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Jason suddenly looked mad and stormed to his office. Alarmed, April laid Tanner in his bed and chased after Jason. She was unwilling to call him back because she didn't want to wake the babies up. She hoped he wouldn't do anything drastic but from the noises in his office, her wish was wishful thinking.

She stopped short at the entrance of his office. Jason was standing at his desk, with a satisfied smile, over pieces of plastic and metal that used to be her phone, his chest heaving almost distractingly. Almost. A substantial paper weight was clutched in his hand. And he looked like he wasn't quite done.

Unable to say anything, she walked in and closed the door behind her. Hearing the click, he looked up and sent her a savage grin.

'I've finally stopped any form of conversation between you and that man, 'he crowed hoarsely.

'B-But that was my mother, 'she managed to say, wavering slightly. Hearing her tone, his features changed. Paled. Became panicky. 'She hadn't contacted me in weeks. She's always changing her number so it's difficult for me to get her. Meaning she'd always initiated our communication. And now, my phone is gone. How's she going to contact me?'

She couldn't comprehend the amount of rage she had. Admittedly, her mother and her weren't close - her mother was too independent to ever accept help- but they'd always kept in contact. The fear of her father finding them kept their relationship alive. In hindsight, that was a very tenuous libk but their relationship was still going strong. Seeing her phone in pieces, along with her sim card, her mind ached, trying to think of a way to contact her. Who she could contact to get some clues.

'I'm sorry, 'Jason said softly, wrapping his arms around her. Startled, April recovered enough to not acknowledged him. He had to learn he couldn't just apologise and they'd be hunky-dory. Not if they wanted their relationship to work. 'I'll find a way to fix this.'

'That's fine and all but why did you do this in the first place? Because of Connor?'she snapped softly. His arms tightened, giving her her answer. Turning in his arm, she told him, 'Jason, he's nothing but a friend. Hell, seeing as we've only ever met once, he barely counts as an acquaintence. Even so, I'd like to see where this goes. Maybe make a friend?'

'We'll find you other friends. Friends who don't flirt with each other. Or have a working penis. Or a pens attracted to vaginas, 'he said through gritted teeth. Surprisingly, his use of

ed or want to know them. Stepping over an unconscious body, he finally reached the door of the apartment when he heard shouting. One voice, in particular, sounded very familiar and dear to him.

Galvanised by her cry of pain, he kicked in the door and paused when he saw April latching herself on some man's leg. Blood was streaming down her face but she was tenaciously trying to stop the man's progress. He barely noticed the broken bottle at what could be called a dining table but was closer to cat's scratching toy. His eyes were locked on the jagged-edged bottle neck in the man's free hand. The hand that was rising, as if to deliver another blow.

Jason couldn't remember what he did or the sequence of events. When he was next aware, he was straddling and grappling for the bottle neck. Slamming the man's wrist on the floor. Anyway to break his hold on it. The man, however, was reluctant to release it. And despite his diminutive stature, being a foot shorter and less muscular than Jason, he put up a fierce fight. Almost buckling Jason off him. He failed.

Seeing the glaze in his eyes and the heavy stench of alcohol, Jason realised the man was drunk. Probably drugged out of his mind too. Knowing he possessed some unexpected strength, due to the alcohol, Jason didn't let up on his assault. Even when April was shouting at the police on her phone. Even when he heard his children's cry. All he could hear was the fear in her voice and see the blood on her face. The wound was still bleeding. More blood. More fear. All signs that he had failed his family.

All signs that spurred his hold on the man. So that he could finally protect his family.

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