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   Chapter 20 From Dreams to Reality

Resurrect Thy Heart By JMFelic Characters: 17207

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(Five minutes earlier...)

H was enjoying himself blocking the exorcist priest's yelling whilst taking in all of the woman's being; her flushed cheeks, the glistening breasts, the lovely exposure of her belly, and her inability to fight back. He loved it when a female is powerless under him. He loved it when he gets to toy with them before fucking them senseless and devouring their souls.

Though immortal, Ysabelle wasn't different. She was even special in his eyes, knowing sooner or later she'd die in his hands if he takes her immortality away. He planned to make the most of her before that happens, but he didn't expect that his plans would soon go awry, and by soon it meant at present, where he was in the middle of creating an unwelcomed orgasmic sensation for the woman.

'Fuck. What's this? What is this holy feeling?' His mind blurted out when he froze.

He felt his blood — or rather Marcus' blood — burn every part of his body. He felt his insides clench and twisted in tight knots. Realizing that something was wrong, he left the planes of reality and transported himself in his dark dimension. Using his mind, he scanned the black desert that Marcus was in and found him absent. He searched the whole area, tightening his jaw the whole time, and saw no sign of him.

"Tsk, where is that priest!" he yelled to himself and stood up in a boulder — the one that Marcus was sitting earlier. He folded his arms and smelt the stale air, trying to find any trace of his captive. He was able to get it, but odd... the trace was actually ending towards him.

And then, it happened.

In a quick flash of light, Marcus stood in the sand next to the boulder, below H's line of sight.

The demon prince whirled around, startled for a moment but regained composure quickly. "Ahh, there you are, " he called out, smirking, but it didn't have the intimidating effect it gave off days ago.

Marcus let out a brief sigh through his mouth. "H, I was waiting for you. What took you so long?" he asked, eyes glowing amber.

H noticed it and unconsciously stepped back. "You have changed, " he remarked, observing the latter from head to foot. He didn't miss noticing an intense aura expelling out of Marcus' body. "I know there was something different about you. You have powerful blood, why else were you able to house me if you are just a normal human? But I didn't exactly expect it to be holy though. What the fuck are you?"

He pointed to Marcus' entire person and raised a brow, but one that was tensed.

Marcus grinned with confidence although he doesn't entirely know the answer to that too. What he was only aware about was that he had more than enough power to escape from this hell of a prison.

"Oh, I was hoping you know, H, " he said whilst shaking his head, "I would have wanted for you to explain this miracle to me."

"Huh, miracle? Call it luck maybe? You are just a measly human who happens to have unique blood running in your veins. Unfortunately though, it will be of no use because I will make sure you rot inside this dimension."

The demon's dark aura seeped out of its body, ready to cause havoc. Its red eyes bore a murderous stare. Its long silky hair floated in slow waves. H stepped forward and summoned the connecting mark in Marcus' hand, planning to subdue him with intense pain, but Marcus simply shrugged it off.

"I believe I will have to decline the invitation, demon." The surface of Marcus' skin crystallized, thwarting the painful effect the demon's power was aiming. When H saw it, his brows flinched in displeasure.

"A special someone is waiting for me in the real world, H. I wouldn't want for her to wait. I think it is time to take back what's mine." Marcus approached the boulder and touched it; the contact immediately cracked the stone into pieces. His opponent, having the foresight of what he was about to do, jumped a stretch away from his back.

"Huh! Try me, priest! Just so you know, you can't harm me when I am in my own dimension. Your exorcism words are nothing for me, " H said, snickering when his foot hit the sand. He was instantly agape however when Marcus disappeared in his front. In intuition, he turned from side to side, but found no priest lurking around. Then, he felt for any clue of his life energy all over the dimension but it too vanished.

'Fuck, ' he cursed and watched as a fissure of light in the sky healed itself, 'Clever priest.'




In the bed, with one elbow supporting Ysabelle's weight up and her hand clutching on the bed sheet wasn't what Marcus wanted to be welcomed with when he surfaces back to reality. But, at least she wasn't naked all in all.

He found himself half exposed too; the black cassock opened halfway revealing his chest and hard abdomen. In normal days, Marcus would have worn a white shirt under it, but the demon seems to dislike the excess clothing while it was under control.

Figures. It seems that he came back at the right time huh?

Luckily, he was able to stop the demon from ravishing Ysabelle. Luckily, he was just on time realizing finally that he had the power inside himself to break out of the demon's control.

"Marcus..." he heard her sweet voice say. Ah, that voice. He direly missed it so much. "You're back."

"Ysabelle..." Marcus countered, wearing a serene smile, looking back at her. The amber glow of his eyes disappeared, but not the surge of power inside him. He can still feel it staying idle on edge, awaiting for his command.

Suddenly aware of their position, Ysabelle hastily dragged herself a ruler away, up to the headboard and straightened to sit. Her both hands now kept the bed sheet securely in place, covering her bosom.

Marcus expected she'd have an initial reaction like this. He can't find fault in it for they weren't exactly in normal circumstances, and by normal, he meant meeting her mostly in the hallways or any other decent rooms, not in a bedroom.

He released a sigh, sat up at the edge of the bed, but still facing her.

Silence stretched while they studied each other; each on their own entranced inspection.

To Ysabelle, here in her front is the man her heart cried out. Who has the warmth she has been craving for.

To Marcus, here in his front, is the woman he had longed so much. Every waking moment while he was in the demon's prison. Every minute of every day.

His heart clenched when he thought he wouldn't be able to see her again.

Ysabelle slightly shifted when Marcus raised his hand out to touch her cheeks. Their heartbeats turned erratic in unison.

"Ysabelle, " he gently pressed his thumb on the corner of her trembling lips, the movement of which sent tingling sensations on her chest. It was delightful and she wanted it to go further, but suddenly, it stopped when he continued, "I'm sorry."

Marcus then stood up and turned towards the main door, planning to leave the room with a heavy heart.

"Wha—" Ysabelle blinked in confusion, "Wait... what?!" In haste, she bolted out of the bed and stood, still holding the bed sheet on her chest. "Marcus! Stop!"

Her commanding tone successfully halted him midway. He didn't face her back, but his head turned to the side, showing a pained expression. "I'm sorry for everything, " he said again in a low voice.

"No, talk to me properly. Don't show me your back! Why are you apologizing?!" Ysabelle felt a lump forming in her throat. He isn't leaving her like this is he?

Marcus, although hesitant, twisted to face her finally, but didn't meet her puzzled gaze. He watched the rumpled bed; his expression conveyed that of a man disgusted with himself.

"I know I have done a lot of appalling things Ysabelle, " he stated, not only meaning about the human souls the demon ingested, but to her... to her most especially and how H almost raped her.

"But it wasn't you!" Ysabelle cried out in an instant, her fists tightening.

"Still... I wasn't able to protect you."

"But Marcus... you did, " she shook her head vehemently and stepped a few feet closer to him, "You did! You're here now! You have protected me."

Marcus' heaved a ragged breath. "Ysabelle... I can't protect you with myself, " he released, "I can't assure your safety."

"Because you have the demon inside you?"

"No, " he closed his eyes, "What I mean"

"What—what are you meaning to say?"

When Marcus looked at her once again, it was different. It was intense. Gone were the guilt and sadness in it. It was replaced with something n

ew. Yes, new, but already engraved in his heart for so long: love.

"I know that this is not a dream and I know that I can't cheat anymore, " he started whilst stepping closer to her, "but you know what is crazy?"

"What...?" Ysabelle held her breath.

"I still desire to hold you."

Marcus wanted to reach out to her and touch her waist, but refrained.

"Last night when I said, I love you, I mean it. No amount of dream can erase those words as evidence of what I feel in my heart...for you. That's are not safe with me. I want you in my arms, Ysabelle. Exorcist priest or not. I want you. But it is best that we should steer clear of each other. Until I find a way to exorcise this infestation inside me for good, I am dangerous next to you."

Like what H said, Ysabelle's immortality was a prime target for him. That reason alone was already dangerous knowing that she'll die if it is taken away, but somehow, for now, Marcus was more concerned with his feelings for her than anything else.

He turned towards the door again and continued his pending leave, but Ysabelle, even more flustered, shouted once again, "Stop!"

And surprisingly, Marcus did.

"Be-before you leave... I want you to answer my questions first, " Ysabelle stated, hoping that it would make him face her again.

Marcus didn't though but he nodded slightly, allowing her to continue.

Seeing this, it made Ysabelle at least a bit relieved. She'd have to try her best for this last chance.

"Do you think that you wanting me is because of the demon's presence inside you?" she questioned.

"No, " was Marcus immediate reply. "No, Ysabelle. This feeling is my own and mine alone."

Somehow that lightened the load in her heart. She inched closer, still covering her chest, and watched his back like it was her hope of reaching out to him.

"Do you think that if you touch me, I would feel appalled by it because of what the demon has done to me?"

"Yes..." he answered painfully, nailing his eyes on the ground.

Ysabelle was disheartened by his answer. She felt her knees give way for a moment, but she was able to compose herself up to throw him one more question.

"Do—do you think that us last night, in that tent, was a mistake?"

"No, " was Marcus' hoarse reply. He shook his head and shut his eyes, remembering all those wonderful moments together with her. "God, no Ysabelle. I don't see it as that. Never. Last night with you... it was better than heaven. I could never forget it."

Ysabelle's heart swelled.

"Then Marcus... look at me."

He felt her hand touch his back lightly. This, along with her words, sent a cold shiver of delight inside him. God, she doesn't even know how much he wanted to stare at her the whole day. But he didn't face her in the end, and continued to stand in place.

Ysabelle, seeing how stubborn he was, decided to walk in his front. She touched his tensed jaw with one hand, while the other released the bed sheet.

Marcus' eyes studied her sincere face and then scanned down to feast on her perky breasts. Her long stray locks may have hidden some ample curves, but it was enough to give a sexy display.

"You said so yourself that you want to see all of me when you make love to me, " Ysabelle stated all the while running her hands down to his bare chest. "Marcus, touch me, " she stated softly, unabashed by her own demand.

"Ysabelle..." Marcus tried to stop her hands from slipping inside the cassock, but damn... it was hard. So hard. It made his mind delirious of fighting a battle he wanted to surrender willingly.

"Touch me... please. I want your warmth. You know I want you too."

Yes, he do.

And knowing that snapped his resolve ultimately.



Marcus dove down and kissed her first. Ysabelle let herself melt away. Their lips molded as one, tasting and relishing the feel of each other. Marcus pressed his face more on hers and found that it was a delightful pressure.

Aye it was, including her breasts pressing against his bare chest too.

Ysabelle released a gasp when Marcus' hand roamed on her back and into her breasts. She could feel his palms hot, craving to touch it. She in return swept the cassock off of him and it fell to the floor with not a sound. She saw the markings, but it only enveloped the right arm as it originally did. Gone was the left arm tattoo.

With his pants and her jeans the only garments in the way, Marcus lifted her up in one scoop and arranged her in bed like the special woman that she was.

Marcus skated his tongue on her belly. Ysabelle's hand urged him to go up to her breasts.

He did so willingly, tonguing the pink nubs and settled there for minutes whilst pulling their garments out.

"You're beautiful, Ysabelle, " he announced when he momentarily pulled away. The sight of her lying under him with nothing on made his blood boil. This was exactly how it looked like last night, and this is how he wanted it to be forever. "You're mine alone, " he stated, promising himself at the back of his mind that he would protect her life even if she was an immortal.

"I'm yours alone, " she chanted back when he licked and sucked the skin of her neck. She felt the hardness of his throbbing member nudging at her belly and realized that he was as aroused as she was. Boldly, she engulfed her fingers around it. The contact made Marcus groan.

"Arghh, Ysabelle, you drive me to my limit!" he complained in her ear.

Ysabelle bit her bottom lip and showed a repentant face. "I'm sorry—, " she said but it was already too late, "Ahh! Marcus!" because he had his fingers going down the sensitive nub of her womanhood.

The sensations were entirely the same last night and it made Ysabelle writhe in passion again. Marcus, being close to breaking his control, positioned himself in between her legs and kissed her again. Tongue to tongue; the motions were languid and heady.

Ysabelle wouldn't want to end it, until she gasped in surprise as Marcus slowly slid his erection inside her wet cave.

"Marcus— ahh!"

The penetration didn't include pain anymore. In fact, pain had been forgotten when he had already claimed her last night.

The movement was already enough to keep their minds spinning. Thrust after thrust. In and out. Marcus groaned and Ysabelle moaned and they both panted when a short moment later, their climax released like a powerful explosion. This was lovemaking in its essence. No lust, no guilt, no trickery. Just plain love in a man and a woman who desired each other.

Ysabelle's eyes tightly shut, feeling the wave of orgasm inside her, and opened to look at the ceiling when it gradually dissipated. However, out of the blue, her eyes caught sight of a pair of transparent white wings in Marcus' back. It surprised her.


"Yes?" he answered breathlessly. "What is it my love?" He hovered above her and stared into her eyes lovingly.

"You have wings!" she shouted in disbelief. She stared into his now-amber eyes, then to the gradually disappearing transparent wings, then back to his eyes. "You—you had wings..."

"Really now..." was his only reply, not at all concerned when he positioned himself on her side. "That's a good clue."

"Clue about what?" Ysabelle looked up at him in confusion. She didn't even feel ashamed that they were still both sweaty and skin exposed in the aftermath of their lovemaking. But, anyway, so was Marcus.

"Ysabelle, as soon as I saw an opportunity, I escaped the demon's prison, but I could never have done it without this...this unexpected power inside me. I might be able to use this in order to exorcise the demon for good, but I am yet to learn more and understand it, so I need to call someone who has great knowledge with supernaturals, and is a supernatural himself."

"So you consider the wings on your back a clue?" she asked, and Marcus nodded silently. "You...want the demon exorcised for good?" Marcus nodded again. Ysabelle blinked twice and diverted her eyes away from him. "Wow... that's...a lot to take in."

Somehow, her eyes dulled upon realizing something of value to her existence: her last wish.

Of course, her last wish.

The only problem to fulfilling it now is Marcus.

God, what a twistedly complicated web of events.

"This someone, who is he Marcus?" Ysabelle asked, after shoving the worries at the back of her mind.

Marcus grinned some more, oblivious of her predicament. "He used to be my mentor, love. We call him, Father Azrael."

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