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   Chapter 23 Revelations and Truths Part 1

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House of Doubrava




A shooting headache greeted Marcus when he awoke evening that same day. He cringed because of it and didn't stand up for awhile in order to let the ache pass. However, how was he going to stand up anyway when he found himself bound both hands on each sides of the bed frame? Marcus quickly assessed the situation and thought of one word: danger.

The unknown room that he was in had thick curtains pulled out to let the moonlight pass, but it still had an intimidating, death-threat aura for a number of reasons. One, it had a wooden podium set just a few feet away from the foot of the bed. Two, although Marcus couldn't see, he could bet for sure that there was the same tattered, old book that he saw in the Altar Room of André. Three, gone was his cassock and was replaced with his pants and a new white shirt, buttons undone to reveal his chest. Four, there was a Priory of Sion mark drawn in it. And five, in his right side, sitting in a leather wingback chair with legs crossed was the old, bald man he saw in the Rogratiatto Mansion.

"How are you my priest?" the old man said in an ominous tone after puffing out cigarette smoke from his mouth.

Marcus, furrowing his brows, asked calmly, "Who are you?" He wriggled his hands, trying to loosen the ties in his wrist, but it didn't give an inch of help.

"Well, " the Earl started with a grin, "I am just the head of the Priory of Sion. I am Earl Acklin Doubrava."

Ah, of course, the head of Sion. No wonder Master Alfon was all obedient in front of him that time. Marcus thought out.

"You were there in the Rogratiatto Mansion after I exorcised the demon out of André's body."

"Yes, I was there. I was there scolding Alfon Rogratiatto of his failure."

Putting the cigarette stick in his mouth again, he inhaled the smoke, holding it in for a few minutes then exhaled. Marcus waited for him to continue, wisely deciding to hear everything he could.

Earl Doubrava then stood up, using his cane for support. "Little did I know however that for once he actually did something right."

"Right?" Marcus questioned.

The old man paused near the edge and poked the priest with his cane on the chest where the marking was.

"Yes, by calling an exorcist priest... you, " he answered with delight, "Now, my plans are back on track because of you and the demon inside you."

"Huh, if you plan to call the demon out, you might as well give up. H cannot surface anymore. I have jailed him in his own dimension."

Earl Doubrava shrugged. "As expected of you of course. I am not surprised in that. I mean, you are a half-angel anyway and you have holy powers to bound demons like that hard-to-work-with demon prince of Hell.

"Half-angel?" Marcus, this time, thought he was hearing an absurd word.

Clearly, the Earl was insane.

"Oh! You still don't know your life story right?" Earl Doubrava snickered and ambled back to his chair. "Then give me the privilege to share it with you."

He inhaled the cigarette smoke again until what was left was the butt. He tossed it in a corner and released a brief snort before starting. Marcus, the whole time, just waited.

Bishop Elliot once said that he, who was a babe still, was just left outside the main door of the orphanage house, with a note tucked inside the basket written with his name, Marcus Thayne, and a sum of money enough to cover ten years of his life. There was apparently no trace of the family name whatsoever when Bishop Elliot researched it in the Soren City registry, so he gave up and took the boy in.

During Marcus' life in the St. Therese Orphanage House, never was there a time that he discovered his true birth history. He had lost all hope in finding it, abandoned it even, but here was a man who apparently knows about it and was very willing to divulge the truth to him.

"I ran a background check on you and I have found that you were living for most of your sixteen years in an orphanage, " Earl Doubrava started, clasping both of his hands in his abdomen. "After discovering that, all elements clicked into place, including the blood samples H had willingly gave me straight from your veins."

He then smiled evilly.

"You see here Father Marcus, your biological mother, Iridessa Thayne, is a well-bred, highborn lady. She is from a wealthy aristocratic family in Czech that is a member of the Priory of Sion. Well, you know already that this brotherhood keeps deep secrets even the Vatican doesn't know about right?"

"What is your point old man?" Marcus questioned, feeling anxious.

"My point is, the brotherhood is in possession of a stone; a diamond per se, the size of your hand."

Unconsciously, Marcus gla

r that minor detail, Ysabelle, but look where we are right now. You are within reach on your ultimate wish. I know you direly want to end this quickly."

"Ysabelle, no..." she heard Marcus say. She watched as he tortured himself with the rope, making a deep red mark on his wrists. It looked painful, but none of it will even compare to the pain they will come to face if they continue on with their relationship.

"I'm—sorry, Marcus, " she whispered, diverting her eyes away from him.

"Cooperate for her now will you?" Earl Doubrava stated, only to be met with a cold glare from Marcus.

"No, I won't!" he cried, "You said so yourself that I am a half-angel. If that is so, if I can't exorcise it for good, I will do everything in my power to jail this demon inside me."

"Marcus..." Ysabelle breathed, shaking her head in dismay.

"I will not let you die, Ysabelle, " he then said, pleading the words. "I need you. I love you!"

"Monsieur Perrin!" There was suddenly another voice of a man coming from the main door. The intruder stepped inside and revealed himself to be a very angry André with eyes ready to murder someone. "Get on with it."

"Ah, Andre! It's so nice to see you here, " Earl Doubrava remarked.

Good. Now the group is complete. He affirmed in his mind.

"Andre?!" Ysabelle gasped as she turned to look at him. They both exchanged stares; with her showing confusion as to his unexpected presence while André in his own state of jealousy upon hearing the priest's declaration of love.

He turned to look at the Earl then and approached him. "Earl, with your permission, when the demon surfaces, I would like a word with it, " he said once he was a feet away.

"Oh, you want to?" Earl Doubrava's brow rose. He hated interruptions but thought that this kind of interruption would sure be an entertaining one. "Hmmm, okay, but make it quick."

André made a small victorious smile. He turned to face Marcus with a frown, but didn't say anything at all. Marcus did the same, choosing to be silent but deep inside him, he was beginning to wonder if the man has feelings for Ysabelle too.

With a signal from the Earl's hand, the conjurer moved forward and stepped up the podium. He placed the black box on top it and then flipped a page in the old demonology book; the one that provided the spell of summoning the demon in the Human Realm.

Everyone watched as the events unfolded, including Marcus who was trying to summon his own half-angelic powers. To keep the demon chained in its own dimension was his best bet in winning against their plan. He wasn't going to let the demon suck out Ysabelle's immortality knowing she'd die after it. He was willing to give all that he had in order to ensure their failure, however he didn't expect that he would lose the battle so soon.

With the combination of the conjurer's summoning words directed on the Sion mark on his chest and H trying to pull Marcus back to its black dimension using the tattoo in his arm, he was easily overtaken. He fell unconscious and moments later, H surfaced with a wide smile on his face and his skin releasing a violet haze.

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