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'Mr Hall-'

'Jason, 'Jason corrected April. He heard her sigh on the other line and stifled a grin. 'Why are you calling me, April?'

'JASON, there's this woman who claims to be your housekeeper-'

'What does she look like?'he cut in, the urge to hide his grin a thing of the past when he heard her huff of annoyance.

'Plump and petite, matronly. Salt and pepper hair, grey eyes. Take-no-prisoner attitude. Rings a bell?'she asked sassily.

'Yes, I believe so. And I also believe that I told you she's returning in two weeks. Admittedly she's early by a few days but I don't think that should be an issue?'

'Well, no. The twins remember her and are playing with her now. She's surprisingly gentle with them. And I think she's taking over the making of their meals, which is more than fine with me. But the thing is, she's banned me from the kitchen!'she wailed-slash-hissed.

He winced. He knew how much she liked his kitchen. If he didn't know any better, he'd think he'd hired a chef because she kept cooking for him. That was on top of what Mrs Kramer left for him. He would be hard-pressed to decide whose cooking he liked better.

Suddenly, movement from his peripheral returned his attention to his surrounding. He was in his favourite restaurant with his closest friends and cousins. They'd decided to meet up since one of them had finally graced the East Coast. And usually, they did not allow phone calls to come through but this was April. It could have been about the twins. Or, in this case, a conflict between his nanny and housekeeper. Plus she'd been acting distant since that day. He tried to lighten the air between them, talking and joking with her more often, but there's always a barrier between them. And he didn't know how to push it down. So he'd always entertain any voluntary contact from her. Always.

Seeing his cousin looking extremely pissed off, he decided to end the call. 'We'll talk about it when I get back, 'he promised her. Laughing at her second huff of annoyance, he left kisses for the twins and returned to his cousins.

'I didn't know we allowed phone calls at the table, 'his cousin, Harry Reynolds, said coldly. Jason shot a glare at him as he took a seat. 'And what's with the happy look and smiles? You look like you've arranged a hook up.'

'That was my nanny-'

'Is there anything wrong with the twins? Sharon can come down for a look if you want, 'Cameron offered, cutting in. Taking in a deep breath for patience, Jason waited a while before replying.

'No. Mrs Kramer has returned and apparently banned April from the kitchen, 'he explained. Cameron barked out a laugh while Harry's lips twisted into a sneer.

'Why do you need to care soo much about your nanny? Why does it matter if she gets banned? As long as she's doing her job, whatever happens in her life should not matter, 'Harry said dismissively. Jason took a while to take a good look at his cousin. His mahogany hair was stylishly cut and his suit was immaculate. He was the consummate businessman but he had an air of detachment around him. Like he wasn't touched by his surroundings.

Jason felt his heart sink. This wasn't the man he grew up in. This man was cold, callous. He had no heart. Whatever had happened to him that made him change, well, he didn't know how to relate to this man. And to think he'd have agreed with him a few months ago.

'Well, seeing as she prepares the twins' meals, I guess it's an issue with me, 'he fibbed, getting annoyed with his pompous attitude. Cameron, sensing the tension growing, made to change the subject.

'So, Sharon's throwing a party for Mom's birthday and she wants all of you to come. It's next Saturday, 'he said as he sliced into his steak. Harry started to refuse but Cameron cut in. 'Did I say want? She demands your presence. Work is not a reasonable excuse. If you try that, she's going to have your balls on a platter. She'll hound you for the rest of the year if you're not there.'

'I don't know why you accede to these women's ridiculous demands, 'Harry said, his voice artic cold. A fact about him was that the more irritated he became, the colder he'd get. Cameron and Jason shared a look and decided to ignor

d greeted her. 'Good morning.'

He looked incredibly handsome even if he still smelled boozy. Hair tousled. Eyes lazy from sleep. His cheeks slightly flushed from the alcohol and sleep. Why couldn't he look all dishelved and out of sorts, like she did on the rare occasion when she drank? Life was soo unfair.

'Mr Hallow-'

'Jason!'he corrected sharply before burying his face against her neck. Startled, she tried to push him away but her arms were caught between them. 'If you continue to be stubborn, I'm going to punish you every time you call me "Mr Halloway". I'll tell you of your punishment later. We'll rest for now.'

'Jason, I have to feed the twins. They're going to wake up anytime soon, 'she told him gently. He shook his head childishly, still burrowed against her neck. Laughing slightly, she asked, 'Are you still drunk, oh Mr Vampire sir?'

'I like the sound of that. Come forth and pleasure me, servant girl, 'he said in a mock commanding tone. Her face flushed when she realised what he meant. Trying to escape again, all she accomplished was getting his attention back on her. Seeing her red face, his face took a decidedly lecherous bend. 'Shy, are we? Well, there's only one way to remedy that.'

Unable to grasp his meaning, she was caught off - guard when he placed his lips on her. Not knowing how to respond, or whether she should, she just laid there until he grew more insistent. Trying to fight his repeated attempts to deepen the kisses, she felt herself melting into his kisses, giving in to his persistence. He let out a rumble of triumph as he managed to slip pass her lips and invaded her mouth.

She felt like she was drowning under his expertise and the pleasure they evoked. All she could focus on was his lips, his hands which were roaming about her body, managing to get under her sweatshirt and inching towards her bra.

A jarring sound penetrated the haze. She knew it was important, that noise. But Jason was muddling her mind again. A second noise joined the first. Oh, Tanner and Daphne are angry, she thought absently. Then, like a thunderbolt striking her, she pushed him away and got off the bed before he even knew what was going on.

'We are not finished, April, 'he called breathlessly but she just shook her head, facing determinedly forward. Her face was redder than a tomato. Hadn't she decided to distant herself? This was definitely a setback. But, with the way he was acting, surely he saw something more between them?

No, April. Deluding yourself is not allowed here, she scolded herself, even as her fingers came up to trace her lips, wanting to retain any lasting impression of the kiss. She didn't know what to feel or how to interpret what just happened. She just hoped things wouldn't be awkward when they saw each other again.

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