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Hearing the door slam close, Jason lifted his head up from the couch. He furrowed his brows. He'd specifically told Janice not to let anyone in so he didn't know who could have disturbed him. He thought he heard Tanner shout belligerently, 'Da Da.' Thinking it was a figment of his imagination, he dropped back down the sofa but shot up when he heard April say, 'Da Da is busy, Tanner. We'll wait for him at home, alright? Here's a biscuit.'

'Jason, 'the naked woman beside him moaned sleepily. 'What's going on?'

Jason looked down at the woman in horror. Had April seen her? Of course she did. She'd have to be blind not to. Their clothes were everywhere and the couch was within sight of the door. Panic grew in his chest. Oh god, what was he supposed to do? He didn't want April to think that this was the only thing he did at work, that he was a playboy. He didn't know why but he didn't want her to think that. What if she decided to quit? He couldn't have that.

He hastened to dress and told Janice not to let her leave. Getting the woman to leave was a harder task. She whined and tried to stall. Finally, having to threaten her with immediate dismissal, he finally had the office to himself. Regaining his composure, he told Janice to bring them to the office.

Janice confidently walked in but April peeked in from the door. Once determining that everything was back to normal, she pushed the stroller in. The twins began jumping in their seats when they caught sight of him. Their pleasure at seeing him lightened the load of panic in his chest and he bent down to release both of them. They gave him a kiss before wondering about the office.

'Um, I'm sorry for walking in just now, 'April mumbled softly. He was kneeling beside the stroller, watching his children be happy and free. When he looked up, he saw her face was flushed red and her eyes were darting everywhere except him. When they briefly landed on him, he saw a tinge of pain in them. He didn't know why but his heart fluttered with pleasure. And guilt too but his pleasure far outweighed that. God, his emotions were everywhere with regards to her.

'Who told you that you can enter? I told Janice that I wasn't to be disturbed until I revoked that command, 'he asked curiously. Her eyes stopped moving and her brows furrowed cutely down at him. Cute? When had he ever used that as a description for a woman? Never, that's when! So that word did not just come into his mind.

'Janice told me I can enter, 'she said slowly. Now, his own brows were drawn together. Why had Janice willfully disobeyed him? She might not be the most independent assistant but she always followed his directions to the tee. Any directions.

Suddenly April shot to his desk. Tanner had somehow found his way onto his office chair and was standing up, using the table as support. Luckily, April caught him before the chair moved too far away. He liked the way Tanner turned to her and smiled, showing his 3 teeth and one growing stump. He also liked the way April reacted, a smile and tickling his chin. So much so that he felt in stirring south of his heart.

That immediately wiped the smile off his face. Why was he still affected by her? He'd thought the interlude with that woman would have helped keep this attraction away. Because wasn't it due to the fact that he hadn't had a woman for soo long? A month

. 'Let me give you my number and we'll arrange a time.'

'Sure. Here's my phone.' He gave her his iPhone and she put in her personal number. Obviously she wouldn't use the one Mr Halloway gave her. That's was purely for twins-related issues. ' Alright. Let's meet again soon then. Bye, babies.'

The twins waved, surprising her. She didn't know they could do that on demand but she smiled nevertheless. Her heart fluttered slightly and her face turned pink when he sent her a the wink. She blamed it on the fact that he's a charmer, seeing as there's a lack of that in her life, so she dismissed it.

Continuing on their journey home, her mind returned to the afternoon. The smile immediately dropped from her face and her heart felt soo much heavier. She didn't want to admit it but she knew she'd developed some feelings for Mr Halloway. Romantic feelings. Maybe bordering on love-

She shook her head vigorously. No, she couldn't have fallen in love with him. One reason being that he was soo far out of her league. She might as well be in the mud while he's a prince in a glorious castle. And another reason would be his reputation. He's a consummate professional but his private life was littered with models, actresses, debutante and even a princess. All beautiful, poised, confident women. April, on the other hand, was borderline pretty, embarrassed herself on a regular basis and barely had the courage to talk to Cooper, regardless of the fact that he initiated the conversation. So she had no business forming a crush on him.

She had to get over this crush and behave in a professional manner with him. Hopefully, she could hide her feelings from him while she worked on getting over him. Unlikely but hope springs eternal.

They'd finally reached the penthouse and she released the twins from the pram. She had already barricaded the entrance to the hall and kitchen so they could only roam around in the living room. With that knowledge, she worked on keeping their stroller and putting away their toys, jackets, blankets and everything else she packed for their outing.

With her hands full, she was unprepared for the arm around her waist, the stiff body crowding her back and the whisper in her ears.

'Who was that man?'

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