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   Chapter 25 I'll See You Later, Little One.

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Cold as ice — that's what Ysabelle's temperature felt first when Haien touched her face. She looked like a stone, literally, with her skin the color of gray similar to that of common statues in gardens. Her eyes were closed, but a fresh tear escaped from it oddly. It didn't surprise the demon though, for he knew seconds from now she would breathe.




And breathe she did, like a human revived from drowning.

Her skin color changed to normal, her cheeks a rosy blush, and her lips returned to a shy red. The vibrancy of her hair had the same effect; silky and smooth, but the ends were a lot straighter now. She felt her head dizzy, but it was just brief for her focus was diverted into a much overwhelming feeling... the normalcy of her body.

"Wha—t?" she uttered with a measured breath, looking at her hands like it was a new grown body part. "Oh, God. I'm..."

"Mortal, " Haien supplied in a rush. Ysabelle looked up and saw him grinning.

"Ysabelle, good to have you back, " he mocked and leaned close in an attempt to kiss her.

"No!" she flailed her arms quickly, blocking his nearing face, "don't you dare come near me!"

"Get that woman away from here André!" Earl Doubrava bellowed, watching the eldest Rogratiatto son still in shock. "She is all yours, " he added with a dark voice. Of course, since her immortality was transferred to the Cross, she was of no importance to him now.

"With pleasure, " André ran towards the bed without a second wasted.

Haien, in his composed self, only gave her a wink and then climbed out of the mattress with the cross in hand. He walked where the Earl was and handed the glowing object to him just as André neared the mortal woman.

"Don't touch me!" Ysabelle ordered outright when her cousin-in-name tried to embrace her.

"No, Ysabelle, don't do this, " André stated worriedly. "You have to come with me or that man will kill you." He shifted his eyes ever so subtly towards the Earl as a small clue for her. He knew that the head of Sion wouldn't think twice of killing her if she ever causes a ruckus in his front.

"No..." Ysabelle murmured, pain clear in her eyes, "I want Marcus. I want him!"

"That priest is gone! Why do you ask for him?!" André questioned, seething with sudden jealousy.

"Because I love him... I love him!" Ysabelle darted out of the mattress so quickly that it left André clutching air. She rounded the bed and approached where Haien was, but André was quick to catch her in the waist, stopping her tracks. "Marcus! Please..." she shouted, eyes wet with tears, "if you can hear me, please come out!"

André dragged her away from them towards the main door. He had hoped she wouldn't fight, but she did, pulling herself out of his hold with force all the while shouting Marcus' name. Haien and the two older men only watched in amusement.

Right now, in the Earl's mind, nothing would keep him away from his goal anymore. He finally had Ysabelle's immortality in hand. No amount of interruption would distress him. No new trouble would bother him.

However, he hadn't counted the gatecrashers that had arrived in his mansion. He hadn't foreseen that Death was nearby. No, not at all...

Inside the room, a rapid change of atmosphere happened. The air became heavy and cold amidst the warmth provided by the fireplace. From a few feet away of the podium, there was a beginning distortion of space, then it became more visible when a ripple of black water appeared midair, followed by black boots and a pair of lovely female feet in four-inch stilettos.

What emerged from this ripple was a couple. The man was holding the woman by the waist before she released herself from his hold when they stood on ground. He was wearing a black long coat, hiding the dapper clothing he was wearing while she wore skinny jeans and a turtleneck, sleeveless blouse.

"What's all this commotion?" Cirrus asked to no one in particular but he eyed the surprised demon next to the scowling Earl and a gawking conjurer.

André, still in a stern face, looked at the uninvited man with confusion. With this, Ysabelle was able to free herself and dashed all the way back to the bedpost in staggering gait. She hated the feel of André's arms around her and to escape that was a breather.

"Oh, shit!" the conjurer exclaimed, half peeing himself. He took in a prostrated position after seeing who was standing in the middle of the room. He was of course the only man who can feel the demonic aura seeping outside of Death's human form.

"Who is that Perrin?" Earl Doubrava quickly whispered, poking the conjurer's ribs with his foot.

"That's Death himself you idiot!" Monsieur Perrin replied, painstakingly trying to keep his voice down, "Better hide now if you want the Cross of Magdalene and your old butt saved!"

Earl Doubrava assessed Cirrus more thoroughly. This time, he saw a brief golden glow from his eyes and that ultimately raised the

us' holy barrier.

"Cirrus do something!" was Aurora's panicked command by the time he teleported into their side. She looked at him and found him just standing all calm and composed as he always does. "Cirrus!"

"No, " was Death's stern reply, "This is all we can do for him, Love. Let him finish his own battle."


"Don't forget, " he glanced at her and smiled, "he is an exorcist priest. He is at par with me. And besides, he has his own power. He'll make it through."

"Power?" Aurora, confused, sought further explanation and so did Ysabelle whose ears listened expectantly.

"Yes, he has the power of an angel. An ability to thwart all powers, " said he to both women, and then returned his attention on the dueling opposing forces, eyes glowing gold.



Ysabelle heard what Death had said. She watched Marcus covered by the barrier while his opponent tried to break through it.

André looked every inch a mad man on a rampage. He even looked more dangerous with the demon inside him. The malevolence in his eyes could not be denied. It was clear to see that he sought to murder the man in his front.

She hated that she was hopeless. Yes, she wanted to help him too, but with Aurora's hold and Cirrus' words, a ray of hope bloomed inside her — that everything would turn out just fine. She continued to watch the fight, face contorted with worry, but when she saw the change of Marcus' appearance, that's the time when she was thoroughly agape.

She saw the transparent angelic wings sprout in his back, then it disappeared after a minute had passed. She also witnessed Marcus' hair growing into a shoulder length, turning into a shade of golden brown. He had his glowing amber eyes still, and with that as the last clue, her mind finally shouted one ancient name... her long-lost guardian angel's name...


Oh, God! Her heart cried out.

Fresh, new tears immediately streamed down her cheeks as memories of the past flooded inside her.

"Aestaroath, you came...back..." was her weak, quaky whisper.

Friendship and Love are two different things. Friendship was what she had back when the angel accompanied her in her loneliness. Friendship was what she had when she grew under his protection. Unconditional friendship was what she received from Aestaraoth when he was her guardian angel.

Love, however, was already there in her heart, just there... for him... in the form of a seed, wanting to be nurtured and acknowledged. Love was what she finally realized when he suddenly left, but it was already too late...

Ysabelle, reliving the past, ultimately realized one thing...

No, it is not her immortal loneliness that drove her to her last wish. No, it is not because she is afraid to face the pain of being left alone in the world again and again.

Yes, it is the pain of waiting and waiting and waiting endlessly for her angel... for Aestaroath, who so ever promised —in his parting words — to see her again.


She couldn't believe that Aestaraoth and him are one and the same. Each half of one whole that owned her heart dearly.

"Oh, God, Marcus..." Her hands trembling, she sunk on the floor, kneeling as she continued to watch their death match, hoping beyond hope that Marcus would come out at the top in the end.

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