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   Chapter 26 (End) A Chance of Love

Resurrect Thy Heart By JMFelic Characters: 20996

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'Angels are spiritual beings that can, to a certain degree, take on physical form at will. But when they descend to Earth as a Fallen Angel, they morph into a solid body, immortal yet dead, waiting for their final judgement to take place. They retain their abilities and powers; to use it for good or evil is their choice, but with the promise of Hell if they do so to hurt humans. Numerous reasons are present why an angel becomes a Fallen, but all of these led straight to their rules. Once broken, a punishment is to be made. It is said that the greatest sin an angel can commit is to love something or someone more than God.'

~ JMFelic (An overview)


Heavenly Realm

Hundreds of Years Ago



"Are you happy now?" Mikha'el queried when they were left alone in the middle of a spacious hall. He was standing in Aestaroath's front, looking down at him in frustration. Around them showed nothing but white; white colossal beams, white clouds hovering mid air, and white stairs going to an elevated altar where a bright, golden throne was.

"I am..." Aestaroath answered with his head bent down. He was half-kneeling on the floor; as an act of respect and not a sign of repentance. His thick, angelic wings were spread about on each side; still a glorious white. Before he receives his punishment, this would be his last time seeing the untainted color in his back.

Again, he felt no remorse when he contemplated on it.

"Aestaroath, why must you become like Aeshma?" Mikha'el spoke, a sad lilt in his voice was noticeable. In his memory, he cultivated a not-so-long event that happened with another colleague of his; the same circumstances with this angel in his front now. For him, it was unfortunate that they both fell in love with their charges.

"I don't think falling in love with a human woman is ever a problem, " Aestaroath replied in a sure voice and smiled to himself lovingly when thoughts of Ysabelle immediately flowed in his mind; all those wonderful times that they had together.

"But you already know the rule, " pointed Mikha'el.

"I do."

"Then why did you yield? Angels don't have the capacity to love. We don't have a heart."

And then Aestaroath released an airy, tiny laugh. "That's where you are wrong Mikha'el. I and Aeshma experience the same. We loved. How will you explain that if we don't have a heart?"

Mikha'el turned pale for a moment. That is one truth he couldn't explain even for an archangel prince who was expected to be knowledgeable of all things.

"Everything...always has a reason, " he started safely, "I however...unfortunately don't know the answer to your question. Love is a complex thing—" But then he stopped. How could he talk about that certain emotion when he himself hadn't felt it towards a human?

He raised his chin and took in a deep breath. "But, with all things considered, so you are willing to join the Adversary's side just like Aeshma?" He wisely changed the subject.

Aestaroath felt he just had a small victory. He wasn't going to let Mikha'el condemn him when he doesn't even understand what he is undergoing right now. "I don't think that selling my own soul to the Other Side is right, " he answered truthfully, "Ysabelle would surely scold me if I do that. I desire her love, not her hate."

"Was it worth it then?" Mikha'el asked straightaway. "Loving her I mean... knowing that when you do, you'll be punished, forbidden to ever see her again."

The latter merely closed his eyes and smiled again. "Yes... it is worth it, " he sounded sure of himself, "It wasn't like I could keep myself from loving her. It wasn't like I could control what these heart of mine implores."

Mikha'el, although a holy angel, couldn't keep himself from scoffing. "Like I said, angels don't have a heart."

"You'll eat your words when you are in my spot, Mikha'el."

"If you are trying to tell me that being assigned to a human changes all that, then newsflash Aestaroath, that's not my job."

"Of course, you are the protector, the mighty warrior and the giver of knowledge, " Aestaroath remarked. He met the archangel prince's deep stare, "You won't be charged with any human, but still... that doesn't mean that you are immune, " and saw the sudden uncertainty in his eyes.

"I will have to deliver your punishment now, Aestaroath, " Mikha'el announced pulling himself out of the hot seat.

"I have always been ready. You know that, " was his gentle reply.

Now that the time has come, his broken heart swelled with inconsolable sadness. He closed his eyes and waited... waited for his senior to strip him out of his angelic status. Who knows what will happen after it. Mayhap the Heavens would teleport him cleanly into Earth's ground and leave him to stay there for all eternity, wallowing in his own sadness and loss.

But for him, he knew what was to come. He had readied himself for it.

"See you on Earth my friend, " Mikha'el stated lifting up his hand in order to suck out all of the angel essence, unbeknownst of the path his friend had taken.

"No, it is goodbye, " replied Aestaroath as he simply smiled and allowed himself get surrounded by his fading holy light.

If there was a thing called ultimate sacrifice, then that's what he had done... for himself... for his poor heart. Loving Ysabelle was never a mistake for him... never, but in his descent from Heaven, he had found one regret that ultimately pounded his heart for good, it was that he should have told Ysabelle that he loves her.

In the boundary between Heaven and Earth, there the Cosmos existed. Aestaroath found himself floating... weightless... surrounded by luminescent, swirling dots.

"Ah, so this is it, " he closed his eyes and commented in his thoughts, "what a chilly place."

With his crying heart, the sea of stars lamented with him. They could hear his regret as it resounded all over the universe.


Her name was the last word that left his mouth as his body slowly amalgamated with the swirling dots. He was ready now... ready to become one with the Cosmos. This was his ultimate s

second time."

"Why?" It was Ysabelle that asked that quickly. For so many centuries, she had always wondered why she was resurrected the second time after the attack of her village and her left for dead. Mikha'el never provided her an answer that time, but now, at last he was willing to divulge it.

"To give both of you a chance, " was Mikha'el's simple answer. For once, his face that was always wearing a formal mask of expression, softened. He and Marcus exchanged glances; showing a silent understanding of the words.

Ysabelle felt Marcus' hand tightened in her waist. Probably, if they weren't in a public area, he would have kissed her again, feeling blessed their chance was indeed timely.

For the benefit of Cirrus and Aurora, Mikha'el continued to explain, "Do you know that Marcus is Asteraoth? An angel who has the ability to thwart powers? He also holds the key of Solomon, a key that can cage any demon and sent it back to Hell. And do you know that he is Ysabelle's guardian angel in the past?"

Aurora smiled at Marcus' way, delighted of the news. Ever since in the orphanage house, she had always known he was meant for great things; Bishop Elliot was the same. Cirrus thought of that too. From a sacristan to an exorcist priest and now as a reborn half-human, half-angel, what better path was there for him than this?

"When Aestaroath was stripped of his angelic status, he became a Fallen Angel condemned to roam the Earth for eternity. He was supposed to be transported there, but that never happened. For some reason, the Cosmos intervened..."

He glanced at Marcus again and this time, he looked lost for a moment. He couldn't fill in this gap at all for it was beyond his knowledge. Truly, only Aestaroath knows of what happened during his time with the Cosmos. He hoped that Marcus would share it in the near future though.

"His descent to Earth produced a large impact. It became the crater what you see in Siberia, Russia this day. Many actually thought of it as an asteroid hit, but no, it was in truth a Fallen Angel in every sense. Although it was a strong collision, he wasn't supposed to...cease existing...but I is the Cosmos' natural way of dealing up things to maintain the natural order."

"What was the reason why he became a Fallen Angel, Mikha'el?" Aurora had to ask that to clear up her mind. What sin could angels possibly do for them to be thrown out from the Heavenly Realm?

Mikha'el glanced at Cirrus, who in turn glanced at Marcus.

It was he who felt the pressure to answer the question, but nevertheless answered it without reservation. Ysabelle shifted to look at him and saw the clear warmth and affection in it.

"Because I fell in love with the woman I am holding right now, " was Marcus' tender answer then.

Shrugging off the people in the room, Marcus wasn't shy in showing his feelings for Ysabelle. He pulled her close and claimed her lips again.

That was Mikha'el, Cirrus and Aurora's cue to leave and leave they did, disappearing into thin air without wasting a second.

When Marcus and Ysabelle withdrew, they were almost breathless. She kissed his forehead and embraced him tightly thereafter.

"Was that the answer to my question before you left me in the past?" she whispered, suddenly remembering the last time they saw each other. She never did know the answer as to why he kissed her that time.

Marcus smiled, thinking of how foolish of him to leave her hanging just like that. "Yes, Sweet Ysabelle, it was, " was his soft reply.

Ysabelle chuckled. "Hmm...I guess it was worth the wait huh?"

He smelt the scent of her; the divine scent that he had loved so much. He couldn't believe that the Cosmos somehow empathized with him. If it didn't, then he wouldn't be holding this beautiful woman in his arms once again.

"Yes, it is Love. It truly is, " he answered with tears in his eyes.

Somehow, Marcus saw the path to their future shining bright. It didn't have the promise of eternity really, but he greatly believed that sometimes, being together sounded positively better than an immortality without each other.




The End

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