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   Chapter 17 The Tent of Love

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Was it two days or more?

Marcus wasn't sure anymore how much time had passed since he was locked inside the barren place. If anything, he thought the demon, H, had transported him into another dimension or maybe in the entity's own state of prison. H was a transporter demon anyway; it can always do that using its powers. They were both connected with each other still though since it was Marcus' body that H was using. He could feel the demon's blackened emotions, but couldn't see through its mind. It was the same with H too towards him.

Marcus had tried and tried to call for H, trying his best to catch its attention so that he'd be able to take back his body. However, the demon had been giving him a silent treatment, or was playing the Invisible God mode. Thoughts of how the dark entity was faring in the real world made him shiver, especially when the possibilities cross with Ysabelle and what the demon might do to her. It alarmed him, but so far, the demon had not laid a hand on her. He could feel that she was safe... or at least for now.

Being trapped in this kind of dimension had him debating day and night — or maybe just night since the sky was always dark — if this was real or not. He could feel everything though, from the sand in his feet to the breeze of the air. It was the same as that in the real world, so he had concluded that this dimension was a real one.

But sometimes, he thought of the place too as just a dream. Just like those times he had been in this place when H hadn't taken over his body yet, where he would just find himself waking up in his bed, sweating.

A dream. Yes. A dream...

That's what he thought about the place most of the time, and that was what he thought about it now... especially on this very moment that another illusion of Ysabelle had come into his makeshift tent.

Damn the demon for it. Marcus knew that H was toying with him... toying with his emotions and his feelings towards the woman.

But it wasn't that hard to give in actually when he was in this kind of place. Just like the time when Ysabelle's illusion first appeared in a cave where he was washing himself from the black sand that had covered his body. He gave in to the demon's game of luring them into a passionate embrace. He gave in and ravished Ysabelle like how he desired to.

He wasn't stepping on his priestly vows actually, knowing that it was just a trick inside a dream world.

Now, watching the woman standing in front of the large candle lamp to warm herself, Marcus' loins grew hot.

Small candle lamps that had a gentle light, a line of soft pillows, yellow transparent drapes, a medium palm tree in the side, red carpets covered with white petal roses, a low-lying table with teacups filled with freshly-brewed tea, and a center mattress completed the definition that was the word romantic.

The interior was entirely the opposite of what it originally was before this image of Ysabelle came. It was gloomy and dark. No lamps to warm him in his do-it-yourself resourceful tent. No pillows or a mattress to provide him a good rest.

Damn this demon again. It seems it was really trying to get into his nerves. Whatever twisted game it was playing on him, it was trying its best to make the scene as realistic as possible.

"I had just come from the outside finishing the set-up of my tent, and now I found this, a stray siren, warming herself on my lamp, " Marcus announced unheralded, standing a few feet away from his dust-covered visitor. He was able to divert his focus away from his growing desire... or at least for now.

Ysabelle jerked and turned to face him. "Marcus!" she exclaimed, blinking rapidly. What a surprise. She had never foreseen this at all. "You're here? Is—is this your tent?"

Marcus saw how her eyes roamed on his features and then, it showed a look of relief. He was still wearing the same colored trouser, but at least now, he was clothed above, not anymore half naked like how she found him inside the cave.

"It is mine, for now, " Marcus replied.

"Ah, uhm... it is lovely, " she commented, examining the interior and smiled, "exactly what a dream is supposed to be like."

Marcus curved a small smile, taken aback. "Yeah, exactly just like a dream, " he managed to say whilst thinking how this illusion was as clever as the original Ysabelle. "Have you, by chance, just came in from the outside?"

He saw her flex her brows. "Ye—yes, why do you ask?"

"Because your, " he stopped, scrutinizing her insufficient clothing without malice and continued, "dress is covered in dust and your hair is all messed up."

Ysabelle blushed. "Yeah, it is obvious, " she bit her lower lip and stared at a pail of water behind him.

How convenient.

Marcus need not be informed that she wanted to wash herself. It was clear already through her expectant face. He released a long sigh and surrendered to the situation. "You need to clean yourself, " he stated, cleared his throat, and turned to reach a sliding curtain to divide his improvised washroom from the whole of the tent, "Here, I'm giving you privacy. Go and wash yourself."




Ysabelle felt her skin rough and her face prickly. She does want to clean herself and take the dusty nightdress out of her. Since Marcus' offer was reasonable enough, she nodded without hesitation, stalking away from the warm comfort of the candle lamp and into the cold division.

It was dark in that part of the tent, so she need not worry of her shadow making a sexy display while her host was on the other side of the curtain. Unintentionally, her mind drifted to the way Marcus looked at her before she entered the washroom, it made her remember the passion they shared inside the cave and that ultimately, spiked up her heartbeat.

God, if only this dream would end right now, she would feel relieved. At least in that way she could still guard her heart from an even greater suffering. Being with Marcus, even in a fantasy world, intensified her feelings for him, and she most definitely didn't want that. She was not willing to magnify her emotions even more.

But the dream seemed to have a life of its own, and it was not permitting her to wake up.

Squatting, she washed herself silently, keeping the dusty nightdress damp until there came a time when she needed to take it off. Eyeing the shadow of Marcus some distance away from the curtain, she decided it was safe to do so. She turned her back against the curtain, brushed all of her hair to her front, and with a bit of effort, she unzipped the dress off slowly from behind.

She gasped then when she felt a slight tug of her zipper and a cool hand ran through

art leap out of her chest. Goodness, the sensation was indescribable!

Marcus paused and looked at Ysabelle. She in the other hand still watched his pulsating shaft engulfed by his hand. Her eyes were utterly expectant.


She looked up.

Marcus' eyes were dark and stormy with passion. He leaned near her, chest to chest and face to face, just millimeters apart.

"I love you, " he whispered and then thrust sharply inside her.

Ysabelle gasped, both taken aback by his sudden confession and the aching feeling inside her. The tearing pain was as close to reality as possible. This moment was supposed to be a dream right? Pain wasn't supposed to be included but why does she feel it right now?

"Mar—cus!" she caught her breath.

Marcus chose to still his hips for a moment, adjusting to the feel of her cavern. Ysabelle was the same. Heavens, the raw sensation was sheer bliss. It was divine!

Their breaths mixed while looking at each other. Their head throbbing with heightened fever. "Ysabelle, I do. I have fallen for you, " Marcus uttered again. Though he did not expect for a mere illusion to respond to him, he ought to say it anyway. This was the right time to confess it, the only time at least for he knew that when reality comes, his mouth will be restrained with his vows of priesthood.

Ysabelle's eyes welled up with tears, but she fought it not to spill. For the first time... God, for the first time in her life, someone had told her that, sincerely... honestly... This was the exact warmth she was looking for, and Marcus would be the exact man she wanted it to hear from, even though it was just a dream.

"Come fill me up with your love, Marcus, " she stated, shifting her hips slightly urging him to move.

The soreness was still there, but it was gradually forgotten when Marcus moved, plunging and unsheathing his shaft inside her as carefully as he could.

It was an insatiable foreign feeling for both of them, yet they willingly embraced it.

She curved her back when Marcus recaptured her breasts all the while pushing his large erection with maddening slowness.

"Marcus, more..." Ysabelle whimpered whilst closing her eyes and grabbing a thick mass of his hair.

And just as she ordered, the ensuing thrust accelerated a notch. Once, twice, thrice...

"Ahhh!" Crying, she raised her hips to meet his momentum.

Marcus groaned audibly, shooting his head up and looking at her with renewed surprise.

"Please... more, " she requested, already immersed by the blaze of ecstasy he had lit inside her.

Marcus, amused and in the verge of his own climax, obliged, penetrated her fiercer, harder and that elicited a groan of approval from Ysabelle.

Her hands wandered all over his tensed sinuous muscles; along his arms, back and abdomen; until it ended up palming his jaw.

"Ysabelle..." Marcus voiced out hoarsely, capturing her thumb and nipping on it. He was nearly there and so was she.

Marcus pulled her up to sit on his lap, producing a surprised gasp from Ysabelle. This position made for a better plunge inside her wet, super-charged cavern, and even though they were inexperienced in the subject of lovemaking, they both knew it so in intuition.

Ysabelle loved how Marcus guided her to pump up and down. Marcus, to add an even greater impact, pushed his waist up to meet her halfway. It was a brilliant united effort between the two and it was rewarded within euphoric minutes with a violent rapture of their bodies.

Cradling Ysabelle's head and back with Marcus' strong arms, they both panted, riding the wave of orgasm together.

"Marcus..., " Ysabelle whispered after a while, lacking volume. Marcus traced gentle kisses on her neck and jaw. "Yes, love?" he replied.

Her chin was still resting on his shoulder when she answered, "This—this is just a dream right?"

Marcus closed his eyes and contemplated for a moment. He arranged her in bed thereafter, joining her by positioning himself on her side. Caressing her lower lip with his thumb, he watched as it trembled.

"Yes, this is just a dream, " was his short reply then. "Sleep now, Ysabelle, save your energy." He cuddled her in one arm, putting her head near his chest.

She smiled slightly and nodded, closing her eyes.

Yes, that was Marcus' chosen answer for her, but deep inside, in the back of his head, he had the beginnings of a doubt.

'For a dream, hell, this sure feels so real.'

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