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Jason couldn't keep the smile off his face. All through his shower and getting dressed, the smile was ever present on his face. He didn't dare look in the mirror so as to not be confronted with the excessive happiness, and smugness. Even the way he walked was different. He felt that there was a bounce in his steps. This was getting too cheery for him. He needed to stop.

But he couldn't help it. Who knew acting drunk could get him the hottest kiss in his entire life? Admittedly, he had still been in the fog of sleep when he'd pulled April into his bed but he was wide awake and conscious when he'd decided to go in for the kill. Or kiss. And it was glorious. It felt like a part of him, that he didn't know had been missing, had just returned to him. The heat had instantly exploded and he was caught in the undercurrents of it. So much so that he didn't recognise his children's cries.

Now that send a shard of guilt through his heart. The first time he was into a woman and all thoughts of them flew out of his mind. He felt like such a failure of fatherhood, he didn't know how he could ever face them.

- ----@@@-------

Pressing a kiss on Tanner's and Daphne's forehead with a murmur of apology when he entered the dining alcove, he greeted Harry and settled down for breakfast. His eyes followed April. Her sweatshirt was now riddled with blotches of porridge and she was currently trying to wheedle another bite down Tanner, who preferred to play with his toy.

'What are you waiting for? Get Jason his breakfast, 'Harry suddenly said coldly to April. April jumped slightly as she had been immersed with the twin. Or maybe she'd been studiously trying to ignore his cousin. She sent him an uncertain look but went to grab his daily dose of caffeine. Jason, on the other hand, was taken aback. He hadn't expected the barked order nor the coldness. Not wanting to create waves, because Harry will only be there for a few more hours, he let it slide but felt a the beginnings of rage in his chest.

'Is that all?'Harry barked when she timidly placed a cup of coffee before Jason. Her face was stricken and her eyes were filled with discomfort and a tinge of fear. It was that fear that made him forget about letting it slide. He would not have April fearing anything when with him. Especially not when he could help it.

'Stop it, Harry. Just because you're my cousin doesn't give you the right to order my employees around, 'he growled, placing his hand over the one she had over the cup handle. Her eyes darted from his to Harry's. She looked like a prey trapped between two predators. She only relaxed slightly when he sent her a warm smile, going so much as to blush when the smile grew more heated. He hadn't known it was so fun to tease his lover. Or potential lover. He should do that more often. Letting her go, he turned back to Harry, his eyes growing decidedly colder.

Sensing that the argument was only going to become more involved, she decided to take the twins away. 'It's time for bath, 'she said, her voice full of false cheer. They stopped what they were doing and squealed in excitement. Tanner absolutely loved bathtime. Daphne, on the other hand, was indifferent. She only squealed because Tanner was doing so. This time, the smile on her face was genuine and beautiful. So beautifully breathtaking that he almost forgot about Harry. So much so that he was

s the other way around. And I don't like it.'

'Did you talk with him about it?'she asked as she kept the twins within sight. They'd lost interest in the game and returned to exploring her room. 'Surely if he explained-'

'He left without another word. Admittedly, I may have been a bit too harsh-'

'A bit?'she teased. She felt, more than heard, his laugh.

'Yes, a bit, you minx. Now stop interrupting me, 'he scolded, his fingers dancing along her ribcage. Being the extremely ticklish person that she was, she jumped and yelped, almost banging her head on his nose. Luckily, he jumped back with a laugh. After he'd quietened and she deigned to be back in his arms, he continued. 'Now, as I was saying, I was a bit harsh but I felt that it needed to be said. I thought we could talk it out but he just left soon after.'

'I'm sure you'll have other opportunities to clear the air. You should take this time to reconcile yourself with your cousin's new personality. Find a way to be comfortable with him again, 'she suggested softly. Looking to him, her eyes were caught in his soft verdant eyes. Unable to look away, she didn't move away when he moved closer and even closed her eyes when his lips met hers. This kiss was softer, more for comfort and support. Unfortunately, before the kiss could become deeper and heated, his phone rang. With a harsh sigh, he pulled away and picked it up.

Using the distraction, she turned to the twins and immediately tried to push Jason out of her room, her face turning bright red. Busy, he moved a few steps before stopping, realising what she was doing. Looking puzzled, his eyes questioned her but she refused to answer him. She didn't stop trying to push him out but seeing as he worked out and she didn't, it was an epic failure. With eyes filled with mischief once he found out the reason, he started to tease her but the warning in her eyes made him reconsider. Finished with his call, he bade the twins a goodbye, kissing their cheeks, giving her lips a peck, said, 'I like the red one' and left before she could retort.

Cheeks burning, lips tingling, she turned to the twins and sighed exasperatedly, even as amusement bloomed. Why did she just have to put her undergarments in the second last drawer?

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