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Accidental Babies By Saiyidah Rahman Characters: 9166

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April let herself be swept away by the kiss. Her arms locked over his shoulders, her legs came up and tangled themselves with his as she was lowered onto the couch. The kiss started off as soft and slow. They traded off being the dominant one, letting her be comfortable with the contact and kissing on general. His hand stayed at her waist during the entire time.

Then, slowly, it became more heated, deeper and his hand start to creep under her shirt and crawl up her body. Deeply under the influence of the kiss, she didn't notice his progress until she felt his hand cup her breasts. Startled, she tried to push him away and he retreated slightly. But he would repeat his actions again when she was under his spell again. His hand under her bra and his intoxicating kisses both made her forget about her inhibitions.

Suddenly, a throat clearing penetrated their sexual bubble. April managed to get a few inches of separation and tried to find the source. It wasn't hard to find.

There, at the entrance of the hall, was her mother with Daphne in her arms. Feeling like a teenager caught with her pants off, she pushed Jason away and scrambled to her feet, straightening her clothes and hair. It was slightly disconcerting to be caught making out by your mother. Even if you're 26 years old. She was slightly annoyed that Jason didn't have the same reaction. He just sat up and sent her a crooked smile. A charming, crooked smile but annoying nonetheless.

Daphne, having seen her, demanded to be in her arms. April went to get her but Joan stepped back.

'Are you sure you want those dirty hands on her?'she asked, passing a censorious look over April then Jason.

'Mom! We didn't do anything like that, 'she hissed, mortified. Maybe there was some justification for her mother to get her own place. Like not humiliate her in front of her employer-slash-boyfriend. Once she'd determined that was true, she allowed April to take Daphne. Daphne laid her head on her shoulder, eyes drooping. 'Why are you up, baby girl? Couldn't sleep?'

'Wwee-eeell, if the both of you hadn't been soo busy exchanging spit, you'd have heard her cry out, 'Joan scolded. 'Is this what you've been doing before me? Making out and ignoring the babies?'

'Mom, no. It's only tonight. The stress and everything, 'April said exasperatedly. She looked to Jason for help and was not amused when he just shrugged. At her glare, he immediately moved to support her.

'Yeah, Mrs Saunders. We were just talking and one thing led to the other. I'm soo sorry if the little girl woke you up, 'he said, looking appropriately contrite and ashamed. Her mother looked satisfied with his explanation, her face softening slightly. April just rolled her eyes. He's suc

'Well, my mom warned me about you with Mrs Salvador backing her up. It was a nightmare.' He laughed slightly, relaxing into his chair. She was the only person who could make him laugh even if his mood was dark as hell. Her and his children.

'Thanks. I needed that, 'he told her softly. He could sense her interest but knew she wouldn't press until he gave the green light. Instead he asked, 'So why did you call? Not that I don't welcome a call from you but this is different.' He sensed her hesitation and prompted her. 'April.'

'I just had a chance to turn on the television and the news is full of Carrie claiming that you took her when she was on low point in her life. Something about depression and that nonsense. Then she goes on to say that she's fighting to get back her, I quote, "lovely bundles of joy". What's going on?'

He had grown steadily angrier as she related the news. Damn that woman. She wasn't even going to keep a low profile. The whole world was going to hound his family for answers and he felt helpless to stop it. Feeling under soo much pressure and stress, he lashed out.

'Why aren't you taking care of the twins? Is that what you do all day? Watching television? Maybe that's why you want your mother to stay with us. So that you can shirk your duties and have more time to use my money, 'he snarled.

'If that is what you believe of me, I'll wish you a good day, Mr Halloway, 'she said softly and hung up.

Hearing the dial tone, the feeling of panic threatened to overwhelm him. He couldn't believe what he'd just said. He didn't truly believe whatever he'd just blurted out. It was just the situation, his fear that he'd lose the twins. Only reaching her voice mail whenever he tried to call again, he had to now fear that he might lose the only woman who meant the world to him.

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