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   Chapter 13 Harmless Flirtations

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Marcus saw the look of alarm in Ysabelle's face. He had been grilling her with questions last night and he knew that she wouldn't want to be in that same position again. The last thing he would want to do to her was to ask about her family tree history, but her slip-of-the-tongue really did increase his curiosity. If indeed she was not Mehak's aunt, then how was she related to the Rogratiatto Family?

"Uhmm, you didn't take your photo Father. Aunt Regina handed it back to me in my room this morning, " Ysabelle stated, seemingly trying to drop the subject and divert his focus.

And it did, successfully.

'Goodness! Of all the memories she could revive, she had to pick that one?!' his mind shouted.

Marcus gently nodded and crossed his arms on his chest. "Yes, I can always get it when I come back in the mansion. During that time, I want for you to give it to me, not anyone else."

She cleared her throat and intentionally disregarded the cryptic message Marcus was sending her.

"I don't think you'll be able to set foot on Uncle's house again Father, " said she, voicing what was already an obvious possibility. She turned to the side and mimicked the position he was in, facing the spacious foyer instead of looking at each other.

Marcus had to snicker a little.

"Because he is of different beliefs? I do know he doesn't like priests very much, " he pointed out.

Ysabelle had to debate on that in her mind. 'No. Because he doesn't want you to know of my nature as an immortal and how the brotherhood keeps that secret safe.'

Fleetingly, she shook her head, "I can say that, " and answered out loud, hiding the real reason.

This time, Marcus dropped his arms and turned to face her, his smile that of a man who had just concocted another surefire plan. "Hmmm... Let us bet then, Ms. Ysabelle, " he stated, looking at her and assessing her anxiety.

But he only noticed a cunning smile from her.

"What makes you think I'll accept it or that you will win Father?" she asked, putting a hand on her waist.

Marcus stepped closer and looked at her directly, not even once blinking.

"Because, my dear Ms. Ysabelle, I just feel it, " he said, the smugness evident on his face.

It was a clash of confidence. Each one with expectations of winning.

"You are a weird priest, you know that right?" Ysabelle then broke the tension, dragging her eyes away from his heated stare.

Marcus had to smile wildly this time. "Weird? Hmm... I guess you are the first to say that to me. I am normally called as the Glutton Marcus."

Stifling a laugh, she arched her brows back at him.

"Glutton?" she clarified, but then her mind brought her to remember how he was too familiar with the Rogratiatto Family dining table. Though he hid it perfectly, she was able to see how much he loved eating the dishes that her Aunt Regina had prepared during their stay.

"Oh, " she uttered, "I guess your colleagues are right. You are notorious with food."

It was unintentional, but Marcus chuckled with her statement. "I will take that as a compliment, Ms. Ysabelle. Not at all pricked by it."

They both smiled at each other with genuineness and warmth. It was as if the tension awhile ago had gone down and that they were just two people now, sharing differences and similarities.

"So...the bed— errr... bet. Are you in or not?" Marcus then reminded, watching her with anticipation hoping she didn't caught the accidental wrong word.

Ysabelle was the one who furrowed her brows then. "You don't look like a gambler to me Father, " she said, still wary of the offer. "But— oh, wait, priests aren't supposed to gamble, right?"

In quick response, Marcus shook his head and grinned.

"Oh, no, my angel. You got it all wrong, " he started, stressing the endearment, "If it doesn't involve money, we priests can join the fun."

"Fun?" Ysabelle parroted. "Oh, yeah? Then, if our bet doesn't involve money, what is at stake for both of us?" she asked, confused. How clever of her to press her lips and lift her chin in order to hide whatever effect he had on her because of the sweet term.

"If I win, I get to ask you questions again and you would answer me honestly, " was Marcus' quick suggestion.

Again, observing her reactions, it was only a minute of pause when he noticed her withdrawing. Gone was her confidence earlier.

"I don't—I don't think that's a good idea Father, " she replied with caution. Stepping backward, Ysabelle scanned the room and found that the only remaining people from her group in the foyer were two students, her niece and a teacher. They were still talking in the front desk, but now holding with them key cards.

"Don't tell me you are backing away?" Marcus questioned, trying to draw her back in their bet. He saw her take a deep breath and looked down on the floor. She seemed to be unsure of what to say or even how to answer him.

"It's just that..." Ysabelle started in a trembling voice, "how would you know I am not lying if I answer your questions?"

"I would know, " Marcus answered, free of any hesitation or doubt.

Ysabelle waited for him to elaborate further, but after waiting in seconds without anything from hi

Then he took off with Mr. Grann following behind him.

Ysabelle was left behind, touching the door frame with a shaky hand. Her immortality was only limited to healing small wounds, seeing spirits and a certain degree of angel and demon auras. She had never experienced seeing the future at all or having at least a slight vision of it. But now, she couldn't explain it but there was this foreboding feeling inside her that something bad was about to happen.




When Father Marcus arrived in the caretaker's chamber, what greeted him in the doorway was a messy sight not only because of the turn-down and destroyed pieces of furniture, but also because of the splatter of crimson blood in the floor. Two young female staff in their own state of fear gave him way to enter the room. They were sobbing continuously, putting hands on their mouths so that they wouldn't make an attention-drawing sound from any guests.

Upon stepping inside the receiving room, Marcus quickly noticed a distinguishable strong odor of ammonia mixed with the metallic odor of blood coming all the way from a closed door. Three male staff were near it. One was holding a gun, the other holding a crucifix, and the third securing the knob tightly. They exchanged brief glances and then looked at Father Marcus with hopeful eyes.

"Father, we are so glad you are here!" one man who was holding the gun exclaimed.

Marcus, feeling disgusted seeing the deadly device, scowled.

Really now? Does he really think a mere gun can stop a thrashing demon? He could kill the vessel that's a fact, but not the entity, unfortunately.

"Put that gun away, brother, " said he while passing the addled man.

The latter didn't do what Marcus ordered though and went on to keep the gun in his hand.

Marcus disregarded it and continued his way on the closed door.

"Open it, " he said and almost instantly, the third man did as told.

The man holding the crucifix retched on the spot when a gush of odorous ammonia air escaped the room. Mr. Grann, who was still tailing Marcus, rushed to support his employee and offered a handkerchief from his jacket.

"Don't open this door unless I knock on it...thrice, " said Marcus with a grim look on his face. He eyed the four men behind him and they all nodded in unison.

As the bedroom door closed, Marcus had all the intention on exorcising the low-class demon as quickly as possible. He wanted to finish it considering it would be bothering the guests if the possession pursued. Though he didn't have his exorcism paraphernalia on hand, he was confident since he memorized the verses by heart, and that these verses were enough to exorcise this insignificant demon for good.

When he looked at the possessed bloody man crouching on the ceiling though, he felt his tattooed arm spasm and the blood coursing in his veins heat up. He felt his head swirl, followed by a shooting headache enough to break a skull. Marcus clenched his teeth and dropped to the floor, evaluating what just happened. That's when he realized, albeit too late, that the damn demon inside him was itching for a kill... and that the low-class demon and the caretaker's life energy were its prime target.


Was the only word that Marcus heard in his thoughts after his consciousness blanked out and his sight darkened.

Five seconds...





And the men inside the receiving room heard a knock from the bedroom door...thrice.

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