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   Chapter 26 The Mage In His Glory

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Amanda's fingers weaved their way into Cord's thick locks. She accepted him with no hesitation, making herself available for his ministrations.

Guilt may have poked her again, but she didn't let that deter her. Surrendering to her need of him was more important than her apprehension or any other matter.

Had she trusted him more because he poured himself to her?

Yes. Because he looked sincere enough while mentioning he had atoned for his sins.

Aside from immortality, with the wealth, social status, and power vampires held, no one would actually want to become human again. But Cord was willing to, just so that his suffering would end.

And hearing him share that, truly changed Amanda's perspective of him. She was no longer afraid and Cord knew that to his joy. He of course didn't want the woman he cared about fear him for what he had become. For what he had done. Yes, he had a darkened heart, he could accept that, but with her, it was always bathed in light.

"Cord..." Amanda managed to whisper once their lips parted. A burning ache inside her had started to present itself and it was hard for her to ignore.

"Come with me in my chamber, " he stated. He ran the tip of his nose along her flushed cheek, her scent he had loved so much since the day they met, and to be able to bask in it without limitation now was pure bliss.

"Yes, I'd like to come with you, " Amanda answered. She met his gaze and smiled at him, knowing full well what will happen there once she lies in his master bed. What happened to them last night in her room had been in her mind in a constant pace, though overlapped with her momentary fear, but still there, ever flaming. Ever needing.

Cord, if he could, would have teleported them using his shadow ability, but his shadows could only teleport their Master - him, so that meant they had to walk the rest of the hallway to get to his chamber. And that meant some difficulty considering he was aching to touch her again.

Before moving, he kissed her in the forehead, trailed it down her swollen lip and devoured her again like a glutton.

But that would have continued all the way to his chamber if not for another interruption: Calvin.

"Cord!" his voice erupted in the air like a siren call.

Naturally, the two stopped their kiss, but it was a difficult process. Cord immediately glared at his cousin while Amanda cleared her throat.

"Fuck, what now Calvin?" he growled.

The one glared at sighed but wasn't guilty of his interruption at all.

"Garett. He is gone, " he then informed.

The latter, in response, hissed, while Amanda gasped in shock. They looked at each other and it was Cord who immediately saw the tinge of worry in her eyes.

"Stay in your room. I'll put my shadows there to protect you. Understand?" he instructed.

"What about Noman and Matteo? They have blood too. They could become targets or used as pawns in order to get to me."

Amanda straightened her spine. Amidst feeling the threat in her life, she was ready to run where Noman was and protect him. But Cord had other plans.

"I'll have Calvin secure their safety, bring them to your room if its a must. Just please don't leave. I don't know yet what Garett is capable of. I don't want the pond incident to happen again."

Cord pressed his palm on her cheek, gently, surely, assuring her as much as he could.

Amanda felt grateful for the sense of protection he was giving but somehow a part of her wanted to prove she was not a burden to him.

"I am not that helpless Cord. I'm a full-pledged witch now."

"Yes, " he agreed, "But you don't know yet how to use your ability - whatever that is, and besides, I love protecting you."

Amanda blushed at this. Using the L-word aside, who knew that a vampire would actually protect a witch from another vampire?

She remained speechless so Cord used this to kiss her on the lips again. It wasn't a kiss of goodbye really nor was it a good luck kiss. To Amanda, it was just him taking advantage of the situation.

And then, after a long minute, he pushed her to the side and said, "Now, go."

Amanda nodded and turned heels, aiming to get to her room as fast as possible. Memories of her attack in the pon

ssessions, Caitlyn, put that in your head." Matteo frowned at her.

Amanda, feeling helpless, gnashed her teeth. She shot Matteo a fiery look, hoping beyond hope that he'd turn into ashes with it. But he didn't, so the next thing that came to her mind was to threaten them.

"Cord will know of this! He always does! Maybe he is even on his way here, now, as we speak!"

But her blood ran cold when Matteo just laughed out loud. Garett joined too but it was with an overconfident throaty chuckle.

"I don't think so, Caitlyn, " Matteo stated once his sick humor settled. "I had cast a barrier in the whole of this room to fool him." He gestured a hand towards the ceiling, pointing to something invisible, and showed a smile full of pride. "This shrouds us from his ever keen attention on you, enough that we can leave in time."

"I will never go with you!"

"Oh, but you will." Matteo stepped forward and pulled out the amulet in his pants pocket. "Wearing this, you will."

"No..." Amanda this time showed an alarmed face. She wriggled again, but the damn vampire was just too strong.

"Hate that man like you are supposed to. Sever any intimate ties with him. Come with me. Love me."

It was as if Matteo was casting a spell. Every word made Amanda shiver. She tried to block them out of her hearing but with Garett behind her, securing her, she failed.

She shot Matteo a cold look just as he slipped the necklace into her neck. There were two tears that fell then, one on each eye, being unable to hold them anymore.

"I cared for you. I trusted you. How could you do this to me?" she asked, voice seemingly thinning.

"I want your love, Caitlyn. Not your care."

And after those words, Amanda's eye color changed. From hazel-violet ones, they now turned into pure swirling amethysts. She seemed to be in a trance though, her body still and her face expressionless.

"Leave us or you'll be her first victim when the amulet wakes the past memories of her ancestors inside her. You are a vampire after all, " Matteo voiced out, aiming them at Garett who speedily released Amanda and stepped out of reach.

"It's a pleasure doing business with you, Lord Nikos, " Garett grinned and bowed his head low in mock respect. "With the power of that amulet controlling her, Cord's shadows won't be a problem anymore."

"Good." Matteo bobbed his head.

One second was all it took for Garett to vanish on the spot. When they were left alone, Matteo studied Amanda from head to toe with lust and licked his bottom lip.

"Now, let's get out of this place."

There was a bright circle of light on the floor right below them then. Matteo reached for Amanda's waist and pulled her in; their bodies slowly disappearing just as Cord's pet panther, Bagheera, bursted inside the room, growling a mad sound.

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