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   Chapter 31 Breathless Desires

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POV: Amanda

Not caring for the aftertaste of blood in Cord's mouth, we lip-locked as if it was a mandatory thing to do, which in our case was. It had been a long grueling two days. A painful time away that made our longing grow and mature. I felt empty during those days, never had Matteo made me complete, but being with Cord now meant that I am and more.

I don't even fucking care if Matteo was looking for me at this very moment.

I wanted Cord to erase all the traces of that mage in my system and to start that of, Cord knew he must focus on my mouth first.

Our tongues twisted and flicked, exploring each other as if it was our first time. I grabbed his head, threaded my fingers through his hair and pressed his face more against mine. Cord didn't seem against it for he groaned deep within his throat, clearly satisfied.

He felt for my breasts, but it was still confined in my dress and brassiere so he started pulling them off. This black dress was given to me by Matteo earlier this morning. I don't know if he meant to give me this because he was planning on seducing me, but I had to hand it to him, it made for a smoother process of me getting naked by Cord.

With my breasts spilling free, he groped them full. He squeezed them tight that I had to exhale sharply. The contact felt wondrous, I could have sworn I wanted his hands there forever.

Then, he withdrew from kissing and proceeded to focus on them.

"Your nipples are so hard and eager to be pleased, Amanda, " I heard Cord say just as he enveloped one with his tongue.

"Ahhh!" I let out a gasp, tossing my head back and started grinding against his crotch. "Cord...they missed you so." I couldn't contain myself from saying that.

Slowly, he hooked one arm on my waist, turned to the side and arranged me on bed. I would have wanted to grind more on him, but this position we were in now was also perfect.

My dress bundled up in my waist. My underwear was still blocking the way but Cord didn't touch it yet. I just melted in him, offered myself up as he continued on suckling each of my breasts, and cleavage and my belly button and once again to my nipples for good measure.

His hands... oh his hands were delightful. His fingers were skilled with foreplay as he grazed them on all of my curves.

When he licked his way down on my waist, I felt him tear my underwear apart. I gasped out of surprise and tossed him a wide-eyed look.


"Your in your room. I bet you have another one for me to tear later, " he spoke, not at all apologetic. His chin rested on the pad of my womanhood. You could only guess what he was planning to do when he positions himself there.

"Come back here, I want to kiss you, " I demanded.

With a sly smirk, Cord did. He hovered on top me face-to-face in an instant and we kissed again. It was a long, precious one that was flamed up when he suddenly slipped two of his fingers in between my sex.

"Mmmhh!" I hummed in exclamation.

He tore away and grinned at me.

"Now, let me see your release."

"Shhhit..." I mewled, closed my eyes and braced for impact.

With my legs already spread apart, he had my approval to do anything he wanted with me there.

His fingers disappeared and were replaced with something more delicious. His tongue. Yes, the sinful thing.

It swept on my core. Up and down, tasting my dripping juice. God, I immediately felt a shot of a cannon there. I lifted my hips and in response, Cord groaned and chuckled.

Yeah... He was enjoying this as much as I am.

"Oh my God! Ah!" There goes my control.

Vampire aside, he was one superb licker.

"Cord! F*ck!"

Then, his lips enveloped that swollen bud and sucked on it. Hard. So hard I swear I could have suffocated him when my legs instinctively pressed his head in between.


And I f*cking came with a mother load of juices.

My eyes rolled white, my breathing accelerated and my head froze against the pillow. The orgasm I had was the same as those Cord gave me. It was addictive. It was exactly what I wanted. And I know he'll be giving me another one minutes from now.

With his length.

When my orgasm subsided, I opened my eyes to see him grinning down at me.

"What?" I asked, giving him a calculating look.

"Orgasm looks good on you. It blesses my blindness away."

I rolled my eyes heavenward and kept myself from smirking.

"Shut up and take me now."

He shook his head playfully at me. I thought he was giving me a no, but then I noticed him pulling out his coat and the garments underneath.

To quicken the process, I straightened to sit and helped him.

"Let me undress you, Master Vitalis, " I mocked at him.

His eyes thinned, no doubt seeing me as a sly sprite, but then he smiled, his white fangs - or what used to be his fangs - displaying itself.

"Then, be my guest, my witch."

It was fun acting out, really, especially when his hands kept on groping my breasts, kneading them while I worked my way down his pants. His mouth joined on the play too. It lapped on my neck and created more kissmarks there.

Finally, we were both naked and ready for the next stage. Cord moved to claim my mouth again and I, as willing as I could be, let him do as he pleases.

My hands found their way on his stiffness poking at my belly. I wrapped it with one hand and it twitched like living steel. The head and its veins along his shaft felt great underneath my fingertips. I couldn't be happier that this was Cord's I am boldly holding and not Matteo's.

"Shit, if you continue groping that Amanda, I might blow myself on you, " he painstakingly expressed, lifting his head up from my cleavage.

I bit my bottom lip. "How about you blow them inside me now, huh? You'd prefer that right?"

His eyes turned stormy as my words hit him.

"I would have loved to prolong the moment more, but if you insist."

I yelped when he hooked my leg up, putting it over his shoulder. I found the position new but hot, and damn, I couldn't deny my excitement for it.

Then, he pointed his blunt tip on my sex. I felt it right at my entrance.

"Push it, " I urg

ed, staring at Cord with enough authority.

His lips curved into a small smile and then, his thrust came. One move was all it took for us to be joined in one.

"Cord! Shit!"

"You're swallowing me whole, my witch. Are you sure you're not using your spell?" he threw me a playful look.

I threw my other leg over his free shoulder and pressed my bottom against his groin. "Damn vampire, I'm not."

"F*ck, Amanda. I'm going to pummel you rough."

"Do it, " I dared and without a second thought, he willingly accepted.

He unsheathed his shaft and pushed inside me again. First, it was sweet and tender. Second, it was the same. Then, the third made me scream out loud for damn, it was swift and brutally rough.

The unsheathing and thrusting was a constant cycle for the next minutes. It was the right movement for me to turn into jelly under him. The rhythm he was building up was undoubtedly the best in a man. It was turning both of us delirious. I had to clutch the bed sheet in order to stabilize myself.

I heard him grunt, groan, curse in Latin and Greek, and clench his jaw from time to time if he wasn't catching his breath. I myself had to close my eyes to relish the feel, but at times when I peeked at him, our eyes would meet and we'd bask on each other's view. It was lewd, yes. But it was the romance and passion that we knew best.

"Cord..." I breathed when he arranged my legs down and started doing me the traditional way.

"Let's go together, " he said just as his thumb pressed on my swelling, his shadows joining in by enveloping me and titillating every inch of my body.

"Oh God! Oh God! Cord!" I felt a new burst of sensations inside me. They were unreal. They were beyond heaven. They were what I craved for.

He continued assaulting me, pressing and rubbing it greedily. With his length and his thumb, I could say they were a great tandem.

"Ahhh!" I shouted when my climax finally came. I gripped on my pillows and pinned my head there. I heard Cord join in with a powerful groan of his own. He continued his invasion inside me, hitting my wetness from the outside with his superb thrusts.

I milked him dry inside. Every drop of his semen didn't go to waste. If he has turned into human now, and I, in my fertile time, I wouldn't care at all if his seed inside me would grow.

A little Amanda would probably be a good reason to decline Matteo's marriage proposal.

"What are you thinking now?" Cord asked when he collapsed on top me, still breathing heavily.

I smiled at him and shook my head. "Nothing, just a wild thought about you getting me pregnant. But I know it's unlikely considering you are a vampire."

Cord must have been unprepared for his expression showed one that was taken aback. But not later than three seconds, it actually lightened and a small smile grew on his lips.

"I'm human now."

I scoffed at it. "A temporary one so to speak." I pressed a palm against his chest right where the beating was clear and pointed that to him. "This beating heart won't last long. If I'll get pregnant because you intentionally didn't use a condom, then it will be a miracle."

Cord pondered on this for a moment. He gave me a breathing space by lifting his head up and ogled at my still flushed form. "Argument taken, " he finally said and then captured my mouth again.

"Oh n...o, Co...rd, " broken were my words, but I needed to express it to him that instant.

He removed himself from me and gave me an arched brow. "What is it?"

I blushed like a damn virgin when I felt his length twitch again. "You-your..."

"My what?" He smirked at me this time, no doubt aware what I was about to say.

"It's solid again and erect. Very."

"Hmmm." I had goosebumps when his mouth neared my earlobe and licked the shell of my ear before continuing, "Why not we address this shall we? You are the only woman who can solve my dilemma."

I dug my nails at his back and pressed my lips against his jaw. "Go on, Master Vitalis. Go on, " I whispered in sensual tones.

In a sudden move, he flipped me prone and attacked my nape. His hardness, f*ck, I could feel it pressing at the cleavage of my buttocks.

"Mmmhh! Cord!" I gasped at his weight on my back.

"Shhh... Don't worry. I'm going to take you from behind and you are going to like it, Amanda."

His hands fluidly ran along my spine, creating a torment there for the only thing I could do was feel the blessed sensations that it created.

"Cord... you sly vampire."

"You're beautiful Amanda. All of you. I own you alone. No man is going to take you away from me."

"Yes, and I- ahhh!!!" Whatever I was about to say was thrown at the window when I unexpectedly felt his large shaft slide inside me.

His second entrance, because of his previous burst of seed, came down as smooth-as-silk. I bucked and parted my mouth into a big scream. Again.


Such was his fullness inside me in this kind of position. It was hitting my cervix real good.

"Cord, oh God!"

"Go on... moan for me, Amanda."

"Shit. Shit! Ahhh!!!"

He guided me up, arranging my buttocks in the air and then pumped hard on me.


He thrust into me like a mad man.


Then he groped at my breasts from behind and pulled me to kneel straight up in line with him.


Then we both groaned and moaned as our climax came.

"You...are...mine, Amanda, forever, " he whispered into my ear mixed with his heavy, punctuated breathing.

"Yes. Yes!" were the only words I could say. His message was clear as day. He drilled that hard into my brain using the best back-f*cking any woman could receive.

"Good, " he stated and then eased out of me, his semen spurting out as he exited.

"Cord, we...need to take...a shower, " I commented breathlessly and angled my head to see him nod.

He did.

"Yes, and maybe have some shower sex while we're at it."

We both grinned at the thought of it.

Shit, if Matteo was looking for me now, he might be probably on his way to my apartment. What would he actually do when he finds me and Cord all tangled up?

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