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Jason was furious. His vision was a sea of red. He felt like tearing someone apart. Preferably that blond bastard that tried to hit on her. He tightened his arm around her and asked her again.

'Who is that man?' She sent a puzzled look up at him. He noted absently again that she didn't have to look up far. He liked that. He also liked that she was a warm, sort armful. Almost to the point of forgetting that man. Almost. 'That man who walked with you to the coffee shop.'

'Oh. That's Connor. He's a security guard at your building. He wanted to stop for coffee, ' she said with a hint of wistfulness in her voice, 'but I reminded him about my responsibilities. We're going to arrange for another time.'

'You're not going out with him, 'he told her harshly. She frowned at him. He scrambled to think of a reason that would explain his decree and he found one that was fairly acceptable. 'Employees are not allowed to fraternize. So you are not allowed to see him again. Ever.' If false.

'But we're only going out for coffee! It's not like we're meeting for a rendezvous, 'she protested with a scowl, turning in his arms. He had to loosen his hold to accommodate the load in her arms. He almost smiled at her outrage but didn't because he knew it wouldn't help his cause.

'Regardless, I do not and will not condone any further contact with him. If you disobey me in this, I will have a bodyguard trail you. Don't fight with me on this, 'he snapped fiercely. He knew she wasn't happy with his dictate but she treasured her anonymity more. The twins' even more. With a grumble, she nodded.

'That's a silly rule to have, 'she mumbled as she tore out of his arms. 'I didn't read about this when I prepared for the interview. Stupid rule.'

Jason felt an unexpected surge of relief. He tried to play it off as protecting his naive nanny but he could never lie to himself.

He had rushed through work so that he could surprise her while she was on the way back. He'd even cancelled meetings and forced it down his executive's throats just so he could clear his afternoon. He'd looked out for her as he drove along the path she took. And almost crashed his second-most priced possession when he'd seen her with CONNOR. He'd almost stomped out of his car and dragged the woman away from THA

on Connor now.

April: I'm sorry but I have to decline. Mr H says employees are not allowed to fratenise >:(

Hope you're not too disappointed :)

Connor: I didn't know we had that rule. Let me check it and get back to you =)

Hahaha. I'm sure we'll run into each other when you come and visit him. Just don't be too surprised by what you walk into.

Or learn to hide it. The entire building is talking about how fast you hightailed it out of there.

April frowned. Everyone knew? How? She asked Connor about it.

Connor: Janice set you up. She wanted to scandalise you. Everyone thinks it's because you made Mr H stayed away from the office. I think it's because she has a crush on him and wants to clear the field of any competitors.

April: competitor? Me? As if. I'm not pretty enough to get his attention.

Connor: we're on a fishing expedition, are we? ;)

Fishing expedition? What was he talking about? Has it been that long since she'd texted? Was she soo out of the texting lingo? God, just how old was she? Deciding to bury her pride and ask him about it, she sent an immediate refusal when he explained.

April: What? No!!!! I'm just stating the truth.

Anyway, thanks for the offer but.... I need this job.

Connor: hey, don't mention it. And I totally understand. With the job market as it is, we need any job that comes around. See you around then =)

April: See you :)

April put her phone down but she couldn't stop smiling. Maybe this could be the start of a beautiful new friendship.

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