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   Chapter 7 When A Name Means Attraction

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Black sky. Black earth. Black sea. Marcus found himself again in the same dream, but this time, not in the same way. He was lying on the sand, gazing at the sky with the blankness that was comparable to the barren place. Emptiness filled his mind. And yes, he had been like this for what seemed like hours until a wave of water came rushing towards him and when it touched his bare feet, this somehow pulled him out of the void state.

His thoughts and emotions ran wild then, as if it was freed from being imprisoned, and with this, confusion immediately clouded his mind. His lips tensed and his brows furrowed as he contemplated all of the recent events.

He was confused because ever since he had exorcised the demon in André's body, this dream came into full swing. How? Why? Was it possible that this was the work of the demon? Most likely not for he was sure he exorcised the damn entity into oblivion. Very sure of it.

Confused because although he was aware that he was in a dream, his senses felt so real. He could feel the coolness of the water touching his bare feet, legs, arms and torso. He could feel the warm breeze in his nostrils. And most especially, he could feel the shooting pain in his charred right hand, radiating upwards into his shoulder and chest, specifically into the heart region. He couldn't pinpoint exactly what but there was something about being in this place that was downright different.

And lastly, confused because amidst feeling this, he felt a different sense of safety entirely. Like in one side of his body, he felt the animosity of the place, and on the other, he felt secure...brought up in heaven's gate. Marcus couldn't explain it, but it made him feel calm — quite a welcoming feeling in this kind of environment.


It had been two days past since the exorcism incident. The staff of the Rogratiatto Household was busy, especially the ones assigned in both André and Father Marcus' rooms. New linens were brought in every day; towels and bed covers in particular. Why? Because the two men had been in a feverish state, with temperature as high as 40 degrees Celsius, and that aside from injectable paracetamol to lower it down, sponge bathing was required by the house doctor to assist with the treatment. It had produced a successful effect so far, well...on André's case that is on the third day.

In the midst of the activities, one woman had been busier than the others. Ysabelle had took it upon herself to take care of the two unconscious men, visiting them in intervals to make sure that they receive proper treatment. Both rooms were of different hallways, but good thing it was on the same floor. Although she was no nurse or doctor, her wide experiences were enough to be called a seasoned caregiver. And aside from that, her guilt was still nagging at her. It wasn't giving her any proper sleep the whole two days, most especially when the exorcist priest's burning eyes pop right out of her mind. With André now in stable condition and with the defervescence of his fever, she could focus more on Marcus who was still showing no signs of waking up.

After choosing a simple long-sleeved sundress and donning her hair down, she left her room intent on visiting the priest's chamber just below hers. When she arrived there, Father Julien had just come out of the room with a cellphone in hand.

"I need to take this call, Ms. Ysabelle. Can you keep an eye on Father Marcus for a while?" he asked, noticing her presence in the hallway.

"—yes, of course, Father, " although taken aback, she gave him an answer. So easy of him to leave her alone with his colleague.

During the whole two days of taking care of Marcus, Father Julien had been together with her, either assisting with her and the staff treatments or just staying inside the room praying. She had been formal in her actions during those times, keeping as little to no glances with Father Marcus' state of undress. She had been successful with it so far and that was because of Father Julien's presence, but now that they would be alone together, it immediately made her nervous, and that feeling tripled then the moment she opened the chamber door.

The room was quiet, lit with the soft morning sun entering through the glass window. It had a smell of jasmine and mint, probably because of the newly laundered linens stacked in a corner of the bedsi

ok at her way.

"Are you really sure you are okay?"


"I mean, your hand..." she mentioned, looking down at the bandaged part.

For a moment, she thought he was going to say it's fine, but without expecting it, he turned around to face her and pulled out the bandage, dropping the thin linen on the floor. Lifting his hand for her to see, he then stated, "It is fine now, see?"

The sight made Ysabelle turn red with embarrassment at first and then blue with bewilderment. How could? How could his charred hand heal that fast?

"Like I said, this is just a momentary setback in the exorcism. You don't need to concern yourself with it at all, " he reassured, then turned back his attention on the table and drank his glass of water.

"That's...a relief to hear, " said she, smiling softly but still with a residue of disbelief.

As if on cue, the main door opened and in came Father Julien.

"Ah! Father Marcus! You're awake!" he exclaimed, smiling towards his way.

"Good morning Father Julien, " Marcus greeted with a nod.

"Good to have you back Father, " was his colleague's reply, relief clear in his voice.

Ysabelle watched as they exchanged casual glances. It perplexed her even more when she saw Father Julien acting as if it was a common occurrence for him to see the exorcist priest in sudden good health.

"Where are my clothes?" Marcus asked straight away.

"Hmm, that. I believe it is placed in a hanger, in the change room Father, " he replied, looking at an entrance into another room which Ysabelle thought is the change room.

"I see, " Marcus voiced. After drinking the last of the liquid, he turned to Ysabelle and gave her a wry smile. "Would you excuse me for a moment Ms. Ysabelle?" he said.

It didn't take her too long. She knew exactly what privacy he meant. She nodded quickly and said, "Oh, of course Father. Anyway, I need to go. It is good to see you well."

Leaving a smile on Father Julien's way, in haste she opened the main door and out she went. In the hallway, she placed a hand on her chest as if she was clutching her heart. Just that moment...just that simple word alone, it made her heartbeat jet out of control. Maybe it was trivial a word for others, maybe it was insignificant for all, but then the difference between Marcus calling her name in raw form and putting a respectable Miss before it meant a borderline of emotions exploding.

To Marcus, her exit was a solution for his disquieted heart. She didn't even realize what effect she had on him when he found her in his room alone, all the more touching his arm. Her leaving could give him the chance to evaluate his emotions more. Truth be told, he wasn't supposed to feel any attachable emotions for any person, most especially a woman. He wasn't supposed to even show it. He was a priest for crying out loud. But why now that after André's exorcism rite, he had been too much of a jumbled mess?

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