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It felt like a boulder was lifted from his shoulders. Finally, the takeover was completed. Jason kept the triumphant grin from his mouth until he reached his office. He felt like jumping with joy, which was uncharacteristic of him. He also felt like calling April and sharing the good news with her. He suppressed the impulse and walked with measured steps to his desk.

Once he was seated, he realised there was still a lot of work to be done. There were reports to be done, meetings on restructuring the newly merged companies. He felt a bit of that weight returning and a headache was coalescing at the top of his head. His nose was starting to run as well.

All he wanted to do was go home and play with his children. He'd been neglecting them with all the reports and files he had to compile in preparation for the meeting that day. He didn't feel right putting his work aside but he'd made a promise to himself to be a more hands-on father. So, with great reluctance and willpower, he switched off his laptop, told Janice to rearrange his schedule for the day and left.

- -----@@@@-----------

'Good morning, 'Jason croaked to April as he shuffled to the kitchen for breakfast. He had a hard time waking up this morning. He'd overslept and missed the time to work out. As it was, he had to take a quick shower, which had surprisingly took longer than usual, and have a small breakfast. He didn't like skipping breakfast. His staff was just going to have deal with his bad mood.

'Are you alright, Mr Halloway?'April asked, concern in her voice. She'd been feeding the twins their breakfast but paused when he entered.

'Of course, Ms Saunders, 'he said imperiously. Well, he tried to but a wracking cough interrupted him. April fed the twins a bite and went up to him. He felt her cool hand on his forehead and saw the worry in her eyes.

'You're feeling quite hot, 'she murmured.

'I have a lot of things to do, Ms Saunders. I don't have time to be sick, 'he snapped. Her eyes snapped angrily up at him.

'Mr Halloway, you are sick. You have to rest and recuperate. What will happen to the twins if anything happened to you? At least let the doctor look you over, 'she tried to cajol. He was getting mesmerised by her sweet, mellow voice. He almost nodded but found his mind at the last moment.

'Are you trying to manipulate me? Because you won't succeed. I've been in the company of some of the most deceitful women in the world and have come on top, 'he said through a cough. April had to support him as this cough shook his entire body. His chest hurt, his face hurt, his everywhere hurt. He didn't know if he had the energy to stand, the cough had sapped whatever energy he could chalk up from the moment he got out of bed. However, even through his coughing fit, he couldn't help but enjoying being against her. She felt soft and warm, unlike his previous dates. They were all stick thin and uncomfortable

ack to Mr Halloway that he'd hired an incompetent, mindless person to help handle his work and he should just find another one. And the twins aren't bastards!!' Suddenly, the phone slipping away. Wait, it was slipping to the back? Looking back, she was confronted with the wonder that was Mr Halloway's shirtless chest.

'Let me talk to Janice, 'he said, his voice still rough with sleep. At that, she stepped back, shaking her head. The twins had quietened down when they saw their father. Daphne was sucking her fist while Tanner had taken hold of her hair and pushed it into his mouth. Their chest still heaved slightly from all the crying but they looked less stressed than before. She was happy about that even as she was trying to think of a way to get her phone back.

'No. You'll just use it for work.'

'I promise I'll just give her some instructions that will take care of the office for the next day or two. Go to my room, 'he said gently. And that was when she was reminded of her job. Wow, she was certainly showcasing her capabilities. She hesitated. 'I promise it won't be longer than ten minutes.'

After deliberating for a few moments, she nodded and he began talking to Janice. Looking at him, she was glad that he looked better. The 5 hour rest had done him good. Plus she had a nutritious chicken soup bubbling away for him. Hopefully, he'd be much better before the day was over.

The twins were finally settling down for their nap. Their heads were settling into the crooks of her neck and they had difficulty keeping their eyes open. They must have been worrying about their dad. Clearly seeing him almost faint had had an adverse effect on them. Darling babies, she thought, smiling down on them.

'April, lay them on my bed. I'll join the three of you shortly.' She nodded, still looking at the twins and made her way to his room.

It was only when she was almost to his room when she realised he'd called her April.

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