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   Chapter 24 Revelations and Truths Part 2

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"Ahhh, so much better, " Haien aired out, opening his eyes and showing the heterochromatic orbs. He dragged as much oxygen as he could inside his lungs and lifted one leg to make a figure-four position. "Why, howdy everyone? How's it going?" he asked coolly, turning his gaze on them.

"My Prince, " Earl Doubrava did a slight bow, "At last you have come back. Please, I am not an impatient man but I believe it is only timely that you should fulfill our end of the agreement now. You know already why."

H grinned, of course he knew why. Marcus inside his dimension now was trying to summon his holy powers again. It is possible, although distant, that at any moment, by some freaking luck, he could escape again and have them battling ownership the second time.

However, as a happy-go-lucky demon that he is, he just had to stall the moment for a bit of fun.

"Now now Earl. You are so hasty. While I was in my prison you know, I couldn't help overhearing your little discussion and had found that this man here—, " H routed his cold eyes on André, "my former landlord... my— lover boy wants to talk to me."

"Ah, yes, " the Earl nodded, "you two can talk, Your Highness, but please, don't take too long. Ysabelle is ready now."

By the mention of her name, Ysabelle's heartbeat doubled. 'Yes, I am ready now, ' was what came down in her thoughts.

Marcus was still tied on the ropes, but to her shock, H easily freed himself by just snapping the ties with one tug. He straightened and skidded out of the bed. Once he stood up, he faced directly the woman trying to look unnoticeable by hiding behind the conjurer.

"Mhhmm, hello Ysabelle, " H greeted, doing a once-over on her features. He missed her so.

"Demon, " Ysabelle spat out acidly.

"I missed our little tryst yesterday. I would want to continue it later."

"Don't count on it, " she glared and crossed her arms in her chest, "Just grant my wish will you?"

"Haha! Such feisty little immortal you are."

H then jumped his attention on his previous landlord. With just a single glance and without saying a word, he walked across the room and stopped near the fireplace while André followed him instinctively. The Earl, the conjurer and Ysabelle gave them time to whatever important matter they were to discuss.

"H, " André spoke, facing the hearth. From where he stood, he could see how the demon's eyes were similar to that of the hellish flames of the fireplace.

"You have the nerve to ask for an audience with me, " H sat on an available wingback chair and rested his arms on its handles. He looked bored all of a sudden and André immediately compared this kind of situation to the many times they conversed inside the dark dimension. Of course, he cleverly left this piece of information out when the exorcist priest investigated on him. But how ironic it is to talk to the demon now with Marcus' face on full display.

"Remember our own agreement, " he said with a stern voice.

"Hmf! I would like to remind that lovesick coconut of yours André, you failed to house me inside your body."

"I did what I could!" André snarled like a rejected dog. "How do you think I was able to live for a month if I didn't?" He brushed his thick wavy hair and ran a hand through his jaw. "I struggled hard. I tried to will my own body to accept your demonic soul."

"But you still failed, " H whispered, still bored, now crossing his right leg on top the other.

"But I tried. Now, my end was met, so you should do yours. You said so yourself that you can take Ysabelle's immortality away without turning her into ashes. Do it for me. I want her."

This time, H's face lit up. Ah, there it is.

"Damn that lust of yours is so visible, André, " he mumbled, delighted with the negative aura, "I almost want to jump inside your body to make the most out of it, but unfortunately, I can't do that. If I would, the divine

me mortal, she prefers to share that life with the man she loves, not with André or anybody else.

"No, I can't live a life with him!" she voiced out.

"Ahh, don't you worry, I will not give you to André, Sweet, " H drawled, "I own you. I did say that I still want to finish what we started right? You'll be my fuck toy until you rot as a mortal."

He squeezed her bottom again, but this didn't startle Ysabelle anymore. Instead, she looked at him in the eye; sending daggers on him and replied caustically, "I would rather die than to waste my life with you! Marcus! Marcus please wake up! Please hear my voice!"

"Nope, he can't hear you Ysabelle, " he stated haughtily. "You see, the last time he escaped, it was purely out of luck. I won't let that happen anymore. He may have holy powers, but he doesn't know how to use it at all. It is as good as nothing."

"No, he will make it out. He will!"

"Shhhh..." Haien pressed a finger on her mouth, "let's get this over with shall we?"

The area around her turned all black; gone was the intricately designed ceiling, the thick curtains and the people surrounding the bed including the demon on top her.

She felt a cold hand grabbed her wrists and from it an intense pain climbed up her arm.

"Ahhh!" she shrieked, thoroughly enveloped by the painful stimuli.

Lifting her head up to look at her arms, she saw the same markings that André and Marcus had; the blue and violet flames and the black curly vines. It was alive. It crept up to her arms and face, and spread itself wildly all over her body.

And then she became nauseous. Her head spun as if she was in a roller coaster ride. Her pulse rate accelerated and so did her breathing. She felt all of those sensations she had when Marcus touched her with the tattooed arm a few days back. It was all the same; like it was the preparatory for a hemorrhage shock... for death.

"Marcus! Ahhh!" she shouted again, this time of sadness... of grief... and of desperation.

She was so ready to die... ready to leave the world, but with what Haien had told her earlier, it seems that her wish would never come true. If she were to become a mortal, oh God, she hoped that Marcus would surface back with those glowing amber eyes and transparent angel wings that she had seen him with. If that were to happen, oh God, she hoped that he would save her in time.

Her heart held hope desperately as the vines surrounded her from head to foot. Once it did, the wave of pain intensified and brought her to shrill on top of her lungs.

Then, her immortal heartbeat turned into a flat line.

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