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   Chapter 34 A Promise of Forever

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Somewhere in a Moroccan Region

Amanda, at age 10 (A flashback of the past)




"Mum, " Amanda softly called, tugging at her mother's coat to catch her attention. Her mother looked down at her and smiled, the coldness of the air around them was visible through their breaths. "You let me come with you in this old cemetery to visit a tomb, yet it has been so many years now and you still haven't told me who is lying in it."

A lush forest of green surrounded them, but they weren't lost. On their way was a stone path going to an abandoned cemetery styled in the Victorian Age. Statues of angels and cherubs stood sentry on each tombstone, but there was one that didn't have any. The one that both of them were going.

Her mother, Eloisa, pursed her lip and sighed. "Hmm, such a curious daughter you are." Her eyes glinted with mirth under the ray of the sun but a little share of sadness could be seen too and Amanda, even with her young eyes, didn't miss it.

"Is it a he or a she?" she questioned as they entered the rusted cemetery gate. Truly, this dead person must have been very important since they came all the way from New Zealand just to pay their visits.

It couldn't be Amanda's father for being the Marquess of Loulé, he was buried in his homeland, Portugal. So, who might this dead be? Amanda always wondered about it since she first visited the tomb back when she was six.

"She's your aunt, " her mother replied finally, and this made Amanda arch her brows.

"My aunt?" she echoed. "You mean to say we have an extended family outside us three? You, me, and father?"

Her mother chuckled in response.

"Of course we have, silly." She patted the head of her daughter, paused from walking and stooped low to kiss her forehead. "It is just that, I chose not to mingle with her anymore. Eloise is my twin sister." She straightened and then fixed her eyes on a lone tombstone a yard away from them. "She...she is bad company. And she...died long before you were born."

There was a break in her voice that Amanda deemed out a usual occurrence. Sadness was a probable cause for it. She had seen her mother at her weakest times, especially during the death of her father and she knew her mother was trying to be strong, trying to gather herself up for her.

But it was also in these times that Amanda always remembered the one source of her mother's problems: vampires. Them.

"Was it because of the dark ones?" she voiced out loud. Unconsciously, her grip on the bouquet of roses tightened. She may not be too knowledgeable about these creatures, but she was sure as hell knew they were long-time enemies of her mother, and in effect her too.

Her mother sighed again, one that was long, deep and filled with unexpressed emotions.

"Yes, it was because of the dark ones, " she affirmed. "I guess...the curse she placed on that family became her downfall."

"Curse? What do mean Mum?" Amanda was all ears then, but her mother hid her worry with a fake smile.

"Oh, Amanda dearest, " she bent to meet her daughter at eye level and continued, "You are so eager to know, but I'm afraid you are too young to process all the truth. Let's take it one step at a time shall we?"

Amanda twisted her lip and crossed her arms to her chest.

"You always say that, Mum. How am I supposed to defend myself from the dark ones if you just keep on giving me crumbs of truth?"

Those words left her mother taken aback. For a girl who hasn't even reached puberty, she was wise and very perceptive.

Eloisa ruffled her daughter's bangs and this time smiled a genuine smile.

"In due time, Amanda. In due time, you will know. Just, for now, enjoy your life being normal. It is the only treasure I could give you."

She kissed her forehead again and then proceeded to the tombstone with her hand guiding Amanda's back.

Amanda, in the other hand, kicked a medium rock out of her way. She believed her mother and trusted her fully considering she had lived for over centuries. She had a good amount of experience and knowledge to decide what was right. Anyway, so far, no one knew they were of witch blood. No one knew they were in hiding. Even her new step-father. So far, this kind of method worked well for them. Worked well with preserving their life against the dark ones that hunted them.

"Here, flowers for my aunt, " Amanda spoke the second they reached the front of the tombstone.

Her mother nodded at her. "Thank you Sweety, " she said and then took the bouquet from her hand. "Let's pray shall we?"


Vitalis Castle (Present)

Being taken hostage wasn't what Amanda expected after Matteo's failed attempt of defiling her. At most, she was relieved someone stopped him. Hell, she wouldn't have forgiven herself if Matteo successfully claimed her.


She never thought that the vampire would end up bringing her into the north wing of the Vitalis Castle, become a damsel-in-distress, and become one of the audiences as her beloved vampire Master gets interrogated by his own subjects.


She never expected she'd hear of her family's truth from a vampire's mouth.


Of course, she had heard of that name before. Her mother used to tell her that she had a twin sister who bore a child. A daughter. And that child was Arriana.

An unwanted daughter of a noble family.

And true to what the vampire traitor said, it was her cousin.

The twin sister was an ancient witch and a powerful one at that. However, she used black magic in order to get what she wanted. It was totally the opposite of Amanda's mother wh

e was he to do? He wanted to touch her, embrace her, but she was unstable. She could turn him to a statue with just a touch of her finger.

"You don't know how to love remember?" Amanda continued, her voice hitting an octave higher. "Those exactly were your words!!!"

Then, her glowing purple eyes leaked tears. Fresh tears. Tears that showed the chaos in her heart.

And Cord saw it and he grieved it.

"Amanda..." he said. It sounded so low, like a whisper, but the genuineness of it echoed through her heart. "I hoped you'd see past those words. I hoped you'd see the pain I felt as I said that."

"Shut up." Amanda clenched her jaw. Her breathing increased in front of him, hyperventilating almost.

"I love you." Those fucking words again.

"Shut up!"

"I love you, Amanda." This time, Cord stepped forward. He wanted to close the gap but in haste, Amanda stepped backward, vehemently shaking her head. The energy that surrounded her weakened. Her floating hair eased and her bathrobe righted itself into position.

Tears still tickled down her eyes. Cord hated seeing it, but he just had to make his point known.

"I lov-"

"Shut up, please..." Amanda finally pleaded, breaking into sobs as she dropped onto the wet ground, her knees hitting the concrete. "Lie to me please. Lie to me! That would be easier than to face this truth we have!"

Truth? Ah, yes, the fact that he had to kill her in order to lift his curse.

But Cord erased that dilemma in his head.

"Cord!" Amanda gasped in time with his next action.

Swiftly, he joined her on the ground, took both of her palms and placed them cleanly against his chest. Then, he embraced her. Tightly. Very tightly so as she wouldn't be able to escape.

"No, stop! Let me go!" Amanda frantically cried out.

Cord in response pressed his face closer, his mouth hitting the crook of her neck.

"If this eases your agony then I'm willing to sacrifice myself, " he whispered. A biting cold immediately shot through him, starting from his chest and spreading to his shoulders and back. "Turn me to stone. Erase my curse, Amanda."

"No..." Amanda breathed out. "No!" Looking at the gloomy sky, she shook her head and cried out all her affliction through her tears.

She squirmed under him, but Cord didn't want to release her.

"Let me go!"

"No, " he answered. "Petrify me Amanda. This is the only way you'll be safe from me."

"No...Cord, please. Please..." she finally broke. Their precious moments together flashed in her mind. His gentleness, his protectiveness of her, and how he made her feel treasured in bed and out. Those superseded the hatred in her heart. She could never hate him. Never. She could never forsake her feelings for him.

"I can't...Cord, please. I can't kill you. I don't want...I don't want to lose you too, " were her words when she closed her eyes and buried her face against his shoulder, sobbing weak.


That instant, the calcification of his flesh stopped. The biting cold he felt earlier ended. It was replaced with warmth coming from Amanda's palms. He could breathe properly this time and even move, but he didn't withdraw even an inch.

Instead, he stayed as is, embracing the life of her.

"I'll find a way. I swear. You won't die and I won't let you die. But I'm not going to release you, Amanda. I am selfish and greedy. You already know that. Put it in your head that you are mine."

Amanda cleared her throat. With her blurry eyes, she raised her head to look at his handsome profile, her heart mending gradually.

"You...are going to chain your enemy forever?"

A quirk in Cord's lips appeared. He looked at her stern and serious, and said, "Yes, I will, and you can't object that."

Amanda pulled a small smile. "I...I wouldn't even think of doing it."

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