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   Chapter 35 Epilogue

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"Sire, everyone is gathering in the throne hall, " the Head Majordomo announced the moment he was given permission by Cord to enter in his bed chamber. His head was bent low; eyes cast downward giving his Master and Mistress some privacy.

Cord retracted his hand from Amanda's flushed cheek. She was but sleeping soundly, too tired and spent because of the energy she consumed while on rampage, and because of this, he was able to study her, from her smooth face down to the curve of her lashes. He kept a mental picture of her, the colorful one, before his time for blindness returns.

"I will go there now, Jerome, " he sighed and then stood up, but not before planting a kiss on her forehead. "Have Arissa and Noman stay by Amanda's side until I return."

"Yes, Sire." Jerome nodded. "They are just waiting in the receiving room. They will come inside once you leave."

When a foot away, Cord took something from Jerome's offered palm, something black, and tucked it inside his coat pocket. Then, he left his bedroom with his butler in tow.

Moments later, Cord materialized in his throne, standing beside the regal chair with his eyes now wrapped in a blindfold. His shadows surrounded him, all mixing with the dark corners of the hall, but he ordered them to stay there, not wanting for anyone to feel uneasy.

He stepped forward, his head positioned straight to his subjects before him - or what little subjects left after Amanda ossified most of the biters - those ones that were present in the north wing hall; those ones that wanted her dead.

"I would assume you all know what transpired thirty minutes ago in the north wing, " he questioned.

Everybody present nodded silently, all red eyes on him. But reds that weren't filled with anger or treachery, but reds filled with worry and confusion, and sympathy for their Master.

"Then, you all know why we are gathered here, " Cord cleared his throat and then attempted to inhale, at least to lessen the seriousness of the moment, until he remembered, he wasn't a human anymore.

Bagheera suddenly slipped under him, pressing his furry body against his knees and purred low. This made Cord tug a small smile, feeling at ease a bit because of the cat.

"Centuries had past, " he started with determination, closing his lids from behind the blindfold, "and yet I hadn't asked for your forgiveness in behalf of my family... my father's mistake."

Calvin, Pamela, Heather, Jerome, Diana, and the rest of the Vitalis Castle servants and a few family friends focused on listening. All of them somehow were taken aback when they heard their Master mouth those words. They had known him to be reserved, keeping his feelings to himself, but now, he seemed to be spilling his emotions free for them to see.

"I admit that I acted like a coward for not facing the problem head on. I destroyed your life. I destroyed your chance for freedom. I erased your chance for a normal life. And for that, I'm sorry. I...truly am."

Pamela covered her mouth, keeping herself from sobbing, and then Calvin comforted her with a hand on her back.

"I know..." Cord paused and cleared his throat again. It's unnatural for him to act like this, but he just had to do so for Amanda. For the love of his life. "I know I don't deserve to ask this of you, but I'm begging this now."

He then placed a hand on his unbeating heart and continued, "I love Amanda. I love her with all my heart, or..." he managed a small smile, "or what's left of it. I can't sacrifice her life in exchange for undoing our curse. I can't kill her."

The tension in the room somehow lessened. Gone were the accusing eyes of some of the vampires. Gone were the confusions that rode together with the murmurs.

"I know this is a selfish act but I hope you understand. And I hope you would forgive me for deciding this on my own."

Silence punctuated the air for awhile. Cord wondered if he had expressed his emotions right. He waited and waited, watching his subjects through his gray and white outlines, and hoped that somehow someone would speak.

"Sire, " to Cord's relief, somebody did, and this somebody was his head butler. He stood in front of the group, his gloved hands on each side.

"We are loyal to you forever, " Jerome announced, true to his heart. "Whatever you decide, we will respect it. Our lives have come and gone. Our loved ones have died centuries ago leaving us, but you have found yours now and it is as new as the call of Spring. We can't blame you on the curse that wounded us. You are a victim too. We want you to be happy. We want you to love freely."

"Jerome..." Cord spoke, gratitude filling his voice.

"We will respect your decision, Master Cord, " Heather stepped in and then looked from left to right, on Diana who nodded and some other female vampire maids who smiled at him.

"Heather, Diana, everyone."

The remaining vampires nodded too, confirming the majority's decision.

", " Cord spoke and out of relief, he sank in his chair, palm against his face. "Really, thank you."

For now, this solution would do. If he couldn't find an alternative answer to the curse, at least Amanda was safe from the burden and guilt. He of course would never allow himself to drain her blood just so all of them would be free. He was willing to be cursed forever if it meant she'll live, and live by his side.

If he could cry, then he would have done it seconds ago, but he can't so all he could do was to stay silent and relished the feeling of lightness inside him.

He was free, maybe not

Matteo's reply in the other line.

This at least made Amanda feel at ease, but still, there was this nagging feeling at the back of her mind that he wasn't truthful with his words.

"Uhm..." She didn't know what to say after that. Thank you? Take care? Or are you sure? Hell, she really didn't know what.

Luckily, it was Matteo who spoke again.

"Goodbye for now, Cait. I'll see y-"

Without warning, the cellphone was swiped out of Amanda's hands. With round eyes, she stared at Noman who immediately pressed the phone to his ear and yelled, "You fool! Be a man and owe up to your mistake! Whatever you did, apologize to Caitlyn now!"

A light scoff was heard in Matteo's side and then, the line went dead.

"Shit, " Noman cursed, his teeth gnashing. "Matty just hung up on me. Stupid son-of-a-bachelor."

With this, Amanda inhaled and then, out of nowhere, she laughed, covering her flushed face.

Noman and Arissa were confused with her reaction.

"Thanks, Dom, " Amanda said, combing her hair back from her face.

"What? What did I do?" Noman crossed his arms to his chest.

"Well, you just lightened the anxiety I was just in."

Noman grinned in response, understanding what she had exactly said. To some, it might have insulted them, being interrupted in a phone call, but to Amanda, it was welcomed. More than welcomed. He just saved her from an awkward situation.

"Here, " he then placed one knee at the edge of the mattress and then stretched his hand to her ribs, "let me lighten you more."

"God, Noman stop!" Amanda giggled as he tried to tickle her worry away. She doubled over, then pulled out a pillow from her back, smashing the downy material into Noman's face.

Then, they stopped upon hearing a loud clearing of a throat.

Arissa, who was standing near the bed, scurried to take the tray away and lowered her head, while Amanda and Noman froze on the spot.

"It seems I'm unwanted in my own bedroom?" Cord stated, his blindfolded eyes fixed on his woman.

Noman quickly pulled himself away and shook his head.

"Nope! Not at all, man. Not at all. Go ahead. Take your Mistress. Me and Arissa will-" He craned his neck just as his eyes turned into saucers, "Hey Ris! Wait for me!"

Amanda chuckled low just as Noman and the maid raced to leave the room.

The wooden door eased shut on its own, or rather, Cord's shadows did it for them.

He waltzed into the mattress and stopped just a few feet away from where Amanda sat; his focus on her smiling form.

"Are you sure Noman isn't my rival in disguise?" he asked whilst pulling the blindfold out of his head.

Amanda bit on her lower lip, her heartbeat hammering against her chest. "No, don't worry. He won't even compare to you."

Cord chuckled. He pulled a metallic object from his coat's pocket right before joining her in bed. "Well, that's a relief, " he said and then secured her wrists with his hands, placed it over her head against the headboard, and then locked them with the chained handcuffs.

"Cord!" Amanda blinked fast and wiggled underneath him. "What the? Are you literally going to chain me?!"

He broke into a wide grin. "It's just a precaution, " he said, watching her vulnerable form with delight.

" sly vampire, " Amanda lifted herself, just high enough to meet his face.

Cord lowered his head and whispered on her ear, "Why? Don't you like it?"

Amanda inhaled, feeling herself getting intoxicated with his male scent. Whether a vampire or a human, he was still himself, the man who had jumbled up her senses in more ways than one.

"I...I like it, Cord."

She parted her mouth and not less than a second, he covered it with his own.

The End.

Or so it seems.

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