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April shifted in the chair uncomfortably. She hadn't known that those babies she'd taken care of was the Halloway Corporation CEO's children. None of the people she'd encountered had said anything. Hell, they hadn't even looked at her. They'd just bumped into her and walked away without a by-your-leave. Even so, she'd been carrying the twins then. Surely they'd recognised their own boss' kids?

Now she was in Jason Halloway's office. Probably to be punished for taking his children without permission. He could be thinking that she'd been trying to kidnap them. Or sell them away to the black market. He could even be calling the cops right at this moment.

Her mind didn't care that she wouldn't know anyone in the black market or, even, that she wasn't going to do that. No, it was running wild and unchecked and it didn't help that she was alone in the office. She tried to distract herself by observing the decor. The floor was all hardwood. There was a group of sofa across one end of the room, most likely leather and expensive but she didn't know the make. It was a modern design, white and uncomfortable-looking. In the middle of the room, there was a long table with a grouping of eight chairs around it, probably to hold meetings for the upper echelon of the company. And at the other end, where she was sitting and waiting, was the main desk. It was quite a large desk containing all his stationeries, work and even a few family photos.

She studied some and noticed a few of them featured Mr Halloway with quite a handsome man, blonde, grey-eyes. Not that Mr Halloway couldn't hold a candle to this man but his was a more refined handsome while the blond man had an air of savagery around him. There was another man with them. He had dark hair and very light blue eyes. Piercing eyes. Just looking at his pictures made her uncomfortable. There were some pictures where he had a light air to him and smiling widely, showing two dimples, one on each cheek. But his pictures had a progressively darker air as he grew older. His smiles grew smaller and his eyes colder. She wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.

Mr Halloway's chiselled features fit his heart-shaped face perfectly, his eyes, even though they had been hard on her, was a beautiful shade of olive green. His mouth though was the most sensual of his features. Even as he'd glared into her soul, her eyes hadn't been able to stay away from those lips. His thin upper lip was a perfect complement to those plumper and eminently nibble-worthy lower lip. Before she decided to that making out with the picture was a good idea, she put the frame down and stepped away.

From the resemblance in the pictures, she could tell they were related, brothers or, maybe, cousins. They seemed close, their arms around each other and some candid photos of them goofing off. She noticed one frame for the twins, though. Just one when they were probably 7 months old. Why didn't he have any photos of them from much earlier? And where was their mother?

'I'm sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Saunders, 'he said, suddenly coming into the room. April jumped slightly. It would have been good if he had announced his presence but this was his office. 'I had to retrieve your resume from the HR department. It seems like they were almost going to throw it away when you didn't show up for the interview. May I know what position you were applying for?'

'Receptionist, sir, 'she told him, shocked that he went to get her resume. Whatever for? She knew she'd blown the interview when she'd decided to go after the twins. 'May I know why, sir?'

'Why I retrieved your resume? So that I can determine your suitability as a nanny for my children, 'he told her absently, studying her resume. 'You wrote here that you've only one relevant experience and all other experience is as a waitress. Why the switch?'

'I-um-I wanted a change of pace. Frankly, I'm getting too old for it. The long hours. Unreasonable custom

ers. Plus I've just graduated. So I wanted a job that's somewhat relevant to my qualifications, 'she told him, puzzled. Nanny to his twins?Of course not. She must have heard it wrong.

'Yes, it's listed here that you have a degree for Business Administration. So why a receptionist?'he asked, looking at her over steepled hands. She frowned.

'Excuse me but may I know exactly why you are asking me all these questions? I know it was bad of me to just pick up the twins but I do not think it warrants all these questions, 'she said softly, trying to ask for a clarification in case she hadn't heard properly.

'Ah, my apologies. It seems that I forgot to tell you the nature of our meeting here. Seeing how my children behaved with you earlier on, I would like to offer you the position of their live-in nanny. Accommodations will be provided for, as will transport and food. Your only job is to take care of the twins. My housekeeper will take care of the house, including laundry and meals. Of course, she's on her holidays for the next 2 weeks or so. So you'll have to fend for yourself then.'

'Nanny? That's not even close to relevant to my education, 'she cried, her mind unable to wrap itself around the idea. Nanny? She had only taken care of them for at most 1 hour so she didn't see how she couldn't possibly be a good nanny to them. Furthermore, she could barely take care of herself. He wanted to entrust them with her?

'Well, it's the only position I am willing to offer you, 'he said, his eyes as hard as granite. She was happy she had the wide expanse of the table between them.

'What about the receptionist role?'she asked, disappointed. She'd hoped to move up the ranks if she got the position.

'I do not like to repeat myself, 'he hissed. She flinched and used her hair as a barrier from those eyes.

'But why me as a nanny? Surely there's more qualified people, 'she said softly. His lips twisted wryly.

'Well, my children have chased away all those qualified people, leaving you. They slept with you. Do you know how difficult it took all those qualified people to achieve what you did within half an hour of meeting them? That immediately convinced me that you're suitable for the role, 'he said firmly.

'But don't you want to check my background? What if I'm some serial killer that's just good with babies? Maybe I have a fetish for them? You can't decide on this just based on 2 hours of interaction, 'she argued, ignoring her inner self who told her to just take up the position without any hassle. But these were babies they were talking about. She had little to no experience with them. She didn't want to hurt them with her lack of knowledge.

'That's why you'll be having a one month trial period. If, within that month, there is anything that I'm not satisfied with, I'll terminate your role as a nanny and offer you a different position within the company that is suitable to your qualification, 'he offered. She saw a hint of smugness in his eyes. He was soo sure she wouldn't be able to resist his offer and, damn him, he was right. She could spend more time with those adorable twins and, if it didn't work out, she'd still have a job. It was a win-win situation. 'Well, Ms Saunders?'

'I'll take up your offer, Mr Halloway. I hope we will both benefit from this arrangement, 'she said stiffly.

'Then, here is my address, Ms Saunders. Please be at my door by 7 am sharp with all your luggage. Within that month, you'd be expected to live with us. We'll discuss future accommodations after the trial period is over. Is there any more questions?'he asked softly. She shook her head, giddy that she'd secured a job and also sick with worry about her lack of knowledge with babies. 'Good. I'll see you tomorrow then. Good day.'

She didn't know what she said to him as a farewell. All she was thinking about was calling her mother up to consult with her about the care of babies. Hopefully, she won't be yelled at again.

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