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   Chapter 6 A Shadow in the Darkness

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Father Marcus placed himself on the right side of the marble table, his waist in line with André's chest. It was an odd position for an exorcism ceremony as normally priests, rabbis, imams and other religious leaders either place themselves on top the head of the victim or at the foot. Nevertheless, no one was complaining.

Regina, after pushing the button, returned to her husband's side and sat rather anxiously in the solo sofa next to him. Still, Ysabelle continued to silently observe the development, keeping her breaths deep and controlled.

Yes, as per reported, the blue and violet flames didn't burn when Marcus placed a hand on André's chest. He didn't feel anything at all. No tingling sensation or searing pain. It was odd, but Marcus found it beneficial for him. True enough, the Holy Pope was right that this exorcism might be easy; however, Marcus chose not to let his guard down. After doing a sign of the cross, he uttered his first word that had completely left Ysabelle dumbstruck.

"Xdhbgd." ("Demon.")

It was foreign on the audience's ears, except for her. It was so clear, so precise a pronunciation that she had to ask herself, why does he know that particular ancient Aramaic language? How had he gotten to learn the dialect? She indeed wanted to find out the answer, but in the end assumed that it must be from the Vatican exorcism training he had undergone in the past. It was a possible scenario. But still...

Marcus went on to speak, reciting a powerful verse as his eyes closed.

"Ebhd skdhak bhdkha dknbdae dhe abhida ehbi dlahe hbldia hdnbie hbladhnb nd bha dnie"! ("Lick the flames of Hell you have cast upon this poor soul. Banish the pain. Ease his soul. By the Heaven's above, I command you!")

As a result, a vacuum of air coming from his hand escaped and created a cold, cold draft around the room. The flames tossed wildly even more and this time, Marcus felt a slight burning sensation on his hand and waist. It was the demon's act of aggression it seems and it was fighting around its way on the binding words.

Once again, the ringing in Marcus' ears that bothered him when he first stepped inside the room returned. It was an odd occurrence as he had never experienced such objective symptom ever since he started dealing with the entities of the dark. Not even once. 'So this job wouldn't be easy after all, ' was what his subconscious realized after being subjected to an intensified high-decibel ringing in his ears. This time, it buried the ancient language from his mouth almost to the point that Marcus thought he was deaf.

He cringed with the loudness, but nevertheless, went on.

'Demon. You, who is the scourge of man, leave this mortal body alone!' Marcus shouted in his thoughts in straight English. 'I bind eternity in Hell! I exorcise you!"

With the last word, Marcus felt a current of electricity bound his hand on André's chest. He flinched and wanted to pull it out, but some unusual force kept his hand right on spot. It seared his palm immediately and the surrounding skin reddened first before it charred.

To be subjected to physical pain was only puny a problem for him. Immune he was as he had experienced far worse as a matter of fact. A grin only emerged from his lips then. 'Good. Finally, a challenge, ' that thought crossed his mind.

The whole room shook with the strong vibration appearing out of André's body. Light fixtures flickered wildly, the curtains suddenly burst out in blue flames. Regina, frightened, stood up and clutched her husband's shoulder, while the latter showed a stern, but surprised face. Ysabelle, on the other hand reacted differently. She saw the effects of the demon's power, but wasn't frightened. She kept a cool regard with it, not until she saw the priest's charred right hand. Apparently, that made her flinch and worry immediately.

'Something wasn't right, ' she thought to herself, 'definitely not right.'

Attempting to keep pace with the ceremony, Marcus threw his free hand over the jailed one and pressed it tightly on André's chest. He may not have powers the same as the previous exorcist priests have, but he had the devotion and the Holy Light to guide him through this trial.

A smell of sulfur and rotten fish tickled his nose for a moment. Then, it was followed by a black oily liquid seeping out of André's skin: from the head down to the foot. When it contacted Marcus' charred hand, he immediately growled in pain. The liquid seemed to have a life of its own, generating an acidic sensation.

Finding it dangerous,

was understandable that his naked form didn't so much as help her. A woman as she is, it took her pretty much a great deal of effort not to look and admire the priest's manly physique.

For the most part, religious servers were expected to have either bulbous bellies or matchstick bodies, but no, Father Marcus was not the same. He almost looked like an athlete; a very lean and fit one. He had small blotted scars on the right flank of his torso and a clean diagonal scar on his chest area, stretching all the way to the sternum. A worrying sight as it was, it however decorated the well-toned sinews of Marcus perfectly. No, not bulbous or anorexic, but hard muscled slabs.

"Are you all right Ms. Ysabelle?" Father Julien asked as soon as he stepped inside the room. He noticed the short tears on her immediately and the blushing of her cheeks that was why he asked her that.

"Oh, Father Julien, " Ysabelle spoke, quickly wiping her tears dry with the back of her hand, "Well, uhmm, I'm fine. I just found it overwhelming to see an exorcism ceremony like earlier."

The priest slowly nodded once as if he was affirming the statement. Walking the length of the room towards the foot of the bed, he chose to sit in a sofa chair readied for him. "Hmmm, that's why I chose not to witness it every time I accompany Father Marcus, " he explained.

"Have you known him for a while now Father?" she asked, wanting to change the subject, but mostly because she was curious on Marcus' background life.

"Who? Father Marcus?" he clarified.

"Yes, " answered she, whilst trying hard to keep her heartbeats in rhythm.

"Well, let's see, " Father Julien stated. He leaned backward and comfortably pressed his back on the backrest. "I guess we are friends for ten years now. I met him in the priesthood training at a seminary in Italy. That time, I already knew he was specifically trained to become an exorcist priest."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, it is his calling I think. Anyway, I believe he is perfect on this job. He seems to deal with demons quite well."

And then, there was a dull spark on Ysabelle's eyes. She shifted her attention on the sleeping man and went to express her sadness.

"But now this, " she spoke, voice with a small rasp.

Father Julien easily saw the change of mood. He shook his head and released a calm sigh.

"Don't worry, Ms. Ysabelle. Although this is a first, it is just minor. I'm pretty sure Father Marcus will recover quickly. Let's just pray for it."

A fleeting smile emerged from her lips then.

"Uhmm, thanks Father, " Ysabelle stated, "That somehow eases my worry. Thanks for explaining it to me."

"No big deal, Ms. Ysabelle. To help is my pleasure, " the priest concluded.

"Well, now. I should go, Father. I'll leave you to your prayers. If you need anything, just pull this rope. It will ring the bell on the kitchen side, " she informed, whilst standing up. After receiving a nod and a thank you from Father Julien, she cast a last look on Marcus, silently wishing him to be well soon.

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