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April couldn't believe their luck even as she brought Tanner her shoulder. Jason had grabbed Daphne. Why was Jason's mother there? Did they need another enemy in their midst?

Tanner calmed down after a while but wouldn't fall back to sleep. He was watching everyone with wary eyes and April felt her heart crack slightly. He's soo young and had been taught that not everyone could be trusted. Babies shouldn't need to learn that before they could walk. They should be carefree and curious, exploring the world around them.

April took Daphne as she'd been reaching for her. Similarly, Daphne didn't want to sleep. Instead, she surveyed the room with a small frown, shooting a glare at Carrie. April bounced her in her arms to calm her down and she deigned to rest her head on her shoulder.

All this took less than five minutes while the adults were busy looking at this new entrant. The woman just graced them with a haughty look and glared when her gaze passed April. Who could care less about her opinion of her. She was busy caring about the twins' wellbeing and a skinny harpy was very far from her radar.

'Mother, what are you doing here?'Jason asked, his voice and face as hard as a rock.

'I heard about the twins and wanted to know what was going on, 'she just said. 'You have to vet your employees properly, Jason. Clearly the woman you hired for the twins is lacking. Why, she was busy mingling with the guests when she should have been with your children. Clearly, she doesn't know her place.'

That stung and heaped more guilt on April. She, herself, had wanted to stay with the twins but Sharon and Jason convinced her that they would be fine with the babysitter Sharon had hired for the night. After assertaining they were happy playing with the other children, she'd went down. She'd checked on them ever so often and the fact that she'd missed Carrie weighed heavily on her.

'April does a wonderful job with my children. I couldn't have asked for a better person, 'Jason growled, stepping back to stand with April. He took Tanner as he was reaching for his father. April tried not to show her relief- the twins had definitely grown and together, they weighed a ton- but must not have hidden it well enough. A smile graced Amelia's lips and she sent her a wink. Sending her a faint smile back, she returned to the situation at hand.

'Well, Mrs Halloway, I've just been told that Ms Carrie Carter here is your guest, 'Cameron said suddenly. Everyone's attention turned to him and they saw that he was keeping his phone in his pocket. 'Surely you know that Ms Carter is persona non grata with Jason. She's persona non grata with all of us. So may I know why you brought her along?'

'She's my grandchildren's mother. I can't ignore her or throw her to the side once she'd done her job, 'she said, sending a glare to Jason. As if saying he'd done just that.

'Considering the fact that I didn't know about my children until three months ago and the fact that she willingly signed her rights away, I don't think I've thrown her away, 'Jason growled. April placed her hand on his arm, restraining him from spewing more anger. More anger was not needed in this situation. She ignore

cold and calculated I'm surprised they're not made of ice.'

'Then why are you soo different?'April asked lightly, smiling up at him.

'I was sent to Aunt Jen when I was seven. My parents had a hard time keeping nannies. They said I was too noisy and wouldn't listen to instructions.'

'Now I see where the twins get their aversion to nannies, 'she said, laughing. Jason joined but explained once she stopped.

'I didn't see it like that. To me, it was a bid to get my parents' attention. In my mind, I was thinking, "Dad would like me now, " or "surely Mom won't scream at me again if I show her this". Sadly, I was mistaken and was shipped to Wisconsin before I knew it.'

Throughout his rant, April ran a soothing hand along his arm and rubbed her cheek against his shoulder. He didn't know why but it helped to ease the hurt and sense of abandonment from his 7-year-old self and he knew those memories won't hurt him anymore.

It also helped ease the slight sting of hurt and betrayal that his mother's presence induced that night. He didn't know why it surprised him but he'd thought she'd cared about her grandchildren and wouldn't want that viper anywhere near them. To find that she'd invited her and allowed her near his children. Now that hurt. And destroyed his hopes of ever repairing their relationship.

They lapsed into silence after. Similar to their earlier silence. However, he was now more aware of her breast pressing into his arm and her soft curves fitting against his hard body perfectly. Her jasmine and apple scent of her bodywash tantalising his nose. He was unused to the woman he's with not being covered with the cloying scent of perfume, no matter how expensive or nice it first seemed. All these factors were causing a stirring south of his chest. Trying to hide his growing excitement, he shifted in his seat. Which made April look up.

Her face flushed slightly, making him believe he was showing his lust and attraction. Her eyes darkened, her tongue peeked out to wet her lips. He couldn't help but take that as an invitation and swooped down for what he'd been craving for the entire day.

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