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   Chapter 19 The Birth and The Return

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When their bodies touched the mattress, Ysabelle felt the alarm going to her head. By no means was she going to yield to this man who acted exactly unlike a human, let alone the Marcus that she knew. How else would they be gently floating down if this person above her wasn't a supernatural?

In her endless lifetime, she had seen countless of things under the guardianship of the brotherhood. Things that no mere human knows, not even the Vatican court of overseers, not even the Holy See, not even the presidents of the divided countries. She knew that other than humans, there were a number of entities playing on the background. Ghosts, angels, demons, spirits of the unknown, even what humans call now as unidentified flying objects. All of them are real and the Priory of Sion, though religious in nature, kept different kinds of relics and artifacts from these heavenly and not-so heavenly beings in the wake of their visits. They keep it safe and vowed secrecy of it, and sometimes Ysabelle thought of herself as one of those relics, the only difference is that she is alive and moving.

When she caught a glance at the tattoo in his right and left hands, that's when she realized that what's inside Marcus was the demon her cousin, André, had days ago. So, it wasn't exorcised for good it seems and that Marcus was possessed by it now.

H arranged her so that her body would cover the length of the bed and so that he could straddle on top her. He placed both his hands on each side effectively jailing her on the spot.

Ysabelle broke their kiss successfully and fought to stand, pushing his chest with great force, her left hand still holding the picture frame. She dared not whack him in the head anymore, considering it was still Marcus' body and she was worried of hurting it.

She had no other choices left though but to thrash her hands and legs and hope that she'd be able to slip from his grasp and escape out of the room.

But H was relentless. He grabbed her wrists, pinning it on top her head and moved to clamp his legs with hers to keep her at bay.

"This is easy. I don't even need to use all my powers to ra*pe you. I am going to enjoy this."

With his intentions known, Ysabelle's scowl dissolved and replaced with widened fearful eyes. "No!" she cried, trying to throw her hand that held the frame towards Marcus' face. Bashing his head was the only thing left that she could do in order to protect herself and she knew that the real Marcus would understand it.

H, however, was able to subdue it again, and without warning, crashed down his lips into hers. He used his ability to still the woman in place and once that was done, he pulled the pectoral cross and tossed it on the floor, glancing at the necklace with sickening depth and then continued his attention on the frightened woman. His hands roamed down her neck and chest sensually, hooking a finger to pull the neckline down to show the valley of her breasts.

Ysabelle moaned in protest. Though here in her front was all of him, she couldn't feel anything close to the real Marcus at all. The way he looked at her with unbridled lust, the way his hands further glided under her black tee, the way his fingers pressed her ribs, the way his weight pushed her down, and the way his lips sucked her tongue, they were all alien to her and that made her tears spill out in agony. All of these were unlike anything she felt last night.

She wanted the real Marcus.

God, she wanted him.




H proceeded to ravish Ysabelle. He continued tearing her tee and brassiere off, setting the creamy breasts free. He stopped their kiss and sought to lap one pink bud, making it erect by nibbling it wi

ke he had just been reborn.

Not paralyzed anymore, he stood up and looked skyward. The sea of blue and violet stars began to change. It flashed white. The atmosphere of the black desert too lightened. Marcus raised one shimmering arm up and in one unexplained instant, the black space cracked revealing a white slit of light from the sky to the black sea. This produced violent waves and a loud rumble on the ground.

Marcus couldn't explain it, but a surge of power flowed in his veins, ready to be released. He had not felt this way before, but he was sure the power was connected to him even before he realized he had it. The feeling was the same as that of an antique vase to its history, or a fetus to its umbilical cord, or a river to its waterfall, or him to his woman, Ysabelle.

"Wait for me, love. I'll be there, " he whispered with determination, eyes glowing gold even more.




Back in reality, the poor woman kept herself within the confines of her control. H managed to get another gasp from Ysabelle when he unzipped her jeans, inserted a finger into her undergarment and into her soft folds, but that was it and nothing more. She remained distant, keeping herself numb with the sensation. If she could have fought him away, she would have, but the impostor made it sure that its power would immobilize her.

H aimed to give her as much of the two sensations he wanted her to feel: pleasure and torment. The feeling of authority within his hands made him wickedly smile. This was his favorite game indeed, making women unable to do anything.

He bit a supple skin near her belly and rubbed on her sensitive folds more, this made Ysabelle shout out asking him to stop.

And he did, to her surprise.

To her jaw-dropping surprise.

With half-lidded eyes Ysabelle looked down on him, panting, and saw that he was stoned on the spot.

"What...just happened?" she uttered in confusion and relief.

H's eyes turned from glowing red to heterechromatic to smoky brown and his long hair shortened drastically to the original Marcus style. His devilish smirk cleared and was replaced by a thinly pressed lip, then a soft smile.

Ysabelle, realizing that her breasts were still exposed, covered it with the bed sheet. She stared at the change for a long minute and held her breath when she realized one thing...

"Marcus..." she whispered gently, lips trembling with disbelief.

The real Marcus had finally surfaced back.

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