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   Chapter 28 Unlike The Master's Hand

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(Vitalis Castle)

"This must stop! It has been almost twenty-four hours! We are not guinea pigs here!" a man whose hands were curled tightly and face flushed in anger, yelled right in front of Calvin.

He was a tall man, as tall as the one getting the complaints but his bearing and the way he dressed in regal, fluffy clothes showed he was behind his years. He was a well-respected vampire and a gentleman during his time; a politician when still human and a close friend of the Vitalis Family, so he was the one who stepped up to what he thought was an unfair treatment.

Calvin, despite his noisiness, just leaned against the throne hall double door with his eyes closed, arms crossed and head cast down.

"I am done with waiting for his order! Master Vitalis owes us a carefree life! Locking us up in the mansion and making us starve is the opposite of it!" the man continued. He stepped forward and began to shove Calvin out of his way, but before his hand even contacted his shoulder, Calvin stepped to the side and gestured for the door.

"Well, how about you complain that in front of him huh?" he said, lifting an impatient brow.

The old vampire hissed. "Oh I will!"

"Then be my guest. Enter, Sir Alfort." Calvin twisted the brass knob, but before he could fully push the door open, his eyes turned grave.

"I want to warn you though. The Master isn't in his sane mind right now. He might not listen to your wails."

Sir Alfort snorted. "Might not listen?! He owes us. We wouldn't be suffering like this if it wasn't for his family's curse!"

"Right, yet I doubt he cares about that now." Calvin just shrugged his shoulder. "Just be prepared. The pain his shadows inflict aren't the usual. Take that from Trace's experience."

And by the mention of Trace, Calvin's eyes landed on the one who stood just a few distance away from where they stood, together with the other irate vampires Sir Alfort called as his worthless back-up.

"Tsk! Cocky bastard, " the old man muttered, gnashed his teeth and looked at Calvin with disdain. "I'm done here."

He then walked out of the hallway with heavy footsteps.

Calvin, seeing this, slipped a confident grin. "Coward bastard, " he spoke, voice low enough for only him to hear.

Trace and the others followed suit, but not before giving the double doors and in effect, the 'guardian' a glare.




"Cord, I found no clue from all the vampires I touched, " Pamela informed as she reached the base of the dais. One ungloved hand gripped the head of the sofa - her subtle way of assisting herself from losing her balance. She was after all working nonstop, using her ability to read the many vampire thoughts under the Vitalis roof through touch.

Calvin opposed it, asking her to rest, but judging from how their Master looked murderous and all when she left him that night in Amanda's room, she didn't spare a single minute of rest.

"Then they are a useless bunch of fuckers, " Cord grounded, saying it through his knuckles that covered his mouth. His arctic eyes never left the floor even though his cousin was just in front of him. A muscle in his jaw twitched, along with a nerve in his temple. Anger was the most prominent emotion surrounding him and it showed clearly by the way his shadows moved about in death-like stillness.

"Maybe Matteo is using his powers to hide himself and Amanda, " she deduced.

Cord shifted a little in his seat and finally dragged his eyes towards her way. "And Garett? What can you say about him?"

"They are working together, " she confidently replied and then hauled a deep breath. "When I shook Matteo's hand last night, I saw a vision. I saw a glimpse of a man hiding behind a wall. But they were talking, planning on something that I unfortunately wasn't able to capture. My guess is, that was Garett with him. I believe he is being protected by the same barrier that made Amanda invisible."

A shadow coming from behind a column emerged and it showed Heather, who looked repentant and distressed. "If only I knew about my brother's motives, I would have told you, Cord, " she stated.

Cord remained silent so it was Pamel

and did nothing more.

When his mouth claimed one breast, she felt a sudden urge to shout.

And she did, arching her back to put up more pressure with his swirling tongue.

"Matteo, ahh!"

It was a sweet sound the latter had always longed to hear.

"Go on, my bride, go on. Shout my name, " Matteo urged, his breath fanning her skin.

He continued on and on, working diligently with Amanda's stimulated nipples, making her feel good. Her hands somehow found their way into his bare back, but Matteo quickly grabbed it and tossed them over her head.

"Stay still and let me show you how much I am better."

Better? Amanda wasn't even comparing her with another man yet he somehow said that. Why?

With the pleasurable sensations bombarding her, she continued to close her eyes and moaned again and again.

When Matteo's free hand shoved the sheet aside, parted her underwear and inched down to feel her slit, she honestly expected she'd moan louder, but another sound broke out from her mouth.

A cry.

A cry of desperation.


Shooting a surprised glare into the ceiling, the only thing that played on Amanda's consciousness was of a man. A man with fangs. And this man had touched her there, better...better than Matteo planned to do.

Amanda recoiled, but that didn't stop Matteo. He continue with plundering on her sex, dipping two fingers to rub her all the while he pressed his lips on her groaning mouth.


Amanda couldn't really distinguish if the sound was of pleasure or the opposite.

However, as Matteo continued to finger her, the only thing that her brain could digest was the flashing memories of this man on top her, doing the same but far skilled and far to her liking. This man with a blurry face seemed to treat her special - the tenderness he had bestowed and the way he venerated her body was enough evidence.

Yet who was this man?


"Mhhnnnhh!!" This time, Amanda cried out when she felt a finger pass her entrance. She could tell she had been violated there in the past but it was a welcomed one with a shot of pleasure all throughout her body.

This time, however, didn't and as a result, she tore her mouth away from his.

"Matteo, no!"

She pulled a few inches away, up to the headboard whilst righting her t-shirt into position. It wasn't her intention really, but for the first time ever, she gave him a disgusted look.

Matteo stiffened seeing this, but after a second past, a frown appeared on his forehead. He straightened and sat at the edge of the bed, his body turned to her.

"What happened?" he asked straight to the point, but he knew what Amanda was undergoing as of the moment. She was remembering that fucking man.

"I'm sorry... I don't know what came over me."

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