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April eyed Jason warily as she closed the door behind her. He had this wild air about him, much like a wild predator. She felt that one wrong move would kill her. Well, not exactly kill but somewhere along the line of something bad happening. Hearing her phone chirp, she searched her bed for it before finding it in his hands.

'Why do you have my phone?'she asked on trepidation. Hoping against hope that he hadn't notice who'd just texted her. It's not that she wanted to hide anything from him. It's just that she knew how he was going to react. And from the fire in his eyes, she was right in her assumption. 'Please don't be mad.'

'Mad? Why should I be mad? Is it because some man has been texting you? Or is it because he's been flirting with you?'he growled as he advanced towards her. She inched back even as her brows furrowed.

'He's flirting? Really? I thought he's just being nice, 'she confessed with a nervous giggle, hoping to calm him down. She swallowed back her next words when she saw he wasn't appeased. She started when she felt an immovable solid, most probably a wall, at her back. Having nowhere to go, she watched Jason approach with wary eyes.

'You are going to text this man right now and tell him you are not going to talk to him ever again. Right. Now, 'he growled as he pushed her phone in her hands. She noticed that he wasn't rough even in his anger. His movements were just jerky, as if he was trying his best to control his anger but his grip on her hand was not too tight and he hadn't tugged her arm violently. Knowing he was not violent in his anger, a part of her relaxed and trust him even more. Even as another p

n't know which would win. 'You can have any woman on earth-'

'And I choose you, 'he said firmly. Hearing the steel in his voice, she looked back at him. Seeing his vulnerability juxtaposed with his stubbornness was jarring but all Jason. 'Don't try to make sense of this. Just accept it. I have. And I most definitely want you.'

Looking into his beseeching eyes, April couldn't help but to acquiesce. A man like Jason did not ask and for him to do that, it boggled her mind. But it also helped her accept the depth of his proclamation. 'I-I'll try, 'she offered wryly, shifting Tanner into a more comfortable position. 'I mean, I will sometimes be inundated with insecurities. Especially when you're around women more beautiful than I am. I just hope you will be patient when that happens and not become some crazed idiot when the situation is reversed.' Even as she said that, she knew they still had a ways to go before that would ever stop. Case in point, her phone was still in his possession. She just hoped nothing got destroyed during their adjustment period.

Just then, her phone chirped.

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