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   Chapter 2 An Unexpected Change

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Outside Vatican City

Roma, Italy



"In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen."

Those were Father Marcus' last words after he sprinkled a good amount of holy water into a newly-furbished nursery room. It had the color motif pink on it, owned by a cute baby girl of two-years-old. After kissing his platinum pectoral cross, he made a sign of the cross and adjusted his black clerical vestment into place. He was apparently requested specifically to do the rite after it was clearly evident that there was something of dark spiritual value in the room of a new couple's daughter. The rite was meant to repel any demonic creatures and Marcus was at ease now, feeling more than certain that no harm will come to the child.

After taking a final look on his work, he collected all of his ritual belongings, placed it in his black leather valise and stepped out of the room. Once outside, he was immediately greeted by the worry-stricken husband and his wife, who was tightly holding the toddler in one arm.

"It is done, Mr. Belforte, " he announced, eyeing the man in front of him who had eyeglasses on. The man bowed low, thanking the priest for his help, and extended an envelope of money.

"Thank you, Sir, but I cannot accept your donation. You know I am doing this freely, " the exorcist priest said, declining the thick envelop without hesitation.

"Yes, I was informed too by your secretary, Father, but please...just take this. My wife and I would be so glad if you will accept this. It would really mean a lot to us, " the husband stated.

After a long pause and a silent grumble, Marcus accepted and nodded slightly towards their way. "Thank you, " he said.

"No, thank you Father, " the wife corrected, producing an appreciative smile, "What you did is very important to us. Now, we can finally live at peace in this house because you have blessed it free from all evil spirits.

"Just doing my job, Mrs. Belforte, " Marcus replied. His gaze fell on the chubby-cheeked toddler and this made him curve a small smile. Children are ever more precious than any material things in the world. Whatever he could do, he would do just in order for them to be safe from the dangers of the dark.

A stretch of hallway away, there was a winding staircase connecting the first floor to the second and this was where a certain familiar person emerged. Marcus consequently nodded in acknowledgement when his secretary priest, Father Julien, waved a hand. He was three summers younger than him being that Father Julien was twenty-five years old, and it showed physically judging from the baby face of the secretary priest and his thick wavy dark hair -- quite a stark contrast from Father Marcus' short golden brown ones.

"I should go Mr. Belforte, Mrs. Belforte, I believe I am needed elsewhere. Have a good day, " he informed and only stepped forward when the couple cleared the pathway.

"Good day too Father and thank you once again, " Mr. Belforte stated, taking his wife by the waist and pressing her closer to his side.

Once Marcus was an armslength away from his counterpart, he stated with curious brows, "What's up?"

"The Holy Pope wants to talk to you Father, " Father Julien informed.

An 'oh' formed in the latter's mouth, but didn't further his questioning. Marcus knew that something was up if the Holy Pope himself asks for an audience with him. It was always the case whenever that happens, and thinking about it now, there was no other reason for the hectic call other than his same old business. Managing the winding stairs of the Belforte house double time, he knew that to waste precious minutes wouldn't be advantageous if there was a grave of a problem at hand.

When they were comfortably sitting inside the sleek black Jaguar Land Rover, Marcus immediately turned the ignition on and drove freely into the suburban street. They had to pass through a kilometer stretch of trees and then the bustling city of Vatican, before they could reach the main building where the Holy Pope holds his office. The drive all the way was silent because of one reason alone: Father Julien was reciting the rosary prayer silently. Marcus noticed it and opted not to interrupt him and focus on his wheel instead. In less than an hour without heavy traffic, they were inside the courtyard of the Apostolic Palace.




An aging Father Einsle accepted their arrival at the front office of the Holy Father. He was all smiles to the two but it was more noticeable that the exorcist priest had most of his attention.

"Please go inside Father, Santo Padre is already waiting for you, " he stated, gesturing a hand towards the engraved mahogany door. Marcus nodded and strode directl

y there.

Deciding to stay outside of the office, Father Julien chose to sit on a nearby chair next to a large aquarium full of angel fishes. Never had he the courage to listen to demonic topics even though he was Father Marcus' secretary. He was more of a books-and-papers kind of man, preferring to deal with real people in humane jobs than with the otherworldly.

The Holy Pope, Pope Francis, was waiting in his head office when the popular exorcist priest arrived. The moment his boot stepped on the threshold, the pope didn't waste time and called for him in.

"Your Grace, a good day to you, " Marcus greeted, kissing his holy ring thereafter. It wasn't a hard task even though they were separated by the office desk.

"In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen. God bless you, my son, " the pope stated, gesturing for him to sit after making a sign of the cross in the air.

Marcus did so, choosing to relax in a cushioned chair and eyed his leader with great attention. "You have called for me?" he stated, concerned as to its reason.

"Yes, " was the pope's initial reply. He pulled out a folder that was hidden under the pile of recent papers he was signing and handed it to him. "I want to send you to Czech, Marcus. A certain family there needs your assistance greatly."

Marcus' chin slightly rose up after hearing the familiar name of the country. Czech? As in Czech Republic? "I take it a demon possession is causing them problems?" he said with intuition.

"Yes, and apparently this has been going on for a month."

"A month?" Marcus choked. Never had he seen a demon possession last that long. Two things usually happen: it is either the demon jumps into another body or the host gives out and dies. What could have possibly happened why it lasted that long?

"Why did the family ask the Vatican's help too late Your Grace?" he asked a different question although the latter was nagging at the back of his mind.

"Hmmm...I believe it's because of page two, " Pope Francis replied, eyeing the folder in the younger priest's hand.

Marcus noticed it and went on to flip the file with a confused expression on his face. He purposely opened it to the page the pope had stated and he immediately frowned upon seeing the picture.

"This is--" he spoke but was abruptly cut off.

"Yes, " the pope replied with humorless eyes. He drew out a deep breath and stared at the print on page two -- an emblem of the Priory of Sion which was a fleur-de-lis intertwined with the symbol of infinity. "Marcus, the Rogratiatto Family is an extremist believer of the Priory of Sion. All of them are active members of that society. As you may know already, this brotherhood has beliefs that are not in congruent with ours. This, I reckon, is the reason why they called an exorcist priest's help only this time."

After his answer, Pope Francis shifted on his seat. Talking about this specific society wasn't a daily occurrence for him. In fact, he wanted to avoid this topic as much as possible. It always gives him a good amount of headache thinking about the important secrets the members keep from the Vatican and from the general public. He, although approaching old age, was still in the prime of his life as the leader of the Catholic Church. He had gentle eyes and a sincere smile always and everyday, but this smile, at the moment, was replaced with thinly-pressed lips.

"Huh, I guess that's not surprising at all, " Marcus remarked, finding the veracity of the information understandable. Looking at the folder again, he flipped on to page three and saw a picture of the possessed human, André Rogratiatto. "What is this demon possession all about?" he queried, now staring at the pope with determined eyes.

"That's the eldest son of Alfon in the picture, Marcus. Alfon is the Master of the Rogratiatto House, along with his wife, Mistress Regina. As per reported, blue and violet flames surrounded their son. He is unconscious since the possession actually, up until now so to say...which somehow makes it odd."

"It is odd, " he seconded, and that made the pope grin, leaning back in his chair.

"Hmmm... look at the bright side, at least you wouldn't have a hard time exorcising the demon right?" he stated, watching the reaction of his exorcist priest.

"I'm not so sure about that Your Grace, " Marcus replied with a tone that meant he was serious. "Demons are unexpected, sly creatures. Anything can happen."

"Then you should go and research all about this particular demon with blue and violet flames before you start your exorcism rite Marcus. You know, just to be cautious."

Marcus nodded and said after producing a faint confident grin, "I will Your Grace."

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