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   Chapter 33 The Awakening

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"Amanda!" Cord's voice resounded on a dimly lit spacious hall once he materialized in it. There was no one around except for the empty furniture sets and empty balconies above him. The chandelier lights were turned off, the lamps in the coffee tables were the same and the only thing that kept the place bright were the lightings that broke out from the sky from time to time passing through the uncovered floor-to-ceiling windows.

"Where?" he muttered to himself as he took in the room he was dumped in.

This room somehow was familiar. In fact, very familiar to him.

The first clue was the foul stench of blood in every corner and every space. Second clue, was the blood red carpet his bare feet touched. Third was the gloomy darkness of the place, the same theme in all rooms of his castle. And last, were the sinister silhouettes lurking behind the shadows. He may not clearly see them due to his temporary human eyes, but there they were looking at him with solid curiosity.

His damn biters.

"Good day, Master Cord, " a male voice emerged from one of the dark corners.

"Master Cord."

Then, another.

"Master Cord."

A female one sounded.

"Master Cord."

Then, many more, in groups and in different genders.

A muscle in Cord's face strained. His eyes thinned and he stood squaring his shoulders. Even with only his black pants on, he still looked intimidating, Godly, full of authority. His ripped torso and hard, fine-cut muscles were just an incentive of his overall stature. Human now as he was, he was still their master and one that commanded over them without question.

"Why are you all here? I didn't summon a meeting, " he spoke. Hard as a boulder. Cold as an iceberg.

Another lightning appeared and this time, it showed that the silhouettes were now closer to him than before. Not anymore hiding behind the pillars, but standing at the edge of the balustrade.

"Behold! Our master has finally returned!" Then, one voice emerged from all the rest. It was with so much confidence and boldness that Cord immediately knew to whom.

"Garrett, you bastard. What is the meaning of this?" He looked at a particular corner, right straight to him and stared at it long and hard before seeing the snickering buffoon stepping out into the little light.

"It is what you see. You are in the north wing. The place where you have tried so hard to ignore, " Garrett answered.

Cord didn't need to examine the room again. He knew this all along.

"And what are you gathering about? Don't tell me you've thrown another soirée without my permission?"

"Nope. This isn't a party." Garrett shook his head and a smug smile appeared in his face. "They have all come here to listen to your side of the story."


It didn't seem so. For Calvin was nowhere in sight. His sister too and Heather. The servants he deemed loyal to him were absent. The vampires that stood around him now were those that lavished and enjoyed their life as being a vampire.

"Story?" Cord parroted, shoving his deduction on the situation at the back of his mind, but only temporary. What story could he possibly share? They knew about the curse. They couldn't have taken interest on his mundane, close-to-a-hermit life have they?

"You see, your loyal vampire subjects..." he waved a hand all over the room and grinned, "have grown anxious because o

ion. If he showed his true feelings to them, then the worse would certainly befall on her.

On Garrett's point of view though, it irked him. Displeased him. He didn't like how things were going so without a second thought, his game plan changed.

"I don't think that's a good decision, Master Cord, " he stated and upon seeing Cord attempt a step towards them, he pulled Trace's silver gun out and pressed the muzzle onto Amanda's head.

"Ah. Ah. Ah. Stay where you are. You wouldn't want this woman's head blown into pieces right? I know you are powerless right now, so just be obedient and do what I say."

Cord hissed and glowered at him. "Garrett, I know you'd drop that pathetic act sooner or later."

Garrett snorted and so did Trace.

"I know right. It seems you just have an uncanny ability to tweak every plan I make, " he said, running the muzzle on Amanda's carotid pulse. "But unfortunately for you, now I have the upperhand. I'll make you suffer. I'll make you feel the pain you gave me when you took Arriana's life away. Now, I'm going to avenge her death by killing your lover."

He pressed the metal more against Amanda's neck, but somehow this didn't elicit any response from her. Her eyes even were snapped shut, her brows in a relaxed line, and her breathing was even as if she was just sleeping calmly during the whole exchange. Garrett and Trace somehow found it odd, but to Cord, he knew exactly what was happening.

In the periphery of his vision, just some distance away behind Trace's back was the sudden appearance of the wounded Matteo, kneeling with one limp hand nursing his wound while the other was lifted directly to Amanda, a blue glow on his fingers appeared.

"Harm her and you'll be sorry, " Cord announced, eyeing Amanda with intensity.

Garrett chuckled. "Huh! Your threats lack luster when you stand there powerless, Cord."

But then, Cord shook his head.

"No, it is not me that you should be worried about, " he said, readying himself of what was to come, "But her."

When Garrett turned to glance at Amanda, she was already released from the invisible cuffs. Her eyes were snapped open, bathed in a purplish glow, and she was baring her teeth to him.

Or particularly, to Cord.

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