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   Chapter 27 Under the Mage's Control

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(Minutes earlier...)

The moment Amanda was out of sight, Cord bobbed his head towards where Calvin stood aware that he was listening on their conversation earlier.

"Go, " was his only command and with a short nod, the latter disappeared into the darkness in a blink.

Cord, in the same spot he stood, then closed his eyes and summoned the shadows around him. Right before he took this ability in a particular witch three decades back, he had a difficult time controlling them. But now, he had perfected this ability and it proved to be easy after he became their Master.

He always thought this ability useful in any situation.

Like now. Using it as a GPS to locate Garett.

It took his shadows awhile, combing the crevices of his estate, until he finally declared that his rogue vampire was indeed gone. He then adjusted the coverage over a hundred mile radius, going through the streets and structures of the city province, but alas, no result came.

He made a disappointed face then.

"What are you doing?!" a shrill voice of a woman took Cord's attention by surprise.

It was Pamela, and she was scowling at him, pressing her mouth into a tight line and putting her arms akimbo.

Cord snapped his eyes open and saw her standing in front of him.

"Locating Heather's stupid brother, " he answered.

Pamela wrinkled her nose.

"You fool!" she expressed. "He isn't the one you are supposed to be looking! It's Amanda's friend!"

Cord lifted a brow. "Noman? He is harmless."

"No!" Pamela released an exasperated sigh. "The other one! Matteo! I saw his past and felt his obsession for Amanda. That man is an ally of witches! He is a mage, and a very good one. He loves Amanda just like you love her."

A mage... Now, that's news he hadn't expected at all, but instead of mauling that fact, his focus was diverted on that one single word his cousin uttered.


She must be joking.

"Have you forgotten about the curse?" he stated, frowning at her. "I don't know love so I don't love her. I only care for her."

Pamela hissed.

"You're so stupid you know that? That care you are feeling is love. You now know how to love. It is the effect of you drinking her blood through bags since this past six years!"

Cord looked genuinely lost. "What are you saying?" he asked.

"When I touched her, " Pamela began after releasing a heavy sigh, "I saw a glimpse of truth. I may yet understand why but her blood is the key to breaking your curse. Our curse! But hell, why are we talking about you?!" She then gripped his arm and shook it in alarm. "You should be looking for Matteo!"

With how panicky she looked, Cord relented. He pulled his arm free and then closed his eyes again. "Give me a moment to locate him."

Pamela nodded and after half a minute of waiting, she heard Cord's displeased groan.

"Shit, " he voiced out loudly in time with the snapping of his eyes.

"What?" Pamela arched her worried brows.

"I can't feel him anywhere. Just like Garett."

"Oh, no, " she shook her head. "Then that only means they are after the same person."

As if on cue, they both heard a loud bang and then a resounding growl of a predator animal: Bagheera.

"Amanda!" Cord immediately shouted.

In a snap, he left Pamela and materialized in another room: Amanda's, and in there saw his pet panther growling towards a certain bright spot. He found no sign of a human there but he knew deep within his gut that the damn mage just took his woman away.

He growled too, clenched his jaw and hands in anger.

Pamela and Calvin arrived together moments later and stood at the doorway of the receiving room with their mouths agape.

"Cord!" Pamela shouted. His back was to them but the siblings knew their Master was in the tipping point of uncontrolled rage.

"Calvin, find that vampire and bring him to me. Surely, he hadn't gotten far."

Calvin nodded in effect. After a short glance on his sibling's way, he stepped backward and blended with the shadowed area of the hallway.

"Pamela, round up all the vampires in this roof. Do not let at least one leave this place. Touch all of them. See if there are any clues you can find about Garett and his plans, " Cord continued without looking back.

"I'll try my best, " was Pamela's reply. She inhaled a deep breath, trying to calm the shivering of her lungs, feeling afraid with the Vitalis Master whose thirst for death now resurfaced.




"Good morning, Beautiful."

Those were the first words that Amanda heard when she woke up that same evening, or the next day or the second afternoon - she really can't tell since the room she stayed in was bathed in an unusual iridescent light. There was no wall clock hanging in the walls of the enormous white room nor there was a chance to tell time with the unusual atmosphere around her.

She squinted her eyes though, finding the colorful lights too overpowering at first sight.

"Matteo..." she glanced at him and curved a small smile while elbowing herself up, "uh, good morning?" Her smooth locks that were now a little tangled fell on her back and some on her bare shoulder. The chemise that she wore looked slightly crumpled but nevertheless, pleasing to look at.

Matteo released his usual debonair smile, looking down at her as he stood at the edge of the bed. She looked beautiful in his eyes, exactly like how he expected her to be when waking up in bed - his bed.

"I made you breakfast." He reached for the tray in the table behind him and placed it right on her linen-cover

in between them though and this stayed as a reminder of what powers she can exploit.

Matteo, still kneeling, held her gaze like a gentle caress; his attention only on her.

"Caitlyn..." he spoke and this made Amanda's pulse quicken. She remembered the first time they shared a kiss. The way he looked at her then was the same now, with warmth.

"If only..." he continued, but then paused and shook his head, smiling to himself. "Ahh, nothing. It's just that I feel so blessed to have you with me. Please don't leave ever."

Amanda released a small amused laugh. She rolled her eyes heavenward, unsure about what he was blabbering about.

"You sound as if I have another place to go."

She pulled him with both hands, surprised herself of the strength she held.

"Hmmm, just thinking out loud, " Matteo chuckled.

By the time they were both standing, Amanda felt his uninjured arm slip around her back.

"Matt..." she said, her eyes examining how close they were suddenly.

"Steady your head. I'm going to kiss you." Matteo leaned closer towards her face - an act that somehow alarmed Amanda to her confusion. Why would she be alarmed? This man was her soon-to-be-husband! This man was the love of her life!


"Wait, Matt!" Her breath was caught in her throat when Matteo secured her nape.

"No, I can't wait to make you mine, Caitlyn."

His eyes burned of need, of longing that she sensed she alone can satisfy. It somehow frightened her.

"I'm already yours, Matteo, " she pressed her hands in his chest, subconsciously making a wall in between them, "I'm your bride remember?"

"Yes, but I want all of you Caitlyn. I want to make love to you. Now."

With that said, in a heartbeat, their lips connected.

Amanda's eyes widened, her mouth frozen in that moment.

Matteo successfully pried it open with a quick thrust of his tongue.

"Mhhmm..." A little sound came out from Amanda, part of it in protest, part of it in pleasure. She felt his growing desire poking at her abdomen, stiff and confident - very confident, and she realized then he was serious of bedding her before their wedding.

"Ma...Matt, no...stop...your arm, " she cried under their connected mouths.

Matteo pulled an inch away and gave her a smirk.

"You think I can't make you cum with just one hand?"

Her cheeks immediately burned.

One hand.

Why does it sound reminiscent of something so good? Something - a memory - that she treasured in her heart?

"No, it's not that, " she shook her head and gave him an apologetic face. "My head still feels clogged. I'm yet to recover. Can I return to my room and rest?"

Matteo's face darkened with her subtle refusal, but nevertheless, nodded. "If you feel that way then I'll give you time. I'm not some crazed dog looking for a boner, Caitlyn. I'm just a man who wants to feel your warm body pressed up against mine."

Amanda swallowed. Such a smooth way for him to say that.

"Thank you, Matteo."

She smiled at him, reaching up to cup his face and bestow a feathery kiss on his jaw.

"You go on ahead. I'll stay here and continue nursing my arm."

"I'm really sorry about that."

"No, don't be. It's part of the training." Amanda saw him strain a smile.

"Right. I'll see you at dinner."

When Amanda left, Matteo directed his attention on the ocean, specifically where his barrier met the waves.

He clenched his free hand and tightened a muscle in his jaw, thinking of the one man that still managed to seep into Amanda's consciousness despite him casting a locking spell.

"Fuck, I'm going to kill you Cord. I definitely will for it is the only way she will completely forget you."

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