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Jason sighed, leaning against the wall outside his room. He was still weak and listless but at least he had more energy than this morning. That was a plus. However, dealing with Janice had sapped away most of his recovered energy. He hadn't known his assistant was soo inflexible and incompetent with dealing with unexpected cock ups.

He knew he had never been ill before but he was still human. And sometimes, he could very well not come in if he didn't feel like it. Even though that had never happened before, she should have been able to adapt to changes and not trouble him with more problem. However, when he had taken the phone from April, she had inundated him with all the issues that had cropped up. To him, most of them were easily solved by turning to his vice-president but apparently, the man was missing. If that was how the higher ups in his company were behaving without him, he had to do some restructuring when he went back. He managed to resolve all the problems and left instructions that should cover the next day or two. However, it took him more than the ten minutes he promised April. Hopefully, she wasn't mad at him.

Walking into his room, he stopped short when he saw the sight that greeted him. Sharon was lying on the bed with the twins on either side of her. Both of them were snuggled close to her side, eyes closed, and looked like they weren't willing to let go. Sharon had her arms around them and her face was relaxed in repose.

He didn't know why but his chest felt lighter and a smile grew on his face. He wanted to join them, putting the twins in between him and April. Such a domesticated thought had never entered his mind before now. Before the twins, he hadn't thought much about children and what they entailed. Once he had the twins, his main focus was juggling their care with his work. Never had he thought to sleep with them. Now, with April, the thought was very appealing.

'Mr Halloway?'April said, her voice thick with sleep. She moved to stand but the twins cried out so she just laid down. 'Sorry for falling asleep. I didn't know I was soo tired.' A yawn engulfed the last few words. 'And sorry for taking your bed. The twins are not going to release me anytime soon.'

'It's alright, 'he said, sitting beside Daphne and within sight of April. He ran his hand over Daphne's hair, finding the silkiness of her hair soothing. 'Thank you for taking care of Janice when I was out of it. She mentioned that you called the doctor. So what did he say?'

'You have an incurable disease that they are still working to identify. They'll be coming to bring you to quarantine soon. In fact, I have to keep the children away from you, 'she said gravely, her face set in serious lines. He knew she was joking. Knowing he should feel offended, he arranged his face into a scowl.

'Are you sure? Because, in my opinion, exhaustion is not a new disease, 'he said. It was comical watching her face change. She knew she was caught and sent him a shy

unsatisfied with the answer. They kept crawling around the house, shouting, 'Da Da', every now and then.

She tried calling Jason on his personal phone but he didn't pick up. She was starting to become worried. They eventually settled down for their naps but it was a fitful rest. Seeing that, she decided another outing was called for.

- --@@---

The twins looked happy to be out. The Chicago weather was cooperating with them and clear skies could be seen all around. Women, and some men, cooed to the twins when they stopped at a traffic light and they were absorbing all of the attention.

Finally, Jason's building came into view. The twins became even more excited. The words 'Da Da' and 'wek' kept spilling out of their lips. She laughed at their antics and they showed her their 3-teeth smile.

Their entry into the office area was unhindered this time. The receptionist and guards let them in instantly. However, the only issue was when Daphne threw her toy to the guard near the elevator. She wouldn't stop frowning up at him. April tried to explain that he wasn't the guard from before but she was resolute. Laughing softly at her stubbornness, she sent a look of apology to him. He just shook his head and sent her a charming smile. Realising how attractive he was, her cheeks reddened and she looked down. Attractive men and her just didn't mix.

The office was as bustling as ever and April felt a pang that she couldn't work the same scope as them. She really wanted to put her education to good use. In her opinion, why go through 4 years of college and not use the piece of paper? It's practically wasteful.

Comforting herself with the twins, she continued to the CEO's office. Janice let them through with a nod and April sent her a thankful smile. Not wanting to unknowingly disrupt a meeting, because that's the only reason she could think of for him to not pick up her calls, she parked the twins beside the door and entered.

And immediately came back out.

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