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Jason smiled in satisfaction when he heard the doorbell. There had always been a possibility that she wouldn't show up but that was a small percentage. He straightened his cuffs and went to answer the door. She looked even scruffier in her worn sweater and faded jeans when surrounded by the opulence of the hallway. Since he hadn't specified the appropriate attire, he didn't bother pointing it out. Surprisingly, she had one small suitcase with her. Weren't women always travelling with at least 3 to 5 luggage?

He let her in and proceeded to outline her various roles. 'Thank you for showing up, Ms Saunders. Let me brief you on what is expected of you. Since I've previously hired live-out nannies, I'm the person who bathes them in the morning. Their usual breakfast include milk and some baby food. You'll find that and the instructions on the fridge. After that, their activities are up to your discretion. Here are a list of approved activities, vetted by some of their earlier nannies. You may take them anywhere you want but please be back by 6. I'll try to reach the house by then but if I'm not back, please bathe and feed them. Is there any question? As I have said, my housekeeper is away for two weeks but she has prepared food for me. You are welcome to get some food as well but generally, you don't have to worry about cooking for us.'

She looked slightly overwhelmed by all that he had thrown at her but he saw her recover. 'If I have any question, may I contact you, sir? Just in case. And are there any emergency contact?'she asked, looking up at him. He felt himself drowning in those deep, dark blue eyes. Why was he soo fascinated with her eyes? Maybe because it's her most pleasant feature? But her smile was quite a contender as well. And her hair.

Luckily, a shrill scream broke him out of his reverie. He sent April a dry smile. 'My daughter. She's an early riser and is never content to let anyone sleep in. In a few moments, you'll be hearing my son as well.' And, true to his words, Tanner's cries were heard a few seconds later. 'Shall we?'

'Um, may I inquire about their mother, sir?'she asked hesitantly. Jason felt himself stiffen involuntarily. He didn't like talking about their mother. In his mind, they didn't have a mother. They just had a surrogate who decided that having children did not suit her image and then dumped them on their unsuspecting father. However, he knew he had to warn April about her. She was vindictive and might even try to take them away if she thought it might benefit her. Even when she'd signed away all her rights to them in a legally binding contract.

They paused outside the twins' nursery. The twins had settled down slightly, probably entertaining each other. She looked uncertainly up at him and he was struck with the fact that she didn't have far to look up. She must be quite tall for a woman because he was 6'5'' and she just barely reached his shoulder.

'You don't have to talk about her if you don't want to.' He knew she was willing to let it go but he didn't want her to be caught unaware.

'You are never to leave them alone with their mother. Ever. This is the one rule that you have to follow to the letter. Do not even deviate in the slightest, 'he told her. He couldn't stress the importance. She nodded in understanding but he could see she was puzzled by his dictate. 'Their mother is a public woman and if she thought that having the kids would help her, she'd do anything to have them. She's Carrie Carter.'

'The supermodel? The vain, mean one?'she asked with a gasp. Amusement filled him. He had never seen anyone call Carrie mean and vain, even if that's what she was. Usually, people are too in awe of her beauty to ever notice the black, cold heart inside. However, he saw she took the threat seriously. 'I understand and will never, ever let that woman near them.'

'Good. Now let's take care of my children.' He didn't know why he believed her, he'd never trusted any

of his managers so implicitly before but he trusted that this woman, this frumpy, tall, overweight woman would guard his most prized treasures with her life. And what else could he asks for from someone taking care of the most precious people in his world?

- -----@@@@@---------

April dropped onto the sofa wearily. The twins were very active and liked to crawl into every nook and cranny they could find. Her entire morning up until their nap had been spent chasing them around the apartment, no, penthouse. And it was a big one. The decor was professionally done. When she first entered, she wondered whether she'd just entered a photo shoot shoot for this home decor magazines. It was soo nice.

There are five big bedrooms that apparently the twins had missed during their stay there. The office and kitchen were off limits. She steered them away from there when they ever tried to go in that direction. Luckily, they liked to go everywhere together so she could keep an eye on both of them. Plus they always made sure she was within sight. If she was slow, they would just stop and then continued when they saw her again.

Now that she had time to actually think, as opposed to just reacting, she wondered what they should do during the afternoon. Most of the specified activities looked dull and unlikely to capture the attention of 2 active 9-month-olds. Visit the museum, blehck. Who would ever want to do that? Actually, she would love to but not with the twins in tow.

Looking out of the window, the clear sky and big, puffy clouds entranced her and brought an idea to mind. Since the weather was still relatively warm and there was no forecast of rain, it would be a lovely day for a walk. Maybe to the office building and back? That would be a good distance for her to get some exercise and also for them to enjoy the fresh air.

Relieved that she had decided on what to do, she began to get ready for their afternoon out. Diapers and formulas are important of course. Baby wipe, a change of clothes, an extra change of clothes, emergency formulas. A thermos of hot water to make their milk. Toys to entertain themselves. Extra toys in case they get bored with the first batch of toys. Blankets in case they get cold. The pram looked full to bursting when she was done and she hoped she didn't miss anything. Hopefully, the twins wouldn't give her a hard time.

A cry was heard and that's her cue to get ready.

- ----@@@@----

An hour later, the three of them were enjoying the, relatively, fresh air. Being in the city, the air was not exactly fresh as the discharge from the vehicles and all that polluted the air. Even so, they were enjoying being out of doors. The twins were looking up at all the buildings and windows in wonder, gesturing to April excitedly, while she was just glad that they were having a peaceful outing. Sometimes, people, mostly women, would stop and remark about their cuteness. The twins would just smile up at them, showing their deep dimples before looking up at April, as if signalling the time for admiring was over. Daphne liked the attention so, most often than not, it was Tanner doing the signalling. April laughed at how disgruntled Tanner would sometimes look when they had to stop. He sure didn't like the attention.

Finally, they saw the building where Mr Halloway owned and worked. She breathed a small sigh of relief. They were halfway through their outing. The cafe further down the street should give her time to recharge and possible refresh the twins. The twins started bouncing when they saw the building, saying, 'Da Da, ' happily. She smiled down at them, revelling in their enthusiasm, when a drop of water fell on her head. Startled, she looked up and was dismayed. The once languid, puffy white clouds had turned into roiling black, angry clouds.

She started pushing the pram faster, surprising the twins with the sudden speed, and entered the only shelter in sight, Mr Halloway's building.

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