even more pressure. Your stupid phone call didn't help, either-'

'Your call wasn't stupid, 'Jason suddenly said from the doorway. Startled, she whipped her head around and was struck dumb. She didn't know what it was, the lighting or maybe the sweat glistening all over his arms and shoulders. All she knew was that she felt light-headed and her mouth was drier than the Sahara.

Jason had obviously just came back from the gym, he's in his tank top and basketball shorts. And he looked delicious enough to eat. Maybe with whipped cream or chocolate. Wait, definitely chocolate. But he's ticklish. She'd have to tie him up. Her body heated up just thinking about it.

'If you are done mentally stripping me, can we talk?'she heard Jason ask wryly. When his words finally penetrated the fog of sexual heat around her, her face went red but nodded. He moved into the room, keeping her in sight, as if afraid that she was going to run away. Silence engulfed them for a few moment.

'First off, I'd like to apologise for my behavior this evening. It was, and is, embarrassingly extremely juvenile of me, 'she said in a rush. His eyes widened in shock but he nodded.

'Apology accepted. But can I ask why?' Discomfort assailed her. She didn't want him to know the whole, pathetic truth of her past but their relationship was still young. It's best to let it all out n

that when she's thinking things over. 'I'll have to get an investigator to look deeper into this. Hopefully it'll clear this mess. In the mean time, I have to fight Carrie for custody. It's going to be difficult though.'

'I wish I could help but my influence only goes soo far. Meaning not far at all, 'she responded worriedly. He smiled. Her support meant the world to him. And it eased the burden, knowing she was with him.

'My driver is on the way to send you to the appointment along with some men for safety. Don't argue, 'he told her fiercely when he heard her preparing to do just that. 'The press is lapping all this up. Carrie has been putting on a show, accusing me of abusing my kids and you of neglecting them while you're in pursuit of me. They will target you to get a reaction. I don't want you to be in a situation where you're mobbed by them.'

'When did she do that?'she asked curiously while, he's assuming here, putting the twins into their prams.

'Just this morning.' He heard her sigh and a knot in his chest, which had been clenched when he realised she could be in danger, loosened. He knew she'd capitulated. 'Have fun at the doctor's.'

'Ha ha, 'she deadpanned. He had to hide a snigger, knowing the twins would be having their shots as well. 'We'll be going to the park after. Do you want to join us?'

'It's not safe-'

'It'll take their minds off the shot, 'she returned fiercely. He had to concede that point. The twins loved being in the park, especially playing with the sand. Knowing that and their impending trip to Shot City, he couldn't begrudge them this. Even so, he couldn't shake a sense of unease. 'And didn't you hire bodyguards? We'll be fine.'

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