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   Chapter 14 A Prince of Hell

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What looked like mere seconds of stay inside the caretaker's bedroom was actually an unbearable hour of struggle for Marcus; a struggle for supremacy and the battleground was his body.

He found himself in the same black environment, standing in front of a massive boulder where on top it was the demon leech itself, in a confident crouch and grinning at him from ear to ear. It wore a trench coat, in the same color of death. The collar of it was fixed upright making the cotton and its silky black locks seemingly merging into one.

"H, " Marcus bit out, spinning a few dozens ways on how to tackle the parasite out of the imposing black boulder just so he could wipe the clever grin off its face.

"Ahh, you act as if we are acquainted already when in fact this is our first time meeting, " H grounded, looking amused at Marcus — his apparent landlord.

"I know you enough you damn demon, " Marcus spit out acidly. He clenched his fist and stepped a little closer towards the boulder, his booted feet making a depression on the black sand.

The Encyclopedia of Demons or popularly known as the Dictionnaire Infernal is the book Marcus had found in the Vatican Archives that talked about the demon with blue and violet flames. It may not have given a fitting picture of what the hellish entity looked like, but it was able to provide enough information for him to use.

Firstly, the demon is a prince of Hell commonly named as Gaap. Second, as Marcus had experienced first hand, the lecher has the power to intensify love and hatred. And third, it was a transporter demon. The book wasn't able to expound what these meant though, but the data indicated somewhere between the lines of royalty and high-class. Something that Marcus would have a challenge indeed. No wonder it wasn't affected by the holy verses he used to exorcise it.

H lifted a brow. "Hmmm... for an exorcist priest, you do know how to cuss."

"Get out of me!" Marcus immediately demanded, sounding pissed.

"Haha! Oh, I will... I will, " H replied, voice laced with malice. It stood up and jumped on the sand, near enough to closely look at the face of its landlord and far enough that Marcus couldn't wring its neck. "It is time after all. I would want to tour around the Human Realm this evening. I haven't been in that place because of the damned divine electricity. Think about the many souls I get to devour using your body!"

Its duplex-colored eyes sparkled with delight.

"Tsk, " Marcus felt alarmed. "Do that and I will ensure your eternal demise, " he threatened, sounding sure. He did have beef on his words and though the demon doesn't know how Marcus was to go about that, it believed him.

"Oh, I know you will, " it stated and rolled its eyes skyward. "You are a priest after all."

When it stepped closer, Marcus felt something different immediately. The same spasmic feeling he had in the real world in his right arm returned as little pricks of needles starting in his fingers.

"How about a suggestion eh?" H opened smiling like the Joker, "you do your job and I do mine."

"Go to Hell, " said Marcus and that made the demon frown. The spasm continued in his arm but it increased tenfold.

Grunting and dropping quickly to the sand, Marcus was able to position himself enough that wouldn't look pathetic: half kneeling and half nursing his God-damned rebellious arm. He was in pain alright. A pain that was disabling him on going after the neck of the still-grinningbastard.

Amused, H observed Marcus as he battled his way out of the agony. The demon could generate this kind of pain in the priest anytime anywhere with just the flick of its finger, but most of the pain Marcus was feeling now was generally because of his human body refusing to succumb and the demonic energy trying to infuse inside him.

Marcus, in the other hand, fought his way not to show anymore weakness in front of the dark entity. It was a crucial lesson he learned the hard way back in his younger years training with his mentor. Though he would have shot the demon with dagger glares, he chose to curtain himself, pinning his eyes on the ground as the surge of painful spasms drowned him.

"You want answers right?" H suddenly asked after a few minutes of observing. Being inside Marcus' body and knowing all his thoughts, it was aware how desperate the priest was of having answers. It did have what Marcus wanted —a lot —and H was willing to give him a few, just for the sake of seeing his reaction.

"Sure you do!" was the demon's quick reply when Marcus lifted his face. "Then, si

our their victim's soul.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, " H disapproved at the sight before him, "you know what Galera, you just made me hungry."

The demon tilted its head like a puzzled puppy, eyes rounded and sharp teeth bared halfway. "My prince..." it rasped, surprised to find the development. Though what it saw was a different face, it knew exactly who the royal entity was based on the scent it whiffed inside the room.

"I am just born out of this body, you know, and I need nou-rish-ment, " H drawled, whipping his fingers in liquid motions.

"Of—of course, Prince Haien, " the demon gulped hard before falling cleanly on the floor with its mutated scaly feet. Damn, no wonder the room smelled of ammonia. The low-class demon actually resides in a sewer-like river of Hell. "I can always give you the soul of this man."

H lazily closed his eyes and basked on the aroma of the fresh blood around him. "How about both? That would be better."

While lifting his hand higher, he opened his eyes and a rush of color changed the heterochromatic ones to solid, glowing red.

Galera shrieked like a trapped money when it felt an invisible chain tightening its still-human neck. "Pr---nce! Ack!" it rasped again, but it didn't take long at all when its life force along with the caretaker's soul lifted in mid air like balls of light: one colored greenish-red and the other yellow.

Just as the lifeless body dropped on the floor, so did the balls disappeared in front of H when he ingested it.

"Hmmm... fuck, so good, but not enough, " was his only remark.

He turned towards the door and knocked on it thrice, intending to act just like a priest who had supposedly finished his exorcism rite.

"Father Marcus!" shouted the man who was still holding the gun.

"Take Mr. MacMillan to the hospital now!" H shouted with vigor, sounding exactly just like a worried priest would. "Though the demon is exorcised, your employer is far from safe! He had lost a lot of blood!"

Mr. Grann, having pieced together what he meant, raced inside the bedroom together with his two employees. Not aware that Mr. MacMillan was already dead, they lifted him up and took him quickly to the basement parking lot where an emergency van was parked.

The man who was holding the crucifix earlier was left alone with the impersonating priest. H saw him holding his stomach, face contorted in pain and disgust.

"I—I think I should go home, Father. I can't stand staying in the castle anymore."

H felt a shiver of fear run down the man's spine. "Are you saying you are resigning in your job here?" He made it sound as if he was sorry.

"I think, I—think I will, " answered the man, not at all hesitant.

H hid a grin. "I believe you should."

'Opportunity. Lovely, tasty opportunity, ' he commented in his mind whilst looking at the man's robust life force.

The man nodded and as he made his way out of the receiving room in slow strides, the demon's smile broke out widely.

"Now, for the main dessert, " he said, thinking of the one woman in Marcus' thoughts.

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