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   Chapter 5 The Look That Tells It All

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The two priests arrived in the residence at exactly eleven thirty in the morning. It was lunch time of course, so the growling of Marcus' stomach was understandable even though he just had four rolls of pastry an hour ago. Luckily enough, the moment they entered inside the mansion's foyer and after exchanging pleasantries with Madame Regina and Master Alfon, they were directed straight all the way to the family dining room. They were important guests, so no one except the Mistress and the Master planned to dine with them. And Ysabelle, supposed to be, if she decides to show herself up on time.

"Please, make yourselves comfortable, Father Marcus, Father Julien, " Madame Regina stated, gesturing for them to sit in their reserved seats.

"Yes, Madame, thank you." Marcus was the one who answered politely.

At the right side of Alfon's center chair was where he sat, and beside him, Father Julien situated himself. On the left was Regina and next to her, a plate was readied too, but Marcus thought it odd that nobody occupied the seat.

The table was rectangular, made with tinted glass. It was filled with mouthwatering courses of meat and fish, and a large array of fruits and pastries, something that Marcus was very delighted about. However, his delight immediately redirected elsewhere, to a woman particularly, when she stepped inside the huge dining hall.

"Ah! Ysabelle. Come! Come! Just in time. Don't keep our guests waiting, " Alfon declared, pointing to the vacant seat right next to his wife.

Marcus' stare betrayed him as it kept itself glued on the woman across the dining table. Yes, his heart, keeping normal beats as usual, jumped anew three times in a row, after realizing that the beautiful apparition in his front and the photographer he was staring at in the plaza was one and the same.

Surely, this was purely coincidence?

The beige chiffon dress Ysabelle wore blessed his eyes. It had a sweetheart neckline, but the chest and neck area was covered with a lace cloth. It was of decent length, just above the knee, and although the sides were styled in drapes, Marcus could clearly see her curves being flaunted perfectly. Indeed, this was something he did not dare realize at all. No. Not way back then in the park, but only now. She looked entirely different in her clothing; more sophisticated, more high-born. Priests wasn't expected to compliment on anything, all the more on a woman, but he did, hiding it through a smirk on his lips.

"Father Marcus, Father Julien, this is my niece, Ysabelle Rogratiatto, " Alfon announced, when Ysabelle sat down on the chair. She eyed the two and there was a short glimpse of surprise Marcus noticed from her expression when their gaze connected.

Taking a deep breath and clearing her throat afterwards, Ysabelle dipped her head, looking at them whilst saying, "Good day, Fathers."

It was Father Julien, the closest of the two across the table, who dared reach a hand on her for formality's sake. "Good day to you too, Ms. Ysabelle, " he stated with ease, showing his well-practiced smile.

Marcus only watched as Ysabelle received the secretary's soft handshake. He watched her curve her lips modestly, adoring how fine she moved in her chair. It was surely the opposite of how carefree she squatted in the fountain's base. Definitely, it was a clear-cut difference of personalities and somehow, it amused him watching the change. Choosing not to do the same, he decided to dodge their impending handshake by swinging a conversation with the Master of the House.

"Where are your other family members, Sir Alfon? Are they not going to dine with us?"

"Ah, unfortunately they are busy, Father, " the Master quickly replied. He moved to take a bottle of wine in his side of the table, a 1990 Dom Perignon Vintage, and poured a generou

her him at all. No, he wasn't worried about any demon jumping into another host to escape its fate as he was beyond confident that he can take the entity down with one technique alone. This technique was taught to him by a certain demon friend years back and it had a hundred percent success rate. That's if, his focus is just as perfect - which wasn't a problem for him at all.

"I take it your eldest son hasn't eaten since he was possessed?" Marcus asked, glancing at the parents fleetingly, then riffled his leather valise to pull out a white bottle of holy water.

"Yes, " was Regina's quick reply.

"Hmm...just as I thought, " he remarked.

He stood up, leaving the bag pressed against the podium and turned his attention on the flames dancing wildly on the air. Inhaling sharply, he tilted the bottle, ready to spray its contents, but paused abruptly and said, "When the rite is over and if your son wakes up, give him some water. If he wants to eat, give him food. Don't waste time delaying on nourishing him. The demon's power is keeping him alive. If I exorcise the demon, his physical condition might give out, so there is a fifty percent chance your son will die if he is not strong enough to surpass human hunger."

He heard a stifled gasp coming from the older woman, and threw her a cold, but understanding stare.

"Yes, we will, " was Alfon's answer, when he realized his wife remained mute.

"Then I should probably call for Mrs. Agatha to bring some food, Uncle, " Ysabelle quickly offered, but Alfon only shook his head on her way.

"No need, Ysabelle. Regina just needs to press that kitchen button for food to be served, " Alfon stated, pointing to a panel of buttons attached just above the headboard of the king-sized bed.

"Oh, right, " was her reply.

Buttons weren't normal inside the Rogratiatto Family house, only in the Altar room they were present, because, apparently, this room in particular was André's who graduated as an electrical engineer of the family. As one of his postgraduate projects, he had his own room installed with accessible switches after feeling tired of his father's old-fashioned preferences of the house.

Mistress Regina waltzed across the room towards the headboard and pressed the green switch connected to the kitchen. The whole time she did so, Marcus sprinkled holy water into the possessed, seeing a thick white smoke evaporating as he did so. Once done, he prepared himself mentally on the pending ceremony. He remained silent, closed his eyes and took in deep, calm breaths.

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