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   Chapter 8 When He Couldn't Help It

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An understandable silence fell on the room for a moment when Ysabelle left. Marcus was still standing near the table, the empty glass still in his hand. Remembering what she said about a tattoo in his arm, he decided to ask Father Julien out of curiosity and in order to break the silence. "Have you noticed anything unusual with me Father?" He turned to face his colleague and stood ready to be inspected.

As if it was a normal routine, Father Julien did as expected, scanning him from head to foot. "Hmmm... not that I can see, Father Marcus. You look just the same. Why do you ask?" he answered after a minute.

"My arm. Do you notice anything peculiar about it?" was Marcus' clear inquiry. Might as well go straight to the point than have his poor secretary decipher his words.

"Hmmm?" But still Father Julien was oblivious, so Marcus raised his right arm and displayed it in their front. The former's brows furrowed, examining the arm meticulously.

"Let's see, " he then spoke after seconds past, "Other than the unusual healing of your charred right hand, there is nothing I can find that's weird in a way."

That brought Marcus to furrow his own brows. What's this? Could it be that it was only him and Ysabelle who can see the unusual blank ink tattoo? Since it was his arm, he understood already why he can. But Ysabelle? Why was she able to see it when in fact she was just a normal woman?

"Ah, I see, " was Marcus' response. He didn't delve deeper and decided to walk inside the change room leaving his secretary to nonchalantly shrug off the unnatural exchange. He waited patiently, sitting in a solo sofa near the chamber fireplace as Father Marcus prepared himself. Once he was done, they both exited the room and went to a particular hallway.




"André, someone is here to see you, " Regina informed after opening the door wider for Father Marcus and Father Julien to enter. They strolled towards the king-sized bed where the elder son of the Rogratiatto Family was sitting with pillows propped up behind him. It was Father Marcus who chose to continue near the edge of the bed, choosing to sit in a cushioned chair where Regina earlier sat.

"You must be Father Marcus, my savior, " André spoke, his voice perfectly developed for a man his age. He was already staring at the priest since he entered and found it surprising how Marcus looked young as him. He actually expected the exorcist priest to be bald old.

André had a tall, lean built, but he was an inch shorter than Father Marcus. He had a short, black hair, wavy and with highlights of brown in the edges. His eyes were the color of the forest, a dark green, the same as his mother's.

"Savior?" Marcus quirked a brow. "No, I'm just an exorcist priest, " he admitted in all honesty.

"You did save my life, Father. So I owe you a lot, " was André's reply thereafter. He held a serious gaze, somewhat telling the priest that he realized he was batshit in danger before the exorcism rite.

"Hmmm..." Marcus grumbled audibly. He knew fully well what he meant and had found the Savior nickname understandable. Thinking about his last words though, it made him smirk, realizing it was good to take advantage of it now. "If that's the case, I will have to ask you to tell me all you know about the demon while you were possessed, " he stated with a straight face. "I reckon you have dreams for this one month duration of the possession?"

"One month?" André echoed, "Is that how long I was out?" There was a mixture of surprise and confusion holding his eyes when he gazed upon the exorcist priest. He waited for Marcus to affirm his query but he didn't, choosing to stay silent. Then, his attention was caught up when his mother neared the foot of the bed. He threw her a disbelieving stare and the latter only just nodded silently.

Their exchange though had some level of discreetness which Marcus didn't miss out. He immediately thought it odd, especially when it looked as if they were hiding something...

"I see." André cleared his throat, choosing not to press on the matter anymore.

Marcus, noticing it, went on to speak. "I will have to go straight to the point with you, Mr. André." He leaned on to the chair and placed his hands onto his lap, clasping them together. "I also want to know how you were possessed. If... you can still recall it. An honest account would be appreciated because you know, I can use it if there are any cases similar to yours."

He was hoping for André to share the information that instant, but then a clear coughing from across the room right in the doorway emerged cutting off their conversation.

"I don't think that André still remembers all that Father, " said Alfon in a mildly

the way, she didn't meet any of the priests eyes when she said, "Right this way please."

And then there was awkward silence throughout the hallway walk as each of the them were in a pensive mood.

Father Julien was bewildered as much as Marcus with how they were treated so coldly by the Master of the House then. Not like he didn't have an unwelcoming aura when they first arrived in the mansion, but now, he seemed to act like he wanted to kick them out of the house literally.

"Oh, I believe I left my cellphone in the room Father Marcus, " he informed out-of-the-blue when he realized the gadget wasn't in his pants pocket.

"Didn't you say you were waiting for Father Einsle's second call?" was Marcus' question, looking at him.

"Yes, I am. His call is very important because it is about another demon possession the Holy Pope wanted you to fix."

"Hmmm, I see." Marcus let out a breath. Another one huh?

"I better get that cellphone now, " Father Julien announced after abruptly stopping his walk. "I will see you in the dining room Father."

"Yes, you go on ahead. You know how Father Einsle hates it when his phonecall is prolonged."

Father Julien nodded and then whirled around to walk the other hallway, leaving Father Marcus and Ysabelle alone together. This fact didn't concern her at all for she was in deep thought about the recent conversation she heard in the Altar room. She knew exactly why her uncle kept on interrupting them, and she would have done so the same if she were in his shoes. It wouldn't be right if the priest would find out about her secret too.

"Ms. Ysabelle, you are living here with André right? Do you have any knowledge about how he was possessed?" Marcus then stated when they reached the grand staircase. She was in his left, choosing to be as silent as a mouse, but now all pressure was on her.

"I beg your pardon Father?" she said with bated breath, looking at his profile.

Oh no. This topic isn't supposed to be brought up.

But the topic wasn't the one that worried Ysabelle more. It was the priest's stern expression and the way he looked at her...

Marcus' priestly wall was strong, fortified with determination and an unbreakable will, but when he glanced at Ysabelle's way, he instantly regretted it. Really regretted it. His wall came crumbling down.

Her eyes were beautiful, exactly just like he remembered it inside his room when they gazed at each other. Her face was luminescent of youth, blushing in cherry blossom shades. The way her chest lifted was graceful, enough to catch his breath too. The morning sunshine passing through the tinted glass walls of the main foyer came as an accessory to the crime. It highlighted Ysabelle's wavy lock of hair breathtakingly like the early morning sky. It was...arresting him.

What a stunning angel... Marcus thought out aloud.

She had a complete innocence about her, with a gentle nature that was mixed with a hint of seductiveness. She was...clouding his senses, clouding his rational thought. Marcus couldn't explain why but he wanted to taste her lips right then and there.

'Certainly, I'm digging my own grave now.'

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