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   Chapter 29 The Meeting of Two

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A lie.

Yes, it was but at least it would guard Matteo's pride.

Amanda looked anywhere but him. She didn't want to see how he would react. He had already passed first base, and to suddenly cut him off was a sure blow.

"I see..." he sighed, but there was a tinge of annoyance mixed there. He stood up and sported a very hard erection clearly visible under his loose pants.

Amanda, not expecting this to greet her, blinked thrice, unable to take the view.

"I am your soon-to-be-husband Cait. You should be more willing next time. I certainly don't wish to force you."

His eyes were cold, lifeless, and because of this, Amanda shuddered. She tried to muster up a reply, but failed, feeling her throat truly dry. It left her a feeling of dread.

Seriously? He wasn't considering that right? They were just starting this relationship. They were just starting to know each other intimately. Was he that impatient?

"Oh no, Cait, " Matteo swiftly sat again, depressing the mattress but this time, even closer to her. He cupped her cheek and looked at her with a partly repentant face, his mage senses telling him she was afraid. "I'm sorry. That didn't come out right."

"No, it didn't, " Amanda agreed bluntly, shooting a bitter look at him.

"I'm sorry. Ra*ping you would never be on my list."

"Yet you mean that still."

"Because your earlier actions say you don't want me to touch you anymore."

"Because of these pictures in my head!" Amanda rebutted, giving him a helpless look. "It's too much Matt. Who is this man? Why do I have these visions?"

Matteo painstakingly evened out his breathing. He was all ears on her, but his focus was set on the vampire master wanting to kill him right then and there. Even though the necklace was around Amanda's neck and even though he had cast a locking spell on her memories, the damn vampire still managed to leak into her consciousness.

"Forget about those visions, Cait. Forget them all. They are just useless attempts to make you confused. You're here with me. I will guard you. You don't need to trouble yourself."

He kissed her on the lips, putting pressure on it with his tongue hoping she'd relent and allow him to continue with his ardor, but Amanda didn't kiss him back. She pulled her head away just as he withdrew.

"I better get my own room Matt."

"No, stay here, " was Matteo's answer after a barely-audible growl. "Until you're ready, I won't force you. But Caitlyn, " he paused and traced her bottom lip, looking at it would solid obsession, "make it fast. We will wed after the Grand Prix, three days from now, and when our vows are made, I won't stop."

Amanda felt a lump in her throat forming. He was this serious and she understood it. At least he gave her time. Maybe by then, she'd be open to his touch.

"Go back to sleep. I'll be in my study."

Amanda cautiously nodded.

Matteo kissed her again, one that was chaste and short, and afterwards, he left the room without a backward glance.

"God, what is happening to me?" Amanda murmured to herself right after the door slammed shut. She tucked herself in bed again, but this time the action didn't give her much comfort. Looking at the ceiling, she continued to probe on the void in her heart and how it all connected to the visions in her head. After awhile, no answer appeared but she sure felt as if these were not just random pictures, they were a memory of a past.

"Who...who are you?"




By morning, Amanda was greeted with a flash of lightning. Despite the barrier surrounding the premises, she knew there was a large storm brewing in the sky. She straightened, turned to look at Matteo's side of the bed and found that he was indeed lying next to her last night judging from the fresh crease of his pillows.

It relieved her somewhat that he kept his word. He allowed her space and that pretty much touched her heart.

She got up and went for the bathroom. There she found fresh new clothes folded in the counter with a handwritten note.

'For you, Cait. I'll see you downstairs.'

She was elated to see that Matteo got them for her. At least she'd be able to look presentable again.


ou too Madame."

Amanda climbed up the stairs into the second floor, her heartbeat speeding up. She reached their room number and swiped the card key on the machine. When the apartment door opened, Amanda's first instinct was to call for him.


She stepped inside and scanned the readily available living space after turning all of the lights on. There was no sign of him however, just some unfinished and rotten pack of cheese sticks in the coffee table and a bottle of empty Heineken.

"What the... where is he?" She continued in his bedroom leaving nothing unchecked. She even went to her own room just in case but Noman was absent on both.

"Dom, where are you?" Opening up her sense of hearing, she listened and listened intently for any sound, anything at all to say that he was inside the apartment, but no sound could be determined, except for the ticking of her wall clock and a sudden swoosh of the wind.

But weird, the windows were closed and she didn't turn on the ceiling fan, so why was there a feeling of cold wind hitting her skin?

"Hey, if you are hiding from me, you better show yourself now because I'm not in the mood to play games." Amanda walked to her bedside table and placed the card key, cellphone and coins next to the unlit lampshade. "I am totally worried for you, Dom. You basically didn't answer my calls and- holy shi..." Amanda's speech was cut off when she turned and saw an intruder before her.

But not just any intruder. A man.

And this man was not Noman. He was a stranger. A stranger. Yet to Amanda's wide-set eyes, he was familiar. Very familiar.

Amanda sensed an aura of superiority leaking out of him. She gave him a once-over, but a once-over that turned to a deeper examination of his features. He just stood there, tall and cool, with a long coat that touched his ankles and a metal cane in one hand. Clean-cut, aristocratic jaw. Face that was symmetric, handsome - really handsome - but pale. His eyebrows were well-shaped. His nose well-defined. His haircut seemed off though, having an uneven cut in the bangs and long strands tied into a low ponytail, resting on his right shoulder.

What disturbed Amanda the most was his eyes, red ones that seemed to penetrate her soul and yet having an ability melt her. They were looking at her with such depth, such longing that Amanda couldn't understand.

Amidst his unexplained presence in the room, she thought of him not a threat until she felt it.

Strong darkness surrounding him.

In an instant, her pupils constricted and her nerves stiffened.

"Amanda..." Cord whispered, stepping one foot cautiously towards her. "I finally found you."

"You... you!" Amanda's nose flared and in a split-of-a-second, both of her hands were wrapped around his neck.

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