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'Hey. Where've you been? I've been looking for you, 'Jason said softly once he'd found April. She was in her room, looking unlike her usual, open self, having cleaned up after the paramedics were done with her and the twins. He still hadn't recovered from the scare and wanted to take her in his arm, assure himself that she was safe. That she'd never be in danger ever again. But she looked distant and closed off. He didn't know how to bridge the gap she'd made. Nor did he know the reason.

The aftermath had been crazy. The police had stormed in and pulled him off the man. April's father. Obviously, they were able to piece together what happened and took the man into custody. However, there had been a miscommunication, he hoped it was a miscommunication, because they almost took April as well. Their reasoning was, 'It is suspicious that your nanny knowingly brought your children into this part of town. We're just making sure that they're not working together and it's not a deal gone bad.'

After Jason calmed down, and heroically refrained from punching the detective, he'd announced that April and her mother were off limits to everyone except the paramedics. He'd also offered to pay for any of their medical expenses. Of course, April's mother, Joan, didn't take kindly to what she considered charity but April managed to convince her to accept it. The officers had been harder to convince but a call to his chief and they'd let it go. Unwillingly but they dropped the issue. It only cost him a donation to their precinct but it was worth it.

They had to stay at the hovel for more than 2 hours. Jason was busy settling with the police while Joan helped April with the twin. Surprisingly, they loved her and she returned the favor. Daphne liked her the most and could often be seen in her arms. Joan was gentle with them, encouraging their curiosity but knowing where to set the limit. Which was a load off April since she had a mild concussion from the blow to her head.

Once the police decided they had enough evidence and had taken all their statements, they returned to the penthouse. Joan went with them as April needed help with the twins and, of course, her apartment was totally trashed. Surprisingly, she didn't kick up much of a fuss over him offering her a room. Maybe April had talked to her about it.

After making sure she was settled, Jason had looked for April. Now that he'd found her, he found it hard to keep his hands off her but it looked like she had some issues to resolve.

'I'd understand if you want to terminate my employment, 'she said softly, wrapping her arms around her body. As if pulling into herself. Jason was shocked. 'I mean, the incident today pretty much shows what a bad nanny I am. Which nanny bring their charges into a potentially dangerous situation?'

'April, I'm not going to fire you, 'he said gently. Intitally, he'd thought she wanted to leave him. And his mind and body rebelled. When he realised her confidence in caring for twins were shaken, he'd disregarded her distance and held her tightly against him. Her body was stiff, as if rejecting his comfort, but he was adamant. 'I'm just sorry I didn't go with you. If anything, I think I should turn in my resignation as a dad and partner. I was soo distracted with work that I didn't even set a protection detail around the three of you.'

'But I put them in danger, 'she suddenly sobbed. He pulled her closer, allowing her to cry into his shoulder. This was to root of her distance. 'I could have killed them. They wer

er, she loved her. Still, her energy was such that April was tired just looking at her flit from group to group. Accepting well wishes and having a good laugh with them before moving to another group. And to think she was practically twice her age. She hoped she'd be as wonderful as her when she reached that age, April thought wistfully.

'So you are my son's nanny. He could have done better, 'a high, nasally voice said, breaking the silence. Startled, April looked towards the speaker and saw a woman, an expensively made-up and dressed woman. Her features suggested that she was fifty-ish but her hands suggested an older age. She had a heart - shaped face and olive eyes that her son had definitely inherited. However, instead of light blond hair, hers was dark auburn, reminiscent of Jennifer. Clearly, Jason and Cameron were related through their mothers. Unlike Jennifer, however, this woman was cold with hints of malice around her eyes. Eyes that clearly showed that April should be awed that such a personage was deigning to acknowledge her, a lowly maggot, but April was just stunned. This woman could certainly not be related to the warm woman she'd met earlier.

'Are you slow? Mute? It's just like Jason to pick someone that clearly ill-mannered and unsuitable for the position, 'she murmured, as if Aril wasn't there. Rude, yes, but she was willing to let it go.

'Um, I'm sorry but I don't think we've met. I'm April, the twins' nanny, 'April said, introducing herself. The woman ignored her outstretched hand and April took it back, thinking it felt weird to leave it hanging. 'You must be their grandmother. Jason hadn't talked much about you.'

And she could see why. This woman was cold personified. Clearly, she wouldn't help be much help with the twins. Likely, she'd leave the twins in some nanny's hands and forget about them. April wanted to be out of the woman's presence ASAP.

'Are you April?'a boy that looked a lot like Cameron suddenly stopped in front of her. He looked to be about 5 and was panting, as if he'd been running a lot. At her puzzled nod, he grabbed her hand and tried do pull her with him. It didn't work. 'Hurry. The twins are crying like crazy and -'

He stopped when April rushed past him and hurried to the nursery. She knew she shouldn't have left the twins alone. Why didn't she listen to her guts?!

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