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   Chapter 10 Enlighten Me Then

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Dinner started at the stroke of seven with all of the usual attendees present, but there was a new addition to them now and it was the youngest member of the family.

Father Marcus and Father Julien were in their same seats and so were Sir Alfon, Madame Regina and Ysabelle. Mehak, who just arrived from an art class, decided to sit beside her Auntie in the left.

"I would like to make a toast, " Madame Regina suddenly announced before their meal began. All of their attention was now on her. She stood up, took her glass of champagne and raised it in the air. "To Father Marcus, for saving my son's life."

Alfon somehow looked troubled, thinking whether to take his glass or not, but in the end, he did after Regina added, "And to my son, André, for staying strong and for his good health."


All of the them chorused happily but mostly, the jubilant voices came from Regina, Father Julien, and Mehak. Marcus only nodded, while Ysabelle, conscious of the exorcist priest's presence, produced a faint smile.

God, how her heart was beating frantically now, especially when their eyes would meet from time to time. Marcus' civilian wardrobe didn't help her uneasiness too. With the black cassock out, he almost looked like a normal, handsome man for her; without the vows of holiness and celibacy. It almost made her think that she hadn't committed a mistake for kissing a priest. Well... technically it wasn't she who kissed first, but a kiss is still a kiss, and it brought about an unwelcoming effect on her heart, an effect of longing towards him, and that, technically, is a grave mistake towards a priest already.

"Thank you for the toast Madame, " said Marcus once everyone settled.

Regina shook her head and smiled sweetly back at him, "Not at all Father. I have always wanted to do that."

Ysabelle was looking at the exchange when Mehak tapped her shoulder. She leaned slightly just enough and Mehak whispered something in her ear whilst looking at Marcus, "Auntie, isn't that priest the man in your photo?"

There was considerable tone of curiosity with that and Ysabelle noticed it right away. Of course, the girl saw that particular photo so that didn't surprise her at all.

"Uhh... yes Sweetie, that is him, " she answered, her unease spiking up when she glanced at Marcus once again who was by now consuming a slice of chocolate strawberry cake.

'That is weird of him to eat the dessert first before the main course, ' Ysabelle made a comment in her mind.

"Wow! You mean I am now meeting one of your photography subjects?!" Mehak exclaimed, all giddy and with eyes twinkling. With the amount of excitement she abruptly released, it didn't fail to catch the attention of her father.

"What's the ruckus Mehak?" Alfon asked with knitted brows.

The girl wasn't afraid or intimidated with her father's stoic appearance. She had gotten used to it since kindergarten, so to cower behind her Auntie's side was not needed.

"Ah, nothing Father, " she sheepishly replied though, suddenly shy due to the puzzled eyes of the two priests looking at her. "I was just ecstatic to see one of Auntie Bella's photo subject in person."

"Photo subject?" was what Alfon echoed.

Ysabelle dropped the fork and knife she was holding and immediately waved a hand to dismiss the topic. "Oh, its nothing Uncle. Mehak was just talking about the recent pictures I took in the plaza days ago." She blinked twice just on impulse but the end result was devastating for her because her line of sight landed on the exorcist priest specifically. "The...the one with Father Marcus in it. No big deal actually."

Alfon tilted his head and exchanged fleeting glances with his wife. "So you mean to say you have met before here?"

The question was obviously directed to his niece, but then Marcus butted in and said, "Technically, Sir Alfon, we didn't."

Anticipating his next sentence, Ysabelle's breath hitched, when briefly Marcus glanced at her, breaking a small grin.

"But, your niece here is so enthusiastic about being a photographer that she snaps photos in almost everything without the consent of the subjects. She just took a photo of me and went about her way photographing other people."

Alfon chuckled lightly and commented, "Well, that sounds like you Ysabelle, alright. It doesn't surprise me at all."

Ysabelle's face blushed, but it wasn't because of her Uncle's remark, but because of the priest's clever observation of her. It didn't cross her mind that he had that kind of impression at all. Maybe that was the reason why he kept on staring at her while she was sitting at the fountain's base.

"Do I have the privilege of looking at my own photo, Ms. Ysabelle?" Marcus' sudden question made her blink twice again, but this time, to clear her wandering thoughts.

"Uh, huh?" she reacted, wide-eyed.

"I would like to see it please, " was Marcus' stern offer, giving her a l

ink I am the right person for you to ask that Father. Maybe you should find your answers in my Uncle or Auntie. Or André himself."

But her words were a big fat lie. Not one of them would want to give the priest answers too, and it seems that Father Marcus was aware of that when he said, "I know that they won't Ms. Ysabelle, that's why I'm here. To tell you the truth, I have great belief that you are the only person sane here to help me with my...predicament."

For a moment there, she saw a glimpse of turmoil and pain in his eyes. Why would a priest have that when in fact they are supposed to be worry-free?

It wasn't supposed to be her concern or even her business, but she was already pushed to the edge with no other options left, so in the end, she conceded. There was no harm sharing a piece of information or two with him right? Just as long as it didn't get to the point where it would concern her most prized secret.

"Very well, please come inside, " she said after releasing another sigh of defeat, stepping to the side and gesturing the open way.

This made Marcus smile, pleased of her wise decision.

The closing of the door behind her and the sound of the priest's boots with each footfall was damnable for her. She could feel the close proximity of their bodies and Marcus' eyes boring a hole in her back when she walked inside the mini studio.

"You don't use modern technology to print photos? It is so much easier than doing it the traditional way, " was what Marcus commented the moment he entered the red-lighted room.

Ysabelle, realizing what he meant, released a soft chuckle. This at least lifted a small amount of tension between them.

"Oh, no Father. You got it all wrong. I am using modern technology on this hobby don't worry. I just prefer using red light in this room. I have been accustomed to it for so many years that to put it away would be a hard change for me. And also, the red light is calming. A good way for me to take my mind off of things so to say."

She took the envelope from the coffee table and handed it to him. Her beaming smile got Marcus in his usual war all over again.

God help him, he knew he needed to know the truth this night, but being in the woman's bedroom now seemed to weaken his resolve. He couldn't be sure whether the reason he had for visiting her was because of André's possession case or because he just wanted to be with her. That plain and simple.

He cleared his throat and eyed the envelope in front of him. He had the notion that inside it was the photo, but he chose not to take it yet.

"Things?" he parroted, unable to hold back his curiosity on her cryptic words. "Hmmm... I don't see you as being the sulky type, Ms. Ysabelle. With you living in this place and with a family that provides and cares well, I don't think you have heavy problems at all. Don't tell me you are one of those few people who takes on the burden of the world in their shoulders?"

"Huh, " she scoffed lightly, thinking of his remark as silly, "You don't have any idea, Father."

Marcus quirk a brow. "I don't, you say?" he said and stepped closer to her as a sign of encouragement. "Enlighten me then."

God help him again, he doesn't even know where this conversation was leading to.

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