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The week leading to the party was fairly uneventful. The twins were fairly well-behaved with some small fights that every siblings had. From what Jason had seen, it was mainly over toys. April had mentioned that sometimes they fought for her attention but he had yet to witness that. Surprisingly, most often than not, Daphne instigated it. And Tanner would sometimes give in, which was quite surprising because men in his family never gave in. Of course, there were those times when giving in was not an option. And those were when he had no clue on how to handle them.

April had to step in then. Most of the time, she'd send him a squinty-eyed look, to which he'd return with his most bewildered face. He'd see amusement lurking in her eyes but she'd keep her tough facade up. She'd then shake her head and split the twins up. Be it by pulling one from the other or calling their name sharply.

And that's another reason why he often called for her when they fought. They listened to her. With him, his calls for peace fell on deaf ears. And he knew they weren't hearing-impaired. They came at the call of food often enough to disprove that. He'd usually gift her with a deep, hard kiss as thanks and escaped to his office. April had yet to protest but that was most probably because he did not give her enough time to.

He was currently in his office, trying to identify what was making him feel as if something was not right. The feeling had been nagging at him for the past few days and he wanted to make it go away. It felt very much like he was distrustful of April. Looking back, eveything was the same.

The four of them ate dinner together, as usual. Much to Mrs Salvador's delight. One couldn't see it but he knew from all the years she'd worked with him. It was an admittedly messy affair. With food flying about, courtesy of the twins, bu

gerie. He felt blood surging south as his mind wondered down a path that was both tantalising and torturous. Luckily, another message came through and brought him back.

His eyes narrowed when he saw who it was from. Connor. Wasn't he that guy that was hitting on her last week? Hadn't he prevented any further contact with THAT MAN? So how was he messaging her? He must have given him her numb-

All rational thought flew out of his head as he opened the message. Hah, she didn't even lock her phone. What if some unsavory character try to steal it for information? He ignored his conscience that tried to point out he was such a character. He justified it by telling himself he was concerned for her safety. That tasted foul even to him.

Shaking away the obvious lies, he read the messages and felt his rage worsen. They'd been messaging each other everyday since the day they'd met. Even though her replies were innocuous, Connor's were definitely on the flirty side. How could she not see he was flirting with her? How could he let this happen right under his nose?


He turned to the door, looking at how beautiful she was, illuminated by the hallway light. All he could think of was making her irrevocably his.

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