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Stepping into the baby store was like being hit with a bomb of bright colors and cute music. It was disconcerting, alarming and loud. April and the twins were unfazed but Jason had to pause for a moment to orient himself. Everywhere he looked were brightly-colored baby and toddler toys and apparel. He was getting dizzy just looking at them

'Do you know what you're looking for?'he asked April, his only anchor in the storm of baby-related items.

'Well, I looked up online and there were a few websites saying that walkers were not effective when it comes to teaching toddlers the art of walking. Which is rather alarming. I mean, I used a walker and I walk alright. Maybe less than alright but I'm upright, right? But, anyway, they did recommend this contraption called an exersaucer so we could go from there, 'she said, looking up at him for approval. He nodded even though he had no idea what she was talking about? Exersaucer? What, in fucking creations, was that?

'Hi. Can I help you and your wife?'a male store attendant asked brightly. His nametag shows 'Brendan'.

'Oh, we're not married. I'm his nanny, 'April corrected in a rush, flustered. Jason didn't like her denial or the speed in which it came. However, he didn't like the predatory gleam in Brendan's eyes when he heard that more. Much, much more. 'I'm looking for exersaucers. These two munchkins are showing great interest in walking and I thought this will help them.' She looked up at him after she took the toy away from Tanner. Both twins were extremely happy to be surrounded by toys and wanted to grab all of them.

'If you would follow me, 'Brendan said, leading the way but Jason had seen his eyes glance to April's bountiful chest, which had pressed against her sweater when she'd bent down to retrieve the toy. He didn't know why but he felt the familiar burning sensation in his chest. He didn't like the way that man was looking at her as well as the fact that April was inducing this feeling in him. Why couldn't it go away?

'These are some of our models. Some parents have expressed worries about it, saying it is similar to a walker and will have the disadvantages of walkers. So I would suggest that use it for limited periods. Use it when you want to cook, clean or just need a rest, 'he said with a bright smile at April. Ja

aughter coming through made her spirits fly.

'And leave me to listen to that horrendous music? You're not getting away that easily, Ms Saunders. And who was it that convinced me to purchase those infernal things? As we both know, it's you, Ms Saunders. So I put all the responsibility onto you. You have not paid enough penance as of yet so no, I will not accept the resignation, 'he said sternly but she heard the teasing note in his voice. A snicker escaped her lips. 'Are you laughing at me? I assure you- yes, Janice?'

April was having a good time talking with him that she didn't feel like hanging up but his conversation with Janice burst that bubble. She realised the importance of that file. He wouldn't have asked this of her if it wasn't. 'I'll call you again once I have reached your office, 'she told him when he returned to the line.

'Yeah, 'he sighed wearily. She felt concern bubbling inside her. He was pushing himself too hard. Barely sleeping 4 hours every day, even on weekends. He goes straight to his office after he returns, giving the twins a tired smile and sometimes forgetting to eat. This was not healthy and she wouldn't be surprised if he fell sick. 'Talk to you later?'

'Sure. Goodbye, 'she said hesitantly. He stayed on the line for a few more seconds before hanging up. She looked down onto the phone. She knew she shouldn't be developing feelings for him but this conversation. It had shown a different side of him. And she didn't know if she could suppress the feelings away for the playful Mr Halloway.

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