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Their crying could be heard from the stairs. April's heart hurt just thinking about why they would be wailing like that. Running towards the room that was definitely not the room she left them in, she could also hear a woman shouting, followed by the twins crying louder, and Sharon's voice. Who the hell was that woman and why wasn't Sharon helping the twins?

Bursting into the room, April was surprised to find a woman holding the twins in her arms and keeping them there despite them twisting around and crying. Sharon was carrying her one year old daughter and, along with Amelia, was trying to convince the woman to put her load down. It looked like an intense discussion so no one was aware of her entrance at first.

The twins were the first to notice her and began twisting around even more violently, flailing their arms more vigorously, screaming, 'Ma Ma, Ma Ma.' The woman was so startled by their sudden actions that her arms loosened and Tanner fell. Amelia, Sharon and April tried to catch him but they didn't move fast enough. He landed with a loud thud before screaming again. Only it was a pain-filled scream now.

April hurriedly picked him up and tried to snatch Daphne from that insane woman but she moved away. Tanner's arms were wrapped tightly around her neck and his cries had reduced to sobs even as his body shook in her arms. April was glad he had stopped but her eyes were still locked on Daphne. Her arms were reaching for April, twisting her body and flailing her legs, but the woman kept moving away.

'Who the heck are you?'April asked through gritted teeth. The woman smiled smugly and flipped her hair prettily, despite having a bundle of squirming, crying baby in her arms.

'I'm their mother, 'she pronounced and shot a glare at April. 'And you're fired, you skanky whore. Who do you think you are, trying to usurp my position in their lives?'

'From what I've heard, you signed away your rights, bitch. So the twins are within their rights to look for another mother-figure, 'Sharon said angrily, moving to stand beside April. April only absently noted her, her entire being was focused on getting Daphne away from the crazy woman.

'I'm still their mother, 'the woman screamed. For a beautiful model, she looked ugly when she's crazy. Or, more politically correct, angry. But who cares about that when there was a hysterical Daphne in the witch's arms? 'I still have rights to them. I still can take them away with me if I want to.'

During her raving, her arms had loosened around Daphne and April saw her chance. She grabbed Daphne and ran to the far end of the room with her bundles. She wanted to leave the room but the woman was between her and the door. She didn't want to

eard April hiss from behind him. Keeping his eyes on the viper in the room, he nodded to show he heard her. Apparently she understood because she continued, 'Can you take Tanner and place him on the bed while I do the same for Daphne? My arms are kind of falling asleep.'

'Let me do it, 'Harry said. Before April could do anything, he'd taken Tanner and was left holding a squirming, crying baby. Bewildered, he almost dropped him when Jason took his son away from his cousin and Tanner quietened, burrowing his head into the nook of his shoulders and drifted off to sleep. 'What happened? I just wanted to help. I didn't know they were so skittish around strangers.'

'Normally, I'd say they're not but after the night they've had, I say a bit skittishness is warranted, 'April said wearily as she accepted Harry 's help and pulled herself up. Jason tamped down the possessiveness rearing its head and reminded himself that it was his cousin. One of his closest. Despite the way he'd acted the last time they'd met, he'd redeemed himself when he'd rushed and helped once they'd received the news. This was his. Cousin.

Closest. Cousin.

Keeping an eye on Carrie, Jason followed April to the only bed in the room and laid Tanner down just as April was laying Daphne down. They immediately started whimpering and squirming and only stopped when April placed her hand on their tummy. It was amusing to see the exasperation on her face when they all realised the twins wanted some contact with April. She was forced to keep her hand on them in order for them to keep quiet.

Everyone except Carrie was enjoying the tableau so they didn't see the other person entering the room.

'What is she doing to my grandchildren?'an imperious voice demanded loudly. So much so that the twins woke up and started crying.

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