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   Chapter 32 The Day of the Abduction

I Thirst For You By JMFelic Characters: 13663

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Year 1820

Madrid, Spain

Apartamento de Meijia




"By blood they were cursed, and by blood it shall be undone, " a woman lying naked side by side with a man said. Her head rested on his shoulder while a contemplative look on her face showed. She was a beautiful woman, hair of curly brown with gold highlights on the tips, plump lips and a creamy skin.

She straightened after a heavy sigh and elbowed herself up to see his handsome visage. "That's what my mother said, " she continued.

The man beside her twinkled hope in his eyes and smiled. "I see. Then, does that mean your blood will heal me? Turn me into a human again? We could finally spend time together without fear or reproach?"

He cupped her face with both of his hands and thumbed her pinkish cheeks he admired so much. He waited for her to answer, expecting she'd give a good response, but the woman threw him a sad smile.

"Oh, Garrett. I'm afraid not." She traced his lips with her own thumb and glanced at the witch mark she created in his left lower neck before continuing, "Whether you take from me, you'll still be a vampire. Your Master, the boy who was cursed, is the only person who can do that. And he'll have to drain me in order to lift the curse."

Garrett's expression hardened and a disapproving groan appeared from deep within his throat. "No, I won't let him drain you. You won't die. I'll keep you safe, Arianna. I am willing to stay a vampire forever if it means we get to be together."

The woman named Arriana sighed and pressed her head against his bare chest again.

"I know you will protect me Garrett. I know you will."


(Present day)

Amanda was the first person to step out of the bathroom door. She couldn't really be sure how much time she and Cord spent there, but it seemed quite long after noticing her wall clock chiming in at twelve noon.

When she left the beach house, it was still eight. The rain had poured quite heavily then and it was still doing the same now. She could hear the rumbling sound of thunder and the strikes of lightning some distance away. It was a gloomy day truly, but it didn't bother her at all. Maybe, it even helped with masking her trails. Matteo may not have known where she was and the thought of it relieved her.

However, that relief disappeared too soon the moment she stepped inside her walk-in closet.

"I knew I'd find you here, " Matteo's voice broke the silence.

Amanda's heart leaped and she gasped, palming her chest in the process and backing an inch away. "Matteo!"

Matteo didn't give her much time for he quickly jumped into her personal space and covered her mouth from behind.


"Shhh...don't scream Caitlyn. It's just me." His voice was low on her ear. He was close to her. His chest pressing against her wet hair and damp bathrobe.

Tinglings of fear shot through Amanda and her face immediately felt hot. Her arms stretched out on instinct but only to be seized by Matteo with one strong hand.

Upon being captured, Amanda's first thought was Cord. Could he have heard her shout? If so, then she wished he would come to her aid for she definitely felt something different on Matteo at the moment. Something that could be likened to jealousy and death.

"I just arrived, but you know what, I honestly didn't expect you'd greet me like this."

Matteo eyes dipped low on her cleavage, admiring the beads of water making a runnel down her chest. One leg was partly exposed too, a sight that made him grin and lick his bottom lip. She was wearing an underwear. It would have been better if she didn't, but this one was still sexy for his eyes to behold.

"As a gentleman, I think I should have given you time to dress up first before announcing my presence, but I kinda liked the view now."

"Hmmph---!" Amanda struggled to speak, but his palm was too tight against her mouth.

"Is the Vitalis Master with you inside the bathroom just now? I'm sure that's him, yet a bit different. His energy feels frail. Vulnerable. What changed huh?"

"Lemmughoo!" were Amanda's garbled words. She wiggled under his hold but Matteo was undaunted.

"No, I will not let you go, Caitlyn. We need to go somewhere. We just need Cord to find you first. Now, move."


They turned towards the door with Matteo guiding her forward but when they faced the doorway, they were immediately greeted by a very angry human wearing nothing but his black pants.

"Let her go, Mr. Threvelli, " Cord's voice was like a sharpened blade, cold and edgy. His gaze locked on the mage, studied him eye to eye and then dragged his sights on the alarmed Amanda. His heart sank with concern for her.

"Ah, there you are, Master Vitalis!" Matteo exclaimed, mocking him with the appellation. "I was beginning to think your senses had dulled. But you sure came too late. Maybe Caitlyn's blood affected you too much just like what Garrett had told me. You sure look more like a human now."

Cord growled. "I said, unhand her." If he had his vampire shadows now, he would have immobilized the bold mage on the spot, but all he could do was to clench his fists and tighten his jaw. He didn't like how powerless he was as of the moment. He didn't like it at all, but he didn't regret tasting Amanda's blood. It was sheer pleasure that's worth turning into a frail human over and over again.

"No. I refuse to do that, " Matteo spat out. He pressed one cheek against Amanda's head when she tried to squirm again and threw in a confident smile. "But let's get us all to the castle now shall we? Your subjects have gathered and are waiting for you, oh master of vampires."

Then, a bluish neon light appeared on the floor covering the three of them. Amanda felt the beginnings of a magnetic pull and so did Cord. When they realized it was an opening of a portal, it was already too late.



Both of them shouted. Cord's hand stretched out in an attempt to secure her, but they all disappeared on the spot.





Amanda blinked thrice to clear the blurry pictures in front of her. There was a ringing in her ears at first but that soon faded when her panic rose seeing the reality of her situation.

No, she wasn't in some spacious hall surrounded by vampires. She was in a closed room, lying inside a four-poser bed specifically with Matteo hovering on top her.

"Cord! Where is he?!" was Amanda's immediate question. She tried to stand up, shoving Matteo in the process, but he brought her back against the mattress with a quick push of his own.

"I said where is he?!" She pounded at his chest with clenc

hed fists and snarled at him.

The latter easily subdued her by locking both of her wrists on the sides.

"Hush now, Caitlyn. I've sent him somewhere he wants to be."

"Then send me to him! Send me to him now!" Amanda shouted, arching her back and throwing him a demanding look.

Matteo's patience snapped. His grip on her wrists tightened and his nose flared.

"Now that's the reason why!" His voice thundered all over the antique room. "That's the reason why I want him to suffer! You care for him don't you? You love him!"

Amanda's chest swelled and she locked eyes with him. What's the point keeping the truth now when in fact, it was already obvious judging from the way she acted.

"I do!" Her voice reverberated, a strong emotion riding with it. "I love him! And I don't want to be parted from him!" She breathed in deeply and tried to mellow her voice to at least make her point known. "So please...Matt, let me go to him."

Matteo shook his head and there was coldness in his eyes when he said, "No. You are mine, Caitlyn."

Swiftly, his head dipped and his tongue darted out to lap on her neck. His right hand released her wrist but only to explore her vulnerable curves under the bathrobe.

Amanda's legs parted, trying to knee him on the groin but it was a failure. "No! Matt! Please, no!" she pleaded but the latter ignored it.

He continued to savagely caress her jawline and neck, created nasty kissmarks on it, until he withdrew and shouted, "Why can't you just surrender to me, Caitlyn?! With me, you will be safe! I will shower you love more than that vampire has given you. I will give you warmth. Family. Everything!"

Amanda's eyes welled up in tears. Her heart quickened at the boldness of her thought. Yes. She didn't want to break Matteo's heart, but she couldn't stand his aggressiveness anymore.

"I will never surrender to you, " she started in a broken voice. "I will not become your bride, Matteo. Never."

A tick in Matteo's jaw appeared. He paused for a moment and acted as if he was contemplating, and then his eyes thinned at her.

"Then, so be it... So be it. I will have to use force to possess you!"

Amanda snarled at him knowing he meant to ra*pe her.

"Do it and I'll kill you, " she said. Her hands warmed up and stiffened, ready to touch whatever part of his body to petrify it.

Matteo grinned in response. "Not if I tie you up first."

A glow around Amanda's wrists appeared and this turned into invisible chains. She felt it weigh down her arms.

"Matteo! Arghh!" Amanda pulled her hands up, but she failed. The invisible force on her wrists was like handcuffs secured on steel poles.

Matteo continued his attack, roughly kissing first her open mouth. Amanda bit on his lips, but he was quick to stop it with a hand on her jaw. Then, he moved to her décolletage, raining another batch of kisses there. His free hand made its way into her bottom, hooking the garter of her underwear and started sliding inside.

Amanda tossed her head from side to side, feeling waves of guilt and disgust hitting her. She wanted to cry, but controlled herself, not wanting to come out weak and helpless.

But her lips quivered and her knees trembled with every trespass Matteo made. They were just his kissess and fingers, no penetration at all, but they were all too foreign for her. All too unwelcomed. They weren't Cord's.

She groaned - the only word she could make out at the moment with Matteo's hand securing her jaw. She then pressed her eyes shut, hoping that by some unexpected miracle he'd stop.

And stop he did when an intruder appeared.

"I'll have to kill the fun, Mr. Mage, " Trace's voice halted him.

Quickly and with a disappointed grunt, Matteo turned to the source.

"What's this? What's another vampire bothering me?" His eyes raked at the man standing some few distance away from the bed. Being inside the Vitalis Castle, Matteo knew he'd be surrounded by vampires, but he couldn't just teleport to another place and enjoy Amanda there. He wanted for Cord to hear her shouts and moans. He wanted to see him suffer and die as what he and Garrett agreed.

But this vampire right here somehow brought an unexpected change.

"The witch is needed in the north wing, " was Trace's answer.

His back was so straight, Amanda thought he was Cord, until she focused on his face and saw too many differences with the Master's. They may have the same height, but his hair color was different, his nose was crooked, his eyebrows weren't perfectly symmetrical and his lips weren't the same as Cord's. Clearly, it wasn't him, but it was the help that she wanted still.

She would have gathered herself up and cover her exposed chest if it weren't for the invisible chains that secured her in place. Now, the only thing that she could do was to witness the two's exchange.

"This isn't what Garrett and I agreed, so fuck off, " Matteo lashed at the vampire. With a final angry glance at his way, he turned back on Amanda and started undoing the ties in her robe.

Trace released a rough sigh, pulled something out of his back and voiced out, "He said you'd say that so..."

And then a sudden gunshot was heard.

Blood splattered across the mattress and some on Amanda's chest when the bullet hit Matteo's right flank.

"Oh my God! Matt!" she exclaimed, her mouth dropping out of surprise.

Matteo slumped forward, grabbed the gunshot wound quickly and turned to the vampire.

"You son of a b*tch!"

"He knows you mages are vulnerable when hit in the liver, " Trace scoffed. "It's like an Achilles heel right?" He licked the mouth of the silver gun loaded with silver bullets and grinned at the mage.

Matteo's blood-stained teeth gnashed. " did he..?"

"None of my business to know, so I can't answer you with that, " Trace shrugged his shoulders and then tucked the gun on his back. "Anyway, adieu Mr. Mage. Thank you for restraining the witch for me. It really makes my work easier."

He stepped forward onto the other side of the bed and pushed Matteo out onto the floor head first. Amanda gasped and even though Matteo was acting like a prick earlier, still there was a pang of worry inside her heart for him.

Then, Trace joined her in bed, pulling her out of it by hooking an arm around her waist.

"You said you want to go to where Master Cord is, " he said, staring at her with gleam in his eyes.

"But not with you. Release me!" Amanda demanded.

Trace managed an amused smile.

"Hmmm, feisty one. No wonder the Master is so besotted with you."

He then hauled her up, taking extra care on her hands, making sure it didn't hit any of his pale skin, and then pushed her into the door.

"Come, let's get you there. He's going to be so happy."

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